September 28, 2011


Action Minutes for September 28th,2011


I.            Roll Call

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.    Guest Speaker

·     PresidentHelman-As many of you have heard during noon tomorrow we had 200 faculty andstaff come into Western’s future into a potential name change. There has beenno predetermined decision, but we want to know whether or not to put Universityinto our name. CMC has just been authorized to allow 4-year degrees. Mostcommunity colleges have removed the ‘community’ in their name. There is anincreasing confusion between ‘college’ and ‘university’, and perhaps some brandconfusion. College does not translate internationally. We think there’s somebrand confusion about who we are and what we do. We have proposed to the boardof trustees to change the name, they gave a thumbs up. So we have begun adiscussion about this decision to talk to the board of trustees in October.This is a whole lot more than a name change, what we used to be and how we fellby Tom Freedman, What is the world we live in? What should we do to thrive inthis world? We should take a look back and build a spaceship (metaphorically).  While we hold off threats we need tothink about how to keep this enterprise going, and keep Western State Collegeof Colorado alive. 100-year anniversary, self-study for accreditation. OnceGunnison Normal School when it was a teacher’s college. The world is rapidlychanging and Western State College of Colorado must adapt with these changes.

·     GaryPierson-A handout to help organize the thoughts of a name change. Pleaseeducate yourself about this, and educate your constituents. Encourage speakingwith faculty and staff, important to have a campus-wide discussion. Would we beopen to hosting a forum for students? SWOT Analysis (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities& Threats) and feedback from staff. Open to other ways to facilitate. Canspeak to Janice Osborn, took around an hour to discuss and have a forum.  

o  Hostingforums may be the most effective ways to get students involved, especially inthe evening.

o  Wecould take a discussion period, and turn it into a forum, many questions amongstudents on campus. SWOT may not be best for students because they may not havethe best knowledge to help this exercise.

o  Willwe be sending this out to all students?

§  We haven’t thought about it. We canconsider it.

o  This,in my opinion, is great.

o  Itry to be cautious sending out emails to students, would students like this?

§  If it is coming from both Gary, and SGAit will probably be received well.

o  Wehave the same questions coming up all the time, and the same questions keepcoming up. If we do these forums, we need somebody there that knows it betterthan us.

o  Ifwe send this out in an email it should be condensed.

o  Ifwe have many sources, then students will know where to get information.

o  IfI got an email like that, I would never read it.

§  Maybe an attachment

o  Iwant to read it to participate in the name change, but need a cliff-notesversion.

o  Endof semester, survey to get anonymous feedback.

o  Thisis your opportunity for you input, what’s going to be the most effective way toeducate them and understand it to get good feedback.

o  Writea Top O’ World article, and email for contact

o  SOimportant to educate students of these issues, so they can explain issues.

o  Somestudents have been pretty fired up about not changing it. There are probably manystudents who would read the whole article to understand the issues.

o  Nostudent fee money would be used for a name change, all out of the general fund

o  WhatIf all senators have 30 copies to give out to heir constituents, and attach asheet for comments, and have a turn-in in the SGA office.

o  Whatif we could do a poll via email or FB, or in CC table, preliminary yes or no,give out info or places for info. What would the poll be before information wasdistributed, then after.

o  Socialmedia could be huge for this discussion, to get a better more accurate responsethan a forum

o  Weconsistently have many students coming out for forums, but one forum will notwork, more often the better. Noon forums were more attended than later nightforums. We have had good input from forums in the past.

o  Itis a fact it is easier for folks to summarize an email, touching on pointswould be key, this should be approached like the field house where we havepoles and sheets out for comments, and forums, then see where we are. Whetheror not people will attend, we can target students that are interested to seewhat they are saying, and hopefully the issue will gain momentum.

o  Sometimesfacts are overshadowed by rumors, we can step-back and make a campaign, put outas much information in all outlets.

o  Jay:The college whether its staff or students, we do not make a decision like this,ultimately the state legislature makes the decision. The leadership willtranslate it to the board. This is not an internal decision, or a vote. It maybe unwise to make a straw poll until they are educated on. The cost that webrought up, we know there will be a cost, Brad Baca are trying to estimate thecost, and this is a general fund issue. Understand the process. We do not wanta vote. Do people generally think this is a good idea or a bad idea, to discusswith board to get their opinion on the matter? One myth I would like to dispel,this is no silver bullet issue to admissions or enrollment. Think of future ofcollege, the issue is much larger, we need to plan. My goal is that 100 yearsfrom now another president can say the same things we say at this anniversary.We are trying to look at the bigger picture for the future.

o  Weare about month out.

o  Whowould choose the name?

§  It would ultimately be the board, takesome choices, and the board would recommend

§  Western has to be in there, Coloradohas to be in there, then, are we a University or a College.

o  Studentswant information, and want to know what’s going on.

o  Whatwould the requirements be going from college to university

§  No operating definition betweenUniversity or college

§  Many colleges are changing touniversity, small liberal arts colleges still hold the name ‘college’, and arebecoming extinct, we are one of the only few public liberal arts college.

§  Rumors of Adams change status toUniversity. Fort Lewis is thinking about it. Metro is trying to run campaigns.

§  We need to get our board briefed on Oct28th. If we do this it needs to be at this next meeting, with astrong sponsor. The board needs to make a decision this fall.

§  We have four weeks to see what studentsthink about this issue, to take back to the board. Perhaps more questions willfollow October meeting,

§  There are a lot of great ideas, but noone is right. We should bombard social media, and all media outlets to speak toas many students as possible and educate them.

o  Doyou think forums are the most efficient way to distribute information?

§  Yes, forums were great for debunkingall rumors, and an expert could explain the issue in detail.

§  People got their questions answered.

§  If you want to do it over the next fourweeks you need to start next week. Some people come to more than one meeting.It took a while to get the word to everyone. Dates and times set up for forumsahead of time.

§  When is next legislature session

·     Beginsin January

·     Limitednumber of bills, so you have line it up early

·     Whowas your prospective sponsor

·     Boardmeetings are open to all students, meet in the CC

§  Social media and forums are great waysto communicate with peers. We can have expertise at these forums.

§  We will let you know, discuss ittonight. Clap, clap, clap!

·     LarryMeredith & Bruce Bartleson-Library Referendum- Director of library districtof Gunnison county, both former Westerner’s. Public relations director for along time. I was in charge of the first 100 year celebration of college. Remindyou all about the new public library in Gunnison and children’s library in CBand Mt. CB, and CB south. Only 15K people in the county, but over 30K visitsover all of last year, 160K pieces of material. 2 ballot questions coming up:1b-a bond issue to provide funds for facilities 2a-is a bill to get funds tooperate library. Understand, most of you use the school library, but a goodpublic library helps improve quality of life within a community, center fortechnology, gathering places, and meeting rooms. Most of college facilities arefor students rather than community. The library will be a community tool. Wewill raise property taxes to fund library, for a 500K home taxes would be$66/yr. Speak with fellow students. Please vote for us. You have until Mondayto register to vote, do it online (democracy-so vote)! You can register withouta driver’s license. We would appreciate your support, and a boom for thecommunity. 18,000 sq. ft. library.

o  Wherewill it be located?

§  North of public schools on 11thstreet  

o  Propertywas given to the county as long as a donation.

o  Whenwould it be built?

§  If it passes, we would start in Aprilof next year, and hope to be finished within a year.

V.      Action Items

VI.      Discussion Items

·     WildlifeSociety Bill- (Presented by Erika) Presented bill and appropriate information. Whereis the conference being held?

o  Hawaii,6 nights

o  Anyquestions can be discussed next week.

·     ColorPrinter-Perhaps it would be a benefit to purchase a color printer. As SGA wedon’t have access to a color printer on campus, unless we go through PC. ITsuggested for us to buy a printer, the initial printer cost is $1,000, but thatwould be the highest quality. Allows us to print on bigger paper. It wouldbenefit SGA, Intramurals CCE club sports, would all have access to the printer.We would have to pay for paper and ink. The big printer in the LEED office ismoving to Taylor. How many students look at posters? How effective are posters?What about social media/electronic flyers.

o  Colorprinters in Taylor are often requested and note the color posters. When theydid Taylor they did not map for a copy center. For homecoming we printed a lotof posters.

o  PerhapsPC is the best solution.

o  PC’sprinter costs $1250, and a toner is $500. PC is more than happy to print, butyou have to pay.

o  ITsuggests that maybe we co-sponsor with PC and look into cheaper toners. Thatway we would all have access. Anyone who gets SGA funding could use printer.

o  Stayfocused on green ways of doing things, on flat’s screens. Either paperlessrecycling or co-sponsorship.

·     Discussionof better ways to communicate paperless advertisement

·     CoryVanderveen-City of Gunnison Parks & Recreation-With aquatics department lookingfor some things. We put on 2 college nights, to get students to come to pool,rope swing, diving board, and slides. During these nights, students can comeand play and use facilities. Staff stays there as safety, rules are prettyrelaxed to provide a fun aspect. We would like some help, getting more studentsinto community center. We have different ways to solicate information tostudents’. First night 8pm-10pm, about 80 people came on college night. Theywanted to do it every Wednesday, but we cannot. Try to make it as affordable aspossible. Do students want more music? Help advertise, advertise, make it ourown. Not try to make money, but just try to get college students in and havefun. Handing out fliers, 10-15. Charge $1 at front. About $50 to run a 2-hourevent, would like to break even. What do constituents want more of?

o  Howoften are you looking to do it?

§  We were thinking every-other Wednesday.Drug and Alcohol free event, to keep event and safe.

o  Oneconcern is that we have our own pool.

§  The community needs to coincide withthe college, and give students other things to do on Wednesday’s nights. TheCommunity center has many amenities, and the size to host a large fun event.

§  Resident Life will post fliers, sendemails for next events. Speak with RA’s, for events.

o  Doyou need to bring your ID?

§  No, we know you all!

o  Couldyou give us your email address

§  Yes

o  Youcould partner with WRAP. So, it’s free and students wouldn’t mind paying nexttime.

o  Letthe thoughts roll…Leave fliers, smaller one’s are more effective.

o  Anotherevent is a dodge-ball tournament. Working with intramurals for water polo,water basketball, and water polo. College students, organizations, and clubs indodge-ball tournament to help fund college night, test to see if it is viablefor next year. Several free memberships for winning teams and free giftcardsfrom Mochas’s. October 22nd, sign up at rec-center, email or callnumber on flier. Open to whole community, trying to get police officer team.  

VII.   Advisor Report

·     Extrafliers for changing of the name. Looking for students to volunteer for a sexualassault hotline, and a clinic. Be there to give them resources, male orfemales, if you are interested email Shelley. Academic progress reports shouldbe finalized, for first year students and students on academic probation.Mandatory first-year meeting. RTA is free again, and have a larger schedule,starting November 23rd. LEAD office is doing a 6wk workshop on ‘MoneyMatters’ to help educate students, Oct 11th 7pm. First meeting onbudgeting, credit score, and identity theft.

VIII.   Senator Reports

·     Erika:Booty Bash tomorrow instead of homecoming dance.

·     Alan:CB film festival this weekend

·     Alumni/Lacrossand Rugby game this weekend

·     D’Andre:Went to Escalante to meet with freshman, got quite a few students there, handedout fliers. The email never got sent about meeting with Mears and Ute.

·     Nicole:Resume workshop October 4th 8-9pm

·     Adam:Mt. Bike race this weekend host looking for volunteers along course, emailJanna if interested. Saturday at 1pm.

·     Walker:10 per movie for film festival or $50 for six movies

IX.       Committee Reports

·     HomecomingUpdates

·     Bonfire:good, 9pm Friday night.

·     Parade:Everyone who can be there the day of float, should be there 9:30, unless youare on the parade committee, then 9am. So far we have 20-25 floats. DAREAthletics, Sac, PC, Dr. Vandenbusche is the parade marshall. President Helmanwill be there.

·     BowlDecorating-Setting up at 7:30am saturday for tailgate and game. Tailgate 10-1.

·     Lightingof “W”-Meet for 5 minutes after to talk tomorrow, set.

·     PR-RunningPSA’s for homecoming

·     Float-builtjust need to paint and put up banner

·     Alumni-5-7 people that can go to alumni dinner at 7pm, greeting and talking, name tags,personable.

·     Royalty-Nominations are in Dr. Vandenbusche Gary Pierson and Coach Banes, Mariastrubble, suzy coykendell, Melissa Bravo. Powderpuff going well, four coaches,two are taking it pretty seriously. 26 girls have signed up, 15 have confirmed,more ladies can sign up. Officially changed to 4:30pm on Friday. There will bemale cheerleaders. Flag football.

X.        Advisory Reports

·     Sarah:Friday rededication of Taylor, Vandenbusche will be there.

·     Haleigh:thank you for Homecoming, it is a crazy time of year. It is turning out well.

·     Travis:Softball championships tonight. Kickball starts next week, 10 teams signed up.Ultimate, 2 teams, one more than last year.

·     Grace:Please come help set up the decorations. Taking stuff down at 1pm, which wouldbe a great help. Please send total costs from homecoming to Grace.

·     Meg:An improv group started at Western. Awkward fiction, SNL type feel sketchesthey are writing in theatre, and college humor on film, and improv games. Familyoriented, not a club yet. Maybe one performance this semester, and maybe morein the future.

·     Blake:XC is splitting up to go to Oklahoma Jamboree and RM shootout. Football game1pm Volleyball game at 7pm playing Adams, wear red! Tentative car bash thisFriday at tailgate

·     Hayden:Rugby 11am against alumni, Women’s rugby 1pm Saturday playing Mines, down hillbiking after on new course around 4pm.

·     Elijah:Taylor Auditorium 7pm concert on Saturday

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·     Nick:Ute is being used as a resident hall, students want to see sidewalks, insteadof dead grass path, do other students feel similar? Other campuses putsidewalks for pedestrians and bikers.

·     Aurora:For float we were given a truck from Avis, please sign the Thank You Card.

·     Chase:

XIII.   Late Roll Call

XIV.   Adjournment