October 26th, 2011


Action Agenda for October 26th, 2011


I.            Roll Call: Grace was late (sorry)

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda: Approved

IV.    Guest Speaker: none

V.      Action Items

·     MathBill: Adam: we talked about the Iplan and Constitution grey area but agreedsince it was students and not the department requesting funding then it was okto allocate them money.  $1200 and$1300 were both numbers discussed, Senate voted on $1200 as final number

·     Sarahopened the floor for discussion before the senate votes, how does this benefitthe campus in four years with four seniors graduating?

·     Westernwill look better for possible applicants in the future.

·     Sarah:how many are presenting research?

·     Erika:all four seniors are potentially presenting and juniors don’t have anything topresent on

·     Motionto vote for allocating $1200 with stipulation that they don’t pay for food: byWalker

·     Secondedby Alan

·     7/12does not pass

·     Motion for $1300 by Shayna

·     Secondedby Alan

·     8/12motion passes

·     NASCBill Adam: for this bill we discussed the funding they have currently and theBudget Committee recommendation of $900. Not everyone comfortably with $900 so how about $700 because they aregoing to ask history dep. For at least $200.

·     Motionto allocate $750 to NASC by Erika

·     Secondedby D’Andre

·     7/10motion passes

VI.      Discussion Items

·     WSCMission Statement: who has seen it? 3 ppl have seen it. 

·     Rodney:it seems long.

·     Nick:if its long maybe they should include more about the graduate programs.

·      Shayna: not interesting to read, its notinspiring.

·     Haleigh:how does this compare with other colleges statements?

·     Shelley:they added to it last self study. 

·     Katie:working on hs mission statement, its something no body really reads but meansso much.

·     Shelley:do you think that the mission statement conveys the passion we have for thecollege?

·     Rodney:NO not at all.

·     Bradley:is it on the admissions website for prospective students.

·     Travis:I like it, its not for students anyway, we come here for different reasons.

·     Bradley:its important for the

·     Elijah:The missionstatement NEEDS to sum up the college but doesn't do so because of how long anddrawn out the current statement is

·     Chase:I can talk to my professors here and that should be included in the statementbecause that’s important because its not that way everywhere.

·     Walker:I like big words and it doesn’t need to be any shorter or any longer becausethe concepts in it are true and valuable.

·     Brad:if it was shorter than it could be used to market the school.

·      Haleigh: does the school have acondensed version.

·     Meg:it should be shorter because we already complain about emails being too long,maybe a short statement and if they want more then well give them a missionstory (ha)

VII.   Advisor Report Shelley: CBMR pass prices go up after Friday

·     Walker:Jean taylor tent sale: $75 off pass price

·     FamilyWeekend: Shelley is flipping pancakes at Webster hall on Saturday, registrationstarts next week: get in touch with your advisor, new students register on11/7, last day to get a W is 11/3, can impact financial aid if you withdraw

VIII.   Senator Reports

·     Erika:Amigos: day of the dead next week—sugar skull workshop, website needs toupdated with this years stuff, if your absent please email your report. If yourgoing to miss a meeting then you need to give 24 hour notice so it is not anunexcused absence, same goes for senate meetings

·     Alan:Free Skiier movie at 8pm mountaineer square in Mt. CB on Friday

·     D’Andre:Haunted House: 8-11 on Saturday and Monday

·     Sarah:NO Report

·     Chase:no

·     Bradley:no

·     Adam:great senate meeting thanks

·     Rodney:no

·     Shayna:no

·     Walker:chills and thrills at the flow farm park: raffle tix free with entry which isSunday 1-5pm

IX.       Committee Reports : USAPro-Cycling Challenge:

·     Nick-wrote a report stating how much thecampus supports the USPCC, Adam: talked to bike club president and he will getback to him later, great biker will get back to us to. Will turn into citycouncil next week.

·     SodexoCommunity: want to advertise in CC talk to Blake and D’Andre

·     Constitution:re-scheduling



X.        Advisory Reports

·     Sarah:Politics Club: 8-12 in CC =bake sale, Friday is Board of Trustees meeting, I amthe student liaison and I want to gather what we as an sga feel the boardshould do with the name change. How do you guys feel about the name change? Nick: this is worrisome as apublic statement, but its not a public statement its just a report back.

·     Adam:students aren’t passionate about it because no money is involved. Bradley: noregulation with the venn-diagram, so not a reliable source

·     Sarah:this will be a representation of the campus attitude Only a few passionate peoplesome for and some against but lots don’t care Some concerned that if we changedto university then our class size will grow and we don’t want them to

·     Meg:we don’t care because it doesn’t affect us right away

·     Brad:students realize it doesn’t really matter what we think. They will do it ifthey want to

·     Nick:Are people not going to come back if they change the name?

·     Rodney:probably not

·     Walker:people think it’s a quick fix

·     Grace:they didn’t go to forums to find out that’s not true

·     Erika:we are trying to get this done quickly, not enough time to have forums

·     Sarah:falls with legislation season

·     Shelley:with Adams doing it too

·     Sarah:ultimately it’s a state legislation decision ultimately

·     Katie:if we get away from wasted state that would be beneficial

·     D’Andre:just because you change the name we will still have the same reputation

·     Noah:speaking on a few people’s behalf, not a majority and at the forum on applyingfor grad school: to some people applying to grad school the university namewill be much better on applications

·     Nick:we get stuck in the fact that we are only here for four years and its hard forus to see outside of that four years, its important to see the bigger picturesometime

·     Walker:Keck said professors are waiting for more data before they make their decisionson the name change, what are the true intentions behind the name change?

·     Sarah:we need a formal statement to the board…

·     Grace:should we take a vote?

·     Nick:personal opinions of SGA?

·     Sarah:no opinion as sga members

·     Meg:we need an indifference vote because the student body is indifferent

·     Sarah:I see what your saying but I don’t want them to think we don’t care

·     Grace:why don’t we just vote

·     Alan:lets report this whole discussion on how we came to the decision

·     D’Andre:Motion to vote

·     Second:Chase

·     Haleigh:vote on what you have gathered thus far, all in favor please raise your hand (14/26Travis and Maddie abstained) revote: six are indifferent

·     Noway: Erika= a band wagon thing, wait and see how apartment and rec. centeraffect things, Nicole, Rodney: a majority of people said this is not whatwestern is we are a college of 2000 students without research (how many=four-five classes roughly 15 people in each) and D’Andre: (agreed with Rodneyand Erika and my personal opinion is different)

·     Walker:after looking at the reaction of the student body

·     Aurora:its our job to inform the people who are confused and let them know what garyand jay have been telling us at the forum, if the people aren’t attendingforums then it is our job to let them know

·     Nick’sReport: City Council the Gunnison Chamber asked about the Parade of Lights andin the past WSC has had an immobile float, do we want to do this again?

·     FashionShow: Nick is participating, Tim Albers talked about the hs counselors comingto campus (out of 490+ freshman they represent over 400+ high schools, one kidper hs essentially), Rec. center person was recited by Cory and his team

·     Erika’sReport: she needs pictures of us (three or so send to Erika by Sunday) and aone sentence statement about why you joined SGA

·     Packets:Meg: not environmentally friendly Rodney: most of us print them anyway Alan: noone has an excuse that they are not in the loop Nick: it would only be everyother week and you would use the same packet for two weeks

·     Adam:we are responsible on SGA and should be able to print our own stuff

·     Maddie:why don’t we just print a couple and share/ use them if we need to

·     Grace’sReport: come to BCM, less than $11,000 for the year, Friday night fright: gohelp out

·     Meg’sReport: College Night we could go as a group for team bonding and fun

·     Blake’sReport: xc boys and girls won conference, vball palying at adams on Friday at7pm, football at home at 1pm, club fair on Friday 2:45-3:15,

·     Travis:ultimate done, kickball done tomorrow, ping png starts tomorrow, dodgeballstarts nov 1st registration open until Sunday Sign up for club fair

·     Hayden:cycling at nationals in nm, women play mesa and cu at 3 and 5, women’s rugby at1, mens rugby is playing too,

·     Elijah:magician at 7pm on Saturday

·     Aurora:recruitment with TJoyce: reps for western full time on the front range, txnumber 1 for out of state students, enrollment staff works really hard, withname change looking at more grad programs, women are low in enrollment and wedon’t have some of women’s top choice, retention rate is higher for women ingeneral, page of other things, wasted will still be the stigma even withuniversity, enrollment is working very hard

·     Noah’sreport: 12-5 sign up for free WP trips, film fest update: in ruby cinema for freecbmr sponsored us = free lift tix, Nov 9-11 doors open at 7pm theme:potentially red carpet with photographers, after party at the last chance wscfilmfestival@gmail.com

·     Maddie:none

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·     Shelley:van certified trained: we need drivers 9-11am, Grace: numbers are important toquantify data to report on Elijah: Senators check your boxes for posters,Sarah: make sure boards are done. Nick: meeting in the ballroom was that goodor bad? Elijah: it was hard to see. Walker: music= soundtrack to the meeting

·     Erika:poster thief yet to be named…

XIII.   Late Roll Call

XIV.   Adjournment