October 12th, 2011


Discussion Minutes for October 12th,2011


I.            Roll Call


II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.    Guest Speaker

·     Celebrationof Scholarship-Robin Bingham & Christina Buchanan: Thank you very much forgiving me the opportunity to talk here tonight about celebration ofscholarship. I met with Sarah several times this semester, and there were a fewpeople that were not aware of this event, so we can get feedback from constituentsto spread it more widely. Give more background to the value of the event and itsphilosophy, to get feedback of what students think of the event or how to makeit better. One thing that I think is a little confusing is the name, what doesthe name mean? ‘Celebration of scholarship’ it is not about people gettingscholarships, but it means that you are learning in particular disciplines.What this event is about is undergraduate scholarship here at Western, originalresearch and inquiry, including creative activity. They want to promote thisfor all of campus to be a part of. We want it to be inclusive, so maybe thename should be changed. Faculty mentor that makes an original contribution to abody of work. We want to enhance academic opportunities for WSC students, tomake them more authentic and meaningful, outside the classroom. The faculty hasthe ability to develop professionally. Foster interdisciplinary and the goalsof liberal arts, where this event really offers that. Philosophicallyundergraduate students have many benefits, by growing intellectually, gainknowledge and skills, and achievement, and promoting personal growth. Providesand opportunity to stretch yourself beyond the classroom. You can gain specificskills and knowledge for the field your diving into. It can lead to personaladvancement, and professional growth. Now a day, doing undergraduate level iscritical to make the next step to graduate school, they expect you are doing orhave done some type of research. There are a lot of advantages and benefits tostudent. Benefits to faculty: enhance mentor and teach, increases jobsatisfaction. Benefits to college: Builds community, deepen relationships withalumni, fosters cross talk between disciplines. What it is, it happens twice ayear at the end of every semester, all students are accepted to present. Theyinclude a poster session and oral presentations. We have students at alllevels. Freshman-seniors presenting their own scholarship, so you can seestudents grow throughout their years. This semester is Tuesday November 29th12:30-2:00, and then in the spring. Get feedback; talk with constituents, onthe event and what we can get out of it, to serve the students the best theycan. What about devoting an entire day to the event and cancel class,performances, art displays, it could be fabulous. And any suggestions for amore inclusive name.

·     Howdo you get involved?

o  Somepeople have been involved through specific classes, other students may be doingindependent work, independent study, and so it is open to anybody presentingtheir work.

o  Abstractsare due by November and they make space and time

o  Webpage:Academics->Interest to students->Celebration of scholarship, at bottomyou will see “submit abstracts now”.

o  Ifit is required for a class, do you still have to submit an abstract

o  Emails

V.      Action Items

·     WildlifeSociety Bill

o  Motionto give $1,000 (Adam)

§  Second

§  11/12, passes

·     AdventureFilm Festival Bill

o  (Alan)Motion to allocate $800

o  Thebudget committee recommended 800 for advertising and film rights, and takingout of venue. We talked it over as a group, and we think it will be going outto more students than previously thought. If people can’t get into the firstmovie, then they will get a ticket for the second showing, to allow them to seethe second movie if first one is filled. So the potential number could reach1,000 students. Also questions about the venue, Ben mentioned some of themovies are in hi-def, which is high resolution, premiers at Taylor are free,but how much will it improve? Is there new equipment-perhaps the one thing nottouched, Redbull and Frontier want a more hi-def venue, because it matters howit is perceived. As a student body if they are reaching out to this manypeople, it is like a Spirngfest in the fall semester, and we hope this is anannual sustainable event. If we reach out to roughly ½ the student body, thenit will be about $1.50/student. Movie starts at seven.

o  Threeor four clubs are associated with the film festival.  Students are not able to see both films?

§  It is up to luck and timing, first comefirst serve. You cannot get 2 tickests if you go

§  Alan: I motion to allocate $800

·     Motionsecond

·     12/12Passes, Action Adventure Film Fest

·      Honors Bill

o   (Alan) Motion to allocate $500

§  (D’Andre) Second

§  12/12 passes! Honors bill passed!

VI.      Discussion Items

VII.   Advisor Report

VIII.   Senator Reports

·     Erika:Tuesday 6pm Oct 18th in ballroom sushi night, preorders Monday atlunch time

·     Alan:October 14th Colorado Freeskier is presenting ‘after dark’ 5 moviesfor $25, at mountaineer square at 6:30 or 7 and late show at 11p

·     Nicole:October 24th & 26th getting students to help withlibrary interviews 12-1p

·     Katie:They said you can only take art classes unless it is your major. Why don’t youhave your grades posted online.

o  Canwe address this and talk with registration

o  Gradechecks online?

IX.       Committee Reports

·     Kayla:Academic policies met last Tuesday, they discuss things and take it to facultymeetings, discussing a week long Thanksgiving. This summer we are having thefirst ever May-mester, must have an official semester, with full hours by accreditationlaws. Last year they passed a new think that went into the catalog that saysyou can walk in graduation if you still have 9 pending credits, for thegraduate program, they want to change the wording.

X.        Advisory Reports

·     Sarah:LEED certification, we have to be gold, extending Denver Avenue, to protect thechildren of tenderfoot. Get students to the forum at 7pm Next board meetingwill be October 28th in the ballroom

·     Nick:City council was great meeting. Chovolos liquor license is on the line. Procycling may be back, what it meant to our campus community, to get some quotesfrom students to get a good plea for the pro challenge through gunny year 2. Someviewers say we have the best breakfast burrito in Colorado. A shuttle toAlamosa for games, but buses are not insured to go more than 50 miles, maybe$10-15/students.

o  Roadclosure during Halloween-kids go downtown on Halloween, and mothers came togetherto shut down the street for several hours, Boomer-Rangs was upset, maybe notclose street but look at other options, to protect kids.

o  Whenwe have our meetings we want to talk about, we discussed to meet with eachindividual person for an informal talk, about any concerns or issues. Expectemails in the next couple of days.

o  Haleigh:second to last forum we are holding next week in the ballroom, get people tocome!

·     Grace:for the fall we have a little under $3,000 for the rest of the semester. FridayFright Night-get back to grace if you are interested in volunteer

·     Blake:VB away, Saturday XC & Track 10am run the W, anyone can participate, oldestrace in CO. VB will be playing CS.

·     Hayden:Every club team is out of town

·     Elijah:October 29th part comedian, part magician is coming. Taylorauditorium 7pm. Printing question and SGA using printer, email poster to Elijahand they will print out some posters, lump sum from SGA charge if overuse.

·     Noah:Backbacking, next weekend multi-picth rockclimbing course

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·     SGAPhotograph

·     Respectfulnot to talk when other people are talking.

·     Signthank you cards

XIII.   Late Roll Call

XIV.   Adjournment