September 14, 2011


Minutes for September 14th,2011


I.             Roll Call

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.     Guest Speaker

·     RobWhiting from SafeRide: Budget made for city of Gunnison. It has been operatingaround 16 years. SGA Western State College of Colorado members requested tohave a safe ride type of program in response to two Western State College ofColorado students who passed. It was originally a Friday and Saturday serviceto help prevent incidents of drinking and driving. The budget hasn’t changedsubstantially for 17 years. The county always donates 2-2.5K each year. 5 yearsago, voted that each students pay 4$, which makes WSC the largest sponsor. Howto bring an extra 4K in each year? No longer get money from Due’s in theGunnison county. 5K received from surcharges from court. Each driver get’s $60a night for pay. Roughly 24K are what are spent, and the revenue generated isabout $1,300. Need extra community support. The bars have a tight budget and donot donate. The drivers want to do anything they can to prevent DUI’s orfatalities due to accidents. SR brings people home, gets them home safely, adecrease in mischievous conduct.  

o  Q:SR caters for people that call from bars. If WSC SGA is the greatest donation,coming to student fee’s.

§  A: Over the course of the year, wecount the number of students 25,000 rides (18-24 year olds) last year, mostbetween September and October and changes the dynamic of house SR operates,going from call to call. It is a challenge to balance, one priority is thatsomeone who may drove to the bars wont wait for SR for a ride, they are afraidthey will choose to drive. A private residence is a bit different. They do barruns, and will be more focused on them; some drivers are better than others.

o  SRgoes to bars more because often it is hard for drivers to find housessometimes. It is a challenge for drivers when people call and don’t come out ofthe house.

o  Thankyou! You all do an outstanding job. Rodney was a student advocate for SR, tosend a monthly budget and get active.

o  Itis a big amount of money but the service is invaluable, and you cannot put aprice on the lives saved.  

o  Anopportunity for SGA students has a role for somebody who may want to writegrants. Giving rides is proven to reduce accidents and problems. Gladly exceptany help.

o  Q:When will you know when you get the money through the county?

§  It is unknown now, but will getinformation soon. There is good support for SR in the county, we are hopeful.

o  Abuserides: four block rides, liquor store run, try not to take a lot of people toone party, prevent taking people to parties, always get rides there but no onecalls for rides home at night. No bikes, no dogs on SR.

o  Q:Do you know the group on campus CLUE (Caring Leaders who Understand andEducate)? Interested to learn more about drunk driving prevention.

§  A: That sounds great.

o  Abalance between getting people home and helping students.

V.       Action Items

·     Inductions

·     PCAssistant Pay

o  Outlinein constitution if pay descrepencies need to be address they need to be votedon. Senators: if they would vote an approval of cutting $75 for the PCassistant.

§  Speaking with an assistant, and theywere not informed, it might be better to bring her in first.

o  Q:What is her general role? She doesn’t regularly attend meetings or do officehours

§  She does a lot, she keeps the officegoing, oversee council makes sure it runs smoothly, under the constitution ofbylaws. Yes, no direct contact with SGA but she has been written in the bylaws.

o  Doesshe get a separate pay?

§  Yes

o  Howlong have we pay the assistant?

§  The last 5 or 6 years.

o  Couldwe incorporate her in what we do, like come to meetings serve officehours.  It may be troubling for herposition.

o  Motionto bring PC assistant in to discuss pay next week

§  13/13 passed!

o  Drawattention to the double pay bylaws? Article 8 Section 8 #2.

§  If we cut her pay will it be covered?Yes.

§  She is interested in taking PC placeafter Elijah leaves.

§  Other members may be paid twice. Thiscould be an issue.

VI.      Discussion Items

·     Budget:

o  Lastweek we discussed the budget shortfall due to less student enrollment. We havea recommendation: 1% to all committees except Clubs. They would cover the cut,and with the reserve we would cover the shortfall. Certain committees have arollover. All have some money except a few.

§  Will all 1K be covered by theshortfall?

·     Nowe are not covering that

§    Roll through options

·     1%cut, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% no backfill from reserve.

§  Budget committee makes recommendationswith all advisors for the senators.

§  Proposal take 10K from reserve, barelyover a 2% cut, absorbing a cost for ICC.

·     Why10K ?

o  Didn’twant to take too much reserve away, buy hot chocolate for rescue team, we wantsome wiggle room for SGA.

o  Keepsome reserve just in case spring semester has fewer students-future issues.

o  Somegroups have a reserve of their own.

·     Somenumbers are accurate, some are not so accurate. Only can speak for WP: reservehas been gained for 10 years, for more trips with students. Make a minimum cutnow and later investigate what people have and what they need.

o  2%cut then speak with sub committees to see what is possible to cover, so wedon’t drain reserve.

o  Senateconsensus thought some would be comfortable with a larger budget cut.

o  Weshould not micromanage accounts.  

o  Someare sitting on money, but some groups have a lot less resources and arehurting.

o  Wecannot keep pushing this off, we need to come to a decision tonight.

·     Concernsare fiscal responsible, not spending money on things we don’t need (like hotchocolate)

·     Entirereserve is 45K, 25K needs to remain.

·     Motion2% budget cut excluding ICCE.

o  Allin favor (12/13) Passes

o  Decisionhas been made!

VII.   Advisor Report

o  ThisMonday the 19th is the last day to be refunded 50%, go see studentaffairs.

VIII.   Senator Reports

o  Erika:On Friday Mexican independence day Amigo’s 4-6 by the fire making sopapillas

o  Chase:Football has a home game this Saturday at 1pm.

o  Walker:This weekend is Headwaters! Lots of great guest speakers are coming!

IX.     Committee Reports

o  Homecomingemails are coming soon!

o  Gracehas contracts for everyone. People who get paid see Grace after the meeting

o  Floatcommittee meet after meeting would be nice.

o  Lightingof W

X.       AdvisoryReports

o  Sarah:Friday 8-1 first board meeting in North Ballroom. Monday Step Up was canceledto Tuesday at 7pm. Open to whole student body. Feedback on Celebration ofscholarship

o  Nick:On Friday at the airport there is an emergency crash landing 4-8pm. The worldis not ending…this is a requirement. They are looking for actors to pretendthey are hurt, for community service or for acting practice. Pro Cycling havesent out preliminary dates for next year, they will not change the format, keepat 7 days, but maybe start in one community and end in another.

o  Haleigh:The retreat is this Sunday 8a-3p. Please eat breakfast, changed the plans tomake more conscious decisions with spending. This is a mandatory meeting. Thisis a good year.

o  Grace:exciting news, move money from internal to help club sports, and we found outthere budget is not as dire as it once was. We may not have to move all themoney. Ideas of things to purchase to make sure we can pay for it.

o  Meg:Wordhorde Guest Speaker at Mochas 7:00/30pm.

o  Blake:Home opener for Volleyball, three nights in a row, Regis, Colorado Christian, &Mines.   

o  Travis:Intramurals started last week flag football, participation is down, perhaps newwebsite is to blame? The weather could also be to blame… Ultimate Frisbeekickoff start first week of October. Disc golf tournament was last week andwent well, a lot of community support, many people utilizing.

o  Hayden:Club sports Baseball UNC, Soccer @ Mines, Women’s rugby 11am home game, mensUNC’s coming down, games @ 1

o  Elijah:Recycled percussion went very well, and they were here 10 years ago. 200-250people attended.

o  Noah:WP second week of sold out trips, last week they didn’t have any gear. Intro torock climbing, and on the 20th free bike repair workshop class.Shout out to mens biking team who got first at a RedBull competition inWinterPark.

o  Maddy:next Tuesday second event for sustainability ‘do it yourself workshop’, gradesocial responsibility and conscious consumption. They will hand out books, andgive tips on gardening.

XI.       Special Topics

XII.    Remarks for the Good of the Order

Order is in order!

XIII.   Late Roll Call

XIV.   Adjournment