September 30, 2009


Student Government Association

September 30, 2009


I.  Roll Call

      Absent: Natalie Ehlers, Travis Elliott, Matt Bartholomew


II.  Approval of Minutes

      Move: Justin Oliver

      Second: Rodney Moyer

III.  Approval of Agenda

      Move: Halley

            New Business-homecoming goals polo’s and opening of college center

      Move-Mike Jimenez

      Second: Angela Fioretti

IV.  Guest Speaker

VI.   Special Topics

Shiva Bill- Sent out save the date cards with all of the panelists and the cards went coast to coast- placed an ad in Salida Magazine with an article of Western State going green, we have added the date to the parents weekend as well.  There is more information about the talk that was mailed out to 517 people who have attended the headwaters conference in the past.  

    There is some money from headwaters from gifts that have been given to headwaters, only the interest has been agreed to be used; however to secure that the speaker was coming- they tapped into the actual fund. They are asking for donations from community members and visitors.   For students and faculty and family the talk is free.  The conference is asking for more money because found out there is more money in the fund for the year.

            This week please get reports from class’. 

      VII.  Advisor Report


      • In regards to flue like symptoms- there is a self-identified form on line – go to the Western website and fill it out. The information will be sent to the faculty.  

        • Progress reports will be online Monday, October 5 for transfer students- students who are on probation and freshmen. 

                Mid fall break is next week- be healthy and safe

            • Convocation deadline is the 5th and we are having a meeting on the 6th to discuss the bills proposed.

                    Family weekend is coming up and all of the activities are online.

                • October 7th  2-7 P.M. is the flue vaccine at the public health center – 20$ and health center out of flu vaccine.

                  VIII.  Advisory Reports

                        Angela Watts-CCE

                              No Report

                        Jourdan Otis- Athletics Amb.

                              Hall of fame Banquet is Friday the October 2nd.  Letter jackets day.

                        Jamie Hamsa- Interclub Council

                              No Report

                        Natalie Ehlers- Intramurals Director

                  • No Report 

                          Elijah Redding- PC Director

                                No Report

                          Trish Delong- Student Affairs

                                No Report

                          Soeil Smith- Treasurer

                    • Budget meeting next Wednesday at 7:15 AM Advisory you need to go. It will be across the hall- going over this bill- we only have $9,000 dollars for the year and $4,500 for each semester. We have some roll over money as well that if we need to we can use.

                      • There is $46,000 roll over if we run out of money.

                        • Homecoming costs will not be finalized until the middle of October.

                          • Soleil needs to have receipts for all of the little things that we spend money on (like pizza)- have Jamee and or Shelly send the receipt to Soeil.

                            To summarize the roll over-

                            We have an account that is making money from prior funds that were not used or that were given to us- these funds went into an account that is producing interest and we are using the interest as roll over.  

                                  Buck Crocket- WP

                            • The rock 2 trip went well on the whole- climbing film last night had quite a few people- red rocks trip – mid fall break trip ($135)  always cheaper than if you were to buy food and drive yourself.

                                    Halley Parks-

                                          No Report

                                    Corey Vander Veen

                              • Paint ball scenario game that is going on in the Butte (meet at 11 AM) there are brochures in the boxes please hang them on your boards. We are trying to give thank-yous to everyone who helped out with homecoming.

                                      Matt Bartholomew

                                            No Report

                                      Blaine Johnson

                                • Every senator needs to be on at least two committees.  I ordered the name plates and they should get in in about three weeks.  I am working on getting an adapter that works with my computer so we can use the projector for meetings.

                                  IX.  Senate Report

                                        Travis Elliott

                                              No Report

                                        Reid Edwards

                                  • Past week 75-80% of business students are worried about Shiva and are concerned because the book seems to be anti business and corporation.  The business departments do not want to support it and feel it is not a good use of our funds.

                                          Erika Espinoza

                                    • Some of the classes, a majority are leaning towards no on funding the bill because it is required and it is extra credit- mainly in math classes

                                            Stephanie White

                                                  No Report

                                            Sarah Davenport

                                                  No Report

                                            Eric Freson

                                      • It is important that when you are presenting a bill that you do not sway people with your personal opinions.

                                              Justin Oliver

                                                    No Opinion

                                              Mike Jimenez

                                        • Before SGA meetings next week he would like to have a senate meeting  before the meeting at 7 o’clock so that when we have the meeting it can go a bit more smoothly.  Get a large variety of opinions- personally $2,000 is ok and $3,000 he is not so ok with- make a tally of 1000 or 2000 to 3000 etc.  If anyone wants to go to Keating we can get a free meal for you to get freshmen’s opinions.

                                                Rodney Moyer

                                                      Classes have not said no but not that much money- get a number-

                                                Chris Grez

                                                      No Report

                                                Angela Fioretti

                                                      No Report

                                                Sarah Foster

                                                      English department- on the whole pretty excited about it.  Yes.

                                                Danielle Trogden

                                          • A lot of students have said no- because they feel that it is not a good use of money because of the required students that have to attend the speech.

                                            X.  Committee Reports

                                              • Presidents Climate Comment –Justin Oliver-  Talked about the trip to ASHE conference which is a sustainability conference that Dr. Brooke Moran attended –  Justin is on two sub committees policy and facilities.

                                                • Mike- sustainability coalition tomorrow at 6 in front of Kelly

                                                  • Buck- Sustainability fund committee which was this week and the fund and comes out of our student fees- $50,000 ready to be spent.

                                                  XI.  Unfinished Business

                                                  XII.  New Business

                                                  Homecoming information -we need to get the names and numbers of people that helped out with homecoming, as well as, the folders so that everyone in the future will have the numbers and the things that will be helpful to use

                                                    Goals- at the retreat- we need to put together a goal committee that will meet and achieve our goals.- get students involved in SGA.

                                                      Punch cards for Keating so we can easily get into the dining hall and get freshmen’s opinions.

                                                              Facebook page

                                                              (Mike wants to get it going)

                                                              Trish Rodney Reid Danielle are going to help)

                                                              Polo’s- or Sweatshirt- for SGA to wear?

                                                              Taking it to a vote-  the money will come out of the SGA fund

                                                              T-shirts for throwing out shirts at games and such.

                                                              Pay 4 sweatshirts – buy collar shirts

                                                              Pay for polo’s- buy sweatshirts

                                                              200 t-shirts

                                                              Motion to Vote-Erik Friesen

                                                              Second-Rodney Moyer

                                                              Opening college center- January 11(grand opening is February 12th)

                                                        Tour of facility- Wednesday 14th at 5 at the north entrance (no open toed shoes)   We will be there with the department chairs so act professional.

                                                                Keep in mind SGA parties ideas

                                                          XIII.  Remarks for the Good of the Order

                                                          XIV.   Late Roll Call

                                                             Absent: Matt Bartholomew Natalie Ehlers  Elijah Redding

                                                          XV.  Adjournment