September 21, 2011


Minutes for September 21st,2011


I.            Roll Call

II.       Approval of Minutes

·     Raleighapproves minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

·     D’Andremotion to add senate chair

·     Nick:Motion to add spirit week

IV.    Guest Speaker

V.      Action Items

·      Senate chair

o   Adam: Give me the ability to expandleadership skills communication abilities.

o   Alan: Value position, and would like todo more, avid to push things and a good communicator, always around, progressin school and future

o   Erika: Been in SGA 3 years, respondquickly, organized get stuff done!

o   Walker: Returning SGAer, enjoyopportunity to be helpful.

o   D’Andre: The reason I’d like to besenate chair would be a good opportunity to expand my leadership and SGA is agreat opportunity

·      Vote via paper

o   Adam is the new senate chair

VI.      Discussion Items

·     Pay for PC assistant director

o  Stephanie is the assistant director of PC, teamedup and gained structure from PC, role being on student council through bylaws,assistant goes to meeting when Elijah cannot make it.

§  Haleigh: would you be willing to add office hours?

§  Elijah: any questions about position, ask now, she has done good thingsfor Western.

§  Stephanie: for less involved director’s, the assistant has an importantrole.

§  Nick: This is no attack, just want to see who the 75$ stipend is goingto and their role.

§  Alan: what specifically have you doneto promote growth within the PC.

§  Stephanie: this is my 2.5 year, andthere was no structure and nobody was held accountable, once I stepped up Iproposed we have more structure and have office hours. I redid the handbookfrom 2005, regular member who don’t pay have office hours. We distribute a lotof work, where everyone in PC has a role. If Elijah can’t get something done,he can contact me. I took on WinterFest, and that was my idea, where Elijah wasmy assistant.

§  Sarah: Would you be comfortableperforming 3 SGA hours a week.

§  Stephanie: I would be more comfortablewith 2 but I would be willing to do 3 but it will be hard with schedule.

§  Adam: Could she be more visible for SGAand only do a few in PC and a few in the SGA office.

·     RetreatDebrief

o  Haleigh: Thought the retreat was huge success asbuilding as a team. Things to discuss: attendance, for those who missed, whoaren’t the newly elected senators, this is considered an unexcused absent. Talkto Haleigh later if you had valid schedule conflict.

o  Nick: Changing meeting structure, instead of everyweek having both discussion and action items, we would separate these to do oneevery other meeting, ie. Discuss one meeting, the following meeting we wouldhave an action meeting, and so on, unless something needs to be voted onurgently. Allowing senators two weeks to speak with constituents. This isn’tanything that’s set but it’s open for discussion.  

o  Alan: Senate discussed this and we feel comfortablewith this new structure to get the right stuff done.

o  Adam: How would we put in an action item during anoff-week.

o  Nick:We can just do a special session, special action session for 10 minutes at theend. That’s how we could do it, and mold it to make it ours. Trying to makesenators to make smart, thoughtful decisions. In constitution we should bringit 2 weeks early.

o  Chase:Motion to make 1st and 3rd meeting each month actionmeeting.

o  D’Andre:second

o  RollCall vote: If you’d like to change meeting say “yay” or “Nay”, or “abstain”

o  100%passes, new meeting structure, starting next week with a discussion week.

·     Spirit week

o  We are in charge of setting up sprit week forhomecoming and picking themes. Panic for homecoming. One more day for sure, anddevelop new ideas.

§  Plant a tree day-sparkling cider, sustainability “Mother Earth Monday”

§  Maddie: Bring it up at coalition meeting to see what comes up at that.

§  Chase: How many trees are we planting?

·     Just one, 4 o’clock pm

§  Tuesday we have nothing! Perhaps “superhero day”

§  Adam: Monday, ride your bike to schooltoo! A lot of campuses call it ‘one less car day’

§  Wednesday we are setting up a meetingwith Greg White, We R Western Wednesday, highlighting club sports, “Club SportsPep Rally” All clubs wearing jersey’s, put on an event where people can meetthe athletes.

§  Thursday “Booty Bash” in Ute,“Academic” Club appreciation day, Tshirts to signify what club your  in, Give paper to clubs, and have themrepresent themselves to make a patchwork blanket. If clubs don’t want to do it,they don’t need to be involved.

·     What’sa booty bash?

·     Itis pretty much just a dance, dance contest. 8pm next Thursday in Ute Lounge.

·     Wherecan clubs get paper?

·     InSga office. When would you want it in? Next Wednesday, use SGA markers andsupplies

§  Friday “Powder Puff Game” Vandenbuschewants to push it off several weeks to address campus, and make it a biggerdeal. We know we can have fields, and work with intermurals to get flags. Lotsof faculty help. If we have the makings let’s get it done by next Friday. Signup on intermural website. Scheduled for 4pm, and bonfire 9pm later andrededication for alumni.

§  A lot of girls are excited so we shouldpush for this next week.

§  When is the deadline?

·     Encourageto start practice Wednesday, might as well take sign-up’s till Thursday.

·     “(Talk)Nerd(y) (to me) Tuesday”?

VII.   Advisor Report

·     Acouple of thing, Dr. Helman sent out conversations from board of trusteesmeetings last week. Every month board of trustee meeting, first on listrecruitment and numbers, and general fund an another shortfall. Adam is lookingto change state to University. Should Western change College to University?Invited faculty and staff to discuss a name change to be competitive, incollege center ballroom next Tuesday. Alumni was upset when this first came up,they know they was (Western Colorado & University). Discussed cost of this,and may cost over .5 million. $20 for a new diploma, which is a lot.  Want to separate themselves fromcommunity college title. Vinotok this weekend, not all about a drunken party,there is a lot of history to this program and it is a pretty interesting event.Please do not drink and drive, lots of cops, and stopping people for drunktests. There may be a bus or shuttle coming back to gunny later. Mt. CBunlimited chair rides and zip line for welcome to western $10 on Saturdayaround 11am. Cheerleaders car wash Saturday 10:30 at Gunnison Bank & Trust.

VIII.        Senator Reports

·     Erika:Tomorrow Amigs’ is having movie and a blanket on Taylor lawn, watching “RIO”Wear red to the booty bash!

·     D’Andre:two meetings next week to go into residence hall to speak with freshman andRA’s to talk about homecoming.

·     Kayla:Bingo at 7pm this Friday at Elks Lodge

·     Alan:CB Ski premier video

·     Brad:Spoke with mountaineer media, teach about film directing and editing forstudents in COTH major and beyond. They are working on an online televisionshow and a film to submit to festivals. Christian group on campus and want toput meeting times on board (wed. 7pm)

o  Alsoa resource for clubs to make videos.

·     Katie:Ski Premier video, buy tickets online @ Freeskier and Powerstop.

IX.       Committee Reports

·     Homecoming

o  Parade-ParadeMarshall, Dr. Vandenbusche. Maybe Cindy Drexel, or the Mayer or Dr. Hahn. Wehave tables and chairs ready they will be in truck Friday night. Help Haleighunload truck. President Helman will be in the parade. Stress clubs to getinvolved.

§  What do we tell clubs, 2 sentences,info will need to get to Mark or Haleigh and coordinate lining them up and beat Taylor and Georgia at 9:30am.

o  Lightingthe “W”-meet quickly after this meeting, looking good.

o  BowlDecorations-We’ve been ordering supplies and talking about tailgate beforegame, set to have a car bash at same time.

o  Alumni-

o  Publicity& Royalty-Hopefully everyone has voted, had great success for voting withfaculty and staff. Nobody said they absoloutly hated it. Moving forward, finalnominations after this week. Order crowns! Meet with everyone from committee.

o  Bonfire-Waiting on music from music dept. Waiting on parade marshall as well.Everything else has been taken care of. Fire Dept. brought diesel last year andstarts it. Play school fight song to start out fire. Go with PC to DJ for thisyear.

o  Float-Everbodyhas assigned duties, making actual float is difficult, small enough for royaltynominations to sit on float. One academic number and the other crimson andslate.

o  PR/ADHOC-Good to go on PSA’s and produce some news before everyshow with a schedule ofevents, waiting to hear from KBUT. Still wanting to get posters up, especiallyin CB for alumni and students living there. Go to Residents hall to chat. Openfor suggestions.

§  Elijah: Flyer issue, graphic designerfor PC and big printer, will cost but there can be a discount.

§  Nick: could we make a commercial forroyalty? A commercial that has a few people acting like Vandenbusche talkingabout homecoming, audio only.

§  Blake: Maybe not just Vandenbusche, maysway votes.

§  D’Andre: If anyone would like to joinbrad and I going to res. Halls please join, club sports info and games send toDAndre and Brad with this info.

§  Adam: Link on Western website for

o  AcademicPolicies Committee: Student representative’s are there. Deal with a lot jargon.Changing the academic year, suggestion to make Thanksgiving a week-long break. Newlaws were put forth for accreditation cover bases so that we don’t get awarning to have a 3wk summer session with 2 5wk sessions, although runs veryclose to academic semester. Different ways to report student reports, maybe anonline system so students don’t have to approach teachers each week. First yearexperience, and freshman year class ‘how to do well in college’ questionwhether or not to offer for credit, to keep student retention.

o  Constutioncommittee just met, a few pages at once, 7pm October 23rd on Sunday.

X.        Advisory Reports

·     Sarah:Board of trustees, discussed name change. A new mountaineer in front of Taylor,9ft high made by an alumni, at 5:30 next Friday, rededication and powerpuff at4pm.

·     Nick:City council had a budget meeting only. Importance of homecoming is important.Check and respond to emails, so we don’t have to meet all the time. Good jobteam.

·     Grace:As you continue to spend for homecoming get Grace receipts. Program planningclass for money, hopefully they come for next week, pay day Sunday.

·     Blake:Tomorrow football team taking of playing 1pm Saturday, 7pm home volleyballgame, XC meet at Van Tuyl park by Middle school. Women ranked #1 in country,and men are ranked #2. Tuesday night volleyball game 7pm faculty appreciationgame.

·     Travis:Kickball and ultimate Frisbee coming up, starting 3rd and 4threspectively. Sign up online.

·     Hayden:Bike team out of town this weekend. Only club sprt home is Rugby, playing fortlewis 1pm Saturday by McD’s.

·     Elijah:October 1st Taylor auditrium 7pm band playing. PC SGA co-sponsermeet. SGA allocated a small part. Any one interested in joining committee? Goover applications and questions to help fine tune events.

·     Noah:Tuesday bike meet that was filled, this weekend intro to mountain biking in CB.

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·     D’Andre:Spoke with Rob Whiting about some things gunny PD will be implementing bikesafety starting now, also has a group of HS kids looking for volunteer hours,so if we need any extra help let D’Andre know.

·     Nick:Starting a tradition of having an SGA picture in office and update web page. Takephoto after next week’s meeting.

o  Businesscasual and We R Western shirt’s next week.

o  Kayla:Motion next Wednesday we r western shirts next week (Everyone passes) No denimwith holes. 

·     SGAdinner after homecoming

XIII.   Late Roll Call

XIV.   Adjournment