September 2, 2009


Student GovernmentAssociation

September 10, 2009


I.             RollCall

            Absent: Jamie Hamsa

            Late:Natalie Ehlers, Travis Elliott

II.             Approvalof Minutes

            Move: Mike Himenjez         

            Second:Reid Edwards

III.             Approvalof Agenda

            Halley:Toadd name game, and sustainable action to new business

            Move:Mike Himenjez

            Second:Angela Fioretti

            Approved:to make updates to agenda

IV.             GuestSpeaker

VI.              SpecialTopics

VII.             AdvisorReport         


                        Nameplates are still not in yet.

Will not know official enrolmentfor a bit; however, it looks like 85 students down from last year. We need tomake sure we can keep 100% budget actions, because it is up to the senate toapprove or not to approve.


Club fair went well

VIII.             AdvisoryReports

            Angela Watts-CCE

First CCE meeting yesterday, wordHord proposed bill and gave money and CCE gave enough to approve event.  Senators take posters and hang themup.  The event is on September 19th. Other Peak productions 24 hour play, there was a good turn out holdingauditions for the plays, student art league is having convocation. The Topturned its second paper out and there are still positions open

            JourdanOtis- Athletics Amb.

We had first staff meetingyesterday, bonfire if you want coaches and captains to be there need to letthem know

            JamieHamsa- Interclub Council

                                    Hada club meeting on the 24th, set up club fair, and now is trying toget all of the club information

            NatalieEhlers- Intramurals Director

softball and ultimatefrisbee both start a week from today! I believe that is all I have.         

Elijah Redding- PCDirector

Firstmeeting at 6 on Monday- had a table got 12 more apps to join the team. Tomorrowwill have a slip and slid on the mountaineer bowl should be fun, September 10free movie Star Track (tell students to join the pc ear so they can have theirtwo cents)

            TrishDelong- Student Affairs


            SoeilSmith- Treasurer

Jamee Case talked to her abouthomecoming if you need to have things ordered go to her.  It will come out of our budget, sheneeds numbers.


                        Hoursneed to be done

            BuckCrocket- WP

WP Kayak trip went really well allthe way around.  Sea kayaking tripthis weekend (a new type of trip). Jackson Kayak trip and will be replacing some of the old kayaks


Matt Bartholomew:

City councel meeting last night,Gunnison meeting about zoning and take years

Cory Vander Veen:

As a senator need a committee, hasdescriptions , read it and sign up and contact  the person tell us how it is going.

Sent out email about top of theworld about all the hard work send back via email, check email a bio and who weare and what our plans are for this year.

Homecoming is just around thecorner get on top of it because it takes time to order things

                        Ifmissed the retreat stay five minutes after to talk about it

Halley Parks:

Six apps for senator, we only needone and might even extend it (so two spots one first year and one other upper classmen)

IX.             SenateReport

            Travis Elliott





Amigos-September 15 6-8 Taylor having el greeko- Mexican independence days, 18 dancers(performing 8 or 9 different dances)

                        Salwill be coming to ask for more money…

                        Multiculturalcenter clubs with only two people








                        Coupleof people for the pre victory party




Mathdepartment having a kick ball BBQ should be fun a week from Thurssay the 10 ofSeptember





X.             CommitteeReports


Talked to Tonya have two peoplewho have graduated from 50 years ago, get them to participate in, talked to alot of the clubs talked to 10 floats,


Will be fine any ideas forconnections of Western rocks and SGA connections


Doing the signsworking on posters


                        Allthe stuff is in,

Pre victory party:

                        Needhelp with volunteers

Football Game:

                        Talkedto Tonya good to go.

Themes for the week of Homecoming-

                        Goodcame up with different days, 5 days

                        Monday:patriotic day

Tuesday: pirateday

Wednesday: Tie dieday

Thursday: PJ day

Friday: SchoolSpirit

Motion to pass thetheme days: Mike Himenez

Second: ReidEdwards

Motion passed(good theme days)

Also thinking about giving awaythings like eye patches, bookstore stuff, teddy bears

Do not know whatto do for advertising

Give info to Mattso that it can go with publicity for Homecoming

Decorating the homecoming bowl-

Talking to Jamee about heliumthing, going to pick it up no problem with anything that is going on..  Planning on doing posters and try topump everyone up for this game Men’s rugby to play two games is moving up two hours.

Lighting of the W –

Alumni will splitthe cost $750 given to the committee


Will be back tomorrow, rentingsound from Wild wood, working on it and approval

XI.             Unfinished Business


XII.             NewBusiness

            7:30- meetings at 7:30?  Vote on it

                        Arepeople getting out of class late?

                        Aslong as about an hour

                        Danceclass at 8 Angela

Thinks that 7:30 will be pretty even- people reallywant it at 7

Majority rules 7:15 Mike said little later

Move: To make meetings start at 7:15 Mike Himenez

Second: Reid Edwards

Motion Passes



Constitution says two but we onlythink one, list is going around- a ton of committee not too much to do and whatare the requirements for it.


Office /Hours-

Anyone who is getting paid needsto be putting the hours in(new motto- promote the positive idea of SGA so getout and promote.)

Can be doing your boards, goinginto Keating paying lunch and dinner to talk to the students new bills andsuch  Anything that is related toSGA count as hours write it down.

Senate boards

One in Kelly-Roney

One in Quigly-Eric

Hurst south andone in common area-Angela- Steph

Taylor all three floors-Sarahfloor one- Mike second floor- third floor-Travis


Crawford has one -Erika

Gym- Justin


Escalantee-Rodney-talk to Chris about a work order


What needs to happen with boards-update kids about what is going on on campus let them know write it down letthem know

They are allupdated once a week

Head chair will decide when theboards get done and what needs to go on to the and will update them, check theboards updates posters Put info up on the boards if individuals have

Have eight senateboards we need to assign them



Gary Pierson- ENVS needs three senators sustainabilitycoalition



Head senator nominations- head senator who will be keepingtrack of the other senators

Nominations: Mike Himenez-

Nominated by: Angela Fioretti


Unanimous pass

He can help with the first bill when it is time to vote


XIII.             Remarksfor the Good of the Order

. Soleil Smith- Alex and homecoming committees after meeting

Before and aftermeetings tie die will go to meetings

5:30 in the office the third onewith the paper with all of the buckets (put stuff on the floor)

Oriental tradinghas good little teddy bears (Erika)


Cory Vander Veen: Just a remindercheck email- attire first official meeting: cell phones off- look nice


Mike Himenez-checking boards on Friday at 12

Any additional info on the boardlet matt know, dry erase markers on the boards.  Get them up make them look cool and fun. Christmas lights


XIV.              LateRoll Call


            Late:Natalie Ehlers, Travis Elliott

XV.             Adjournment