September 16, 2009



    StudentGovernment Association

September 16, 2009


I.             RollCall

            Absent: Matt Batholomew,

            Late:Travis Elliott, Natalie Ehlers

II.             Approvalof Minutes

            Move: Mike Jimenez

Second:  Justin Oliver

III.             Approvalof Agenda

            Cory-move to change agenda, cut Bill Nesbet and cut the paint ball bill

            Move:Ried Edwards

Second: Mike Jimenez

The move passes

IV.             GuestSpeaker

            Brooke Moran-

Teaches in OLRM and is on theenvironmental studies council- in behalf of the head waters conference she isasking for $2000 to bring in  Dr.Vandana Shiva, during parents weekend

She is a global leader in socialand does amazing things—because she is so amazing she usually charges $30,000-$35,000 to get her to speak but we can get her here for 7,500- can learn morefrom her in person to versus from a book. She made a difference in India.  The challenge is to think differently.


Asked professors around campus 240students are required to attend the talk several professors are requiring herbooks to be read in class and other people have helped with money.  She is coming October 17th.Can present next week with the bill. Headwaters started 20 years ago serving headwaters communities this isfor the 20th anniversary of the Headwaters Conference.  This event would benefit the studentbody as well as the community of Gunnison and Colorado, apparently they haveover 2000 people attend every year.

VI.              SpecialTopics

VII.             AdvisorReport          


                        Pleaseremember spelling errors, no-no not on boards

                        Spellcheck before putting it on the wall

                        Haveone confirmed H1N1 lives off campus

                        Anotherpossibility- not confirmed yet



                                    Comingup and it will go well and a ton of activities going on


Students will only have to takeone vaccine for H1N1- free October 21st if vaccine is in.  Mass vaccine down at Aspinall Wilsoncenter.  Flu shots are in. There isa county drive through, public health department bike or car October 7th.

VIII.             AdvisoryReports

            Angela Watts-CCE

Sat- big poetry event Please come8 PM Taylor $7 at the door $5 in advance

            JourdanOtis- Athletics Amb.



Jamie Hamsa- Interclub Council

                        Lotsof clubs getting more involved most academic making floats


Natalie Ehlers- IntramuralsDirector

                        Softballand Frisbee going really well October 7 sign up


Elijah Redding- PCDirector

                        Introducenew assistant director Bucky well educated

Event October 17Taylor reserved ends after Headwaters talk Tim Gaberson comedian will beperforming and he is kid friendly


TrishDelong- Student Affairs

Flushots- students want them paid for- encouraging basketball and football teamsforced to get them- 2/3 of students planning on getting them.  Talked to four of classes they thinkthat it should be helped- price turned them off got supper stoked for subsidy.


SoeilSmith- Treasurer

Everyonewho gets paid sign time cards before they leave.

Interestedkids on campus its great to have campus involvement                      


Buck Crocket- WP

Rock one last week went reallywell- freshmen really stoked- adding more trip leaders to accommodate all ofthe interest


Halley Parks-

Parade numbers of homecomingnominees, elections went for homecoming once we got the new placement.

The transfer student for thesenate told us before that she would be able to come to the meetings; however,she has a class that runs from 7-9. Looking into a new senator.

Make sure people know about whatis going on this weekend.  Might bea flyer in senators boxes, check please senators.

Bon Fire starts at 9 on Saturdayand it will be a ton of fun.

            CoreyVander Veen

Would like to congratulate thepeople who did the tee-shirts everyone had tee shirts and wore them.  On Sunday the paint ball committee is setting up the fieldcome play at the  crimson fieldjust behind the Mountaineer Bowl 1 PM, the club has guns you can borrow.


                        Bonfireand publicity are going well


Dr. Hite- can put voting andimportant information on to the madjack mail as a pop up it seemed to work wellfor the homecoming nominations.

IX.             SenateReport

            Travis Elliott



Talkedto classes about the proposal about bus extended hours would be willing to payif we can get one late-late bus


Amigosupset because girl never got in to the voting for homecoming- technical flaw




Thecounty nurse said that the vaccine is the only prevention and that we  should encourage it.  Don’t just stay healthy.


Noreport- comities Academic policies committee cannot attend Ried said that hecan do it.





Senateboards – is going to be a competition make the boards fun best boards of themonth will get something extra


Dugup an old board for Escalante and we should use the old board for SGA officeand that the new board goes to Escalante.


                        Thestudents are down with the flu shot if it gets subsidized.


Honorsprogram has a s’mores night in Shavano lawn at 7 pm and entire student body iswelcome.

X.             CommitteeReports


Royalty: All nomineeswalk all hand corsages

Publicity: No report

Theme week can hand stuff out came in today.

Pre victory party:

Going to show up at 6:30 AspinallWilson center--- let Justin know about going or not coming

Decorating the Mountaineer board- posters going upsupporting all clubs

            Around7 in the morning to meet to blow up balloons,

Football Game: Covered

Lighting of the W

The rescue team needs gloves- dropoff pizzas- leaving back of Ute at 4:30- The lighting will take place at 8-8:15P.M.


Three students to be judging.  The community member- asking Greg Hauz.The  clubs need to have a blurb:just what they want to be said at the judges table. Be there at 9:30 Saturday.  Meet at Halley’s on Friday at 3 topaint do one thing for the float Tomorrow anytime that you have free time the SGA office from 11-2painting and finishing it up.


XI.             Unfinished Business

XII.             NewBusiness

XIII.             Remarksfor the Good of the Order

XIV.              LateRoll Call:

XV.             Adjournment