November 9, 2011


Action Agenda for November 9th, 2011


I.            Roll Call

·     Noah

·     ErikaEspinoza

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.    Guest Speaker

·     EmilyVirzi & Emily Lenny, And Brice Fisher-Sustainability Endorsement: Here toanswer any questions about the endorsement.

o  Whatpurchasing plan are you talking about?

§  It’s a suggestion and guideline, not necessarilya policy. Provide groups with alternative options for purchasing. Instead ofgoing to Wal-Mart try smaller local companies first.

o  What’sthe cost difference?

§  The plan hopes to offset costs. A bitmore expensive. We hope to write grants to discuss the costs and alternatives.Not all of the sudden, it would be gradual and build momentum. We hope to justhave a trail period to see if we have more support. We hope to see if it goeswell to turn it into policy down the line.

o  Everyone’ssignature?

§  No Sarah’s on behalf of everyone willbe fine.

o  Reiteratethat it is a plan, but not guidelines; it would just have alternative optionsto not increase workload.

o  Lastyear ENVS 400 had about 20 students; this year there were only 8. So, we scaleddown. We are the purchasing committee. Landscaping initiative, and renewableenergy on campus. Also, Hope Bradford is making a sustainability video forwhat’s attainable and viable.

·     GaryPierson-WRAP funding: I’m here for a couple of reasons. One, talk about howsuccessful WRAP has been on our campus. That is congruent with data; WRAPeducates people about alcohol awareness. This grant is on a two year cycle,kicking in January 2010. With this grant we got support for two full timefaculty, and 10 works study positions for students. We hope to create a spacefor WRAP in the LEED office. Their mission is helping provide alternative activitiesfor Western State College of Colorado that do not include alcohol or drugs. Italso helps educate people on how to drink responsibly. Also WRAP has showed alot of collaboration in the resources they have been able to connect. PC hasbeen helping, local police department, department of human services, etc. Theinitial grant is over 500K dollars of funding, which shows the confidence thatpeople have in WRAP. It reflects that we have a culture here that has been hardt challenge, resort community, isolated; it can create a lot of drinkingproblems. WRAP has made a difference in culture at Western. The idea behind toWRAP was to reduce binge drinking. The statistics show that binge drinking isnot as common. They are looking at the awareness that it is creating. 100% ofstudents in this room are aware of WRAP. First time student getting into analcohol related situation is down from 36% to 8%. Once students are educatedthey will make the right decision the second time around. We want to createeducation, and discuss funding. The grant is running out December 2011. We havea whole semester left. We will fund 25K for the salaries for WRAP, where we getthe 25K is unknown. We can help contribute to the 25K. Regardless of whathappens it will be here on our campus. Is there any opportunity for SGA to putmoney for offsetting the cost of these salaries? The school would appreciateSGA’s support of this program. Although, we are 100% committed to funding WRAPnext semester.

o  Justso everyone’s clear. The funding for next semesters event will come from agrant itself, Wellness programs. More students interested in these programs, tocarry into adult lives, support healthy adult lives. Breakfast for a buck, andother things. Loose salaries, but funding for events has come from othergrants. WRAP is still establishing them.

o  Wewill know in February if we can reapply for this grant. Janice Wellborn ismaking a call into the senator’s office for looking at other grants andfunding. Evidence suggests that this is a good program. Higher than averagedrinking, but not the worse, reduce high risk drinking. WRAP is all right withdrinking if it is legal and responsible. Help recognize when to get friendshelp.

§  Rodney: You guys have done a great job,the numbers alone are great.  Wehave an issue with help funding PC and we hurt as well. We find it hard to funda program similar to another program that does similar things.

·     Wetry to complement these programs and not compete with them. We now try to be apresence for other people. We want students to model a responsible drinker. No onewill pay for these events; we would just pay for a salary.

o  Supportingevents isn’t hard; it’s more about student fee’s going to salaries. We don’tlet money go to coaches.

§  We do have opportunities to fundstudent work-study or internships.  They work out of a grant funded position instead of workingfor Western State College of Colorado, specifically.

o  Communityhas a lot of support; city council was excited about this, as far as DUI’s hasbeen a great thing for entire community. Are there any ideas for programs 21and above?

§  48% of current students are over 21,especially for an undergraduate institution. This is a focus, and we are tryingto have more events for these ages. 21st birthday is high riskdrinking, and they want cars to pick people up and take them restaurants. Targetingto high-risk drinking.

o  Citymanager said there might be some more opportunity from the city to help fundWRAP. Safe Ride could possibly benefit WRAP, complement one-another benefitfrom each other.

o  Sarah:SGA is in economic pain, what if we cannot even fund $500, could we help writegrants or letters of support.

§  Letters matter. Motivation and beingvocal and encouraging peers will be impactful.

o  Elijah:We could allocate money (PC) and that will free up other money to free up fundsfor salaries. We can allocate.

o  Grace:I’m sure there are stipulations, but what about alcohol companies funding theseprograms?

§  We discussed this. Paul said that Coorsdoes not support these programs, one company will do it. Deadline has passedfor the spring, so it wouldn’t start until next fall.

o  Rodney:I love the idea of Elijah helping the funding.

§  The remaining funds will go to studentstaffs. The truth fairy is paying all programming. They all get 8.50/hr.

o  Whenwe clarify student funding, we didn’t do flu shots.

§  WRAP is not student affairs.

o  Grace:I was going to suggest if we have internal money that rolls over, we couldallocate the remaining to WRAP.

§  How much did we take from the reserve?

o   We will be in contact, hopefully nextweek we can reconvene.

§  Don’t feel obligated, and don’t feellike it will be a lack of support for the program. We are committed to makingthis happen and reach out to see if there is any opportunity for allocatesfunding. Email

V.      Action Items

·     RunningClub:

o  Alan:I motion $260 to the running club bill

o  Alot of vary opinion for constituents. Some people say fund it all, some saydon’t fund them because we have an NCAA Cross Country team. We have aphenomenal XC team, why don’t they just run with them. Not pay for planetickets but will pay for gas and rental car.

o  Wehave many students taking long-distance trips but without fundraising than it arenot fair.

§  Coaches are volunteering their time

o  Vandenbushe:We are just getting this thing started. We have a tremendous XC team but it isfor those who are not that good. Enrollment is a real problem, and running clubwill help with enrollment. My big hope is that we get one or two kids that reallydevelop to send over to NCAA.

o  Howin the future do you see this as a successful club?

§  Next year we will be a lot moreorganized, with my schedule I couldn’t much time. We would like to recruit nextyear from High Schools.

o  Votingon allocating $260 to running club (12/13 for yes, passes)

o  Ihave a letter that will be in Top O the World tomorrow. I am a critic of theenrollment process. Ten minutes at next meeting?

§  Yes!

·     AvalancheAwareness: Motion for $180. How much is advertising?

o  Yes,the pricing system was a little higher than we were expecting.

o  Adam:In the senate meeting there was a lot of varied opinion. Many constituentsthought that it was very important for empowering people of the resources foravalanche awareness. Some students said fund it all, and others said WP hasthis equipment so don’t fund it. The food was an issue.

o  Toreimburse advertising we need a reimbursement. Towards newspaper advertisingand anything else needed.

o  Motionon table for $180 (yes—8/13) does not pass.

o  Motionto open bill to discussion.

o  Whattypes of medias are you using for advertising?

§  Newspaper, online, radio

o  Moneyused for pizza was used for advertising.

o  Inthe budget meeting she said she paid advertising out of pocket.

o  Brad,I think this is a worthy event because it protects students. This isn’tpromotion to go out into the backcountry, but it educates them.

o  Wouldthis coincide with WP?

§  No, it just supplements the event. Thisevent will be a jumping off point. This is the awareness aspect, not the fulleducational piece. We will a lot Janna a few minutes about WP.

o  Canwe have a clarification of the budget breakdown?

§  It has changed a bit.

o  MountainRescue is needs this money, and they fundraise and they are a valuable club oncampus.

o  Whyvote no?

§  Use program council funds for food thatwas used for advertising.

§  That was a mistake on our part. We didnot check to see if the money was specified for use one way or another.

o  Otherno reasons?

§  Constituents wanted to give them lessmoney, too high.

§  Motion to allocate $150

§  Vote yes (11/13) Passes

VI.    Discussion Items

VII.   Advisor Report

·     Registerfor spring courses. Come talk to Shelley if you’re confused

VIII.   SenatorReports

·     D’Andre:Amigos 80’s dance tonight after meeting.

·     Walker:Our school is trying to shy away from our identity. ESPN voted us #2 for skischools in the nation. How could we incorporate these things? Our thought wascranor hill, maybe lease cranor hill and run it as part of the college for $100passes. This way you can connect school with skiing.

o  Boardwanted to not be addressed as a ski school

o  Snow?

§  Taking snow that is plowed from thestreet and plow it onto Cranor hill.

o  Nick:We talked about this in city council-of our retention 61% where nationalaverage is 73%. Once they get here, let’s keep them here.

o  CityCouncil looking at different ways to support campus.

o  Elijah:One of the biggest mistakes the college made was getting rid of the ski teamthat was a legacy here on campus. Cranor hill will be a great was to create aspecific community.

o  Alan:CBMR is considering introducing a Western State College of Colorado day to getmore involvement of students at the mountain.

IX.      Committee Reports

·     ExecutiveCommittee: Gary gave us the run-down. We want to mature the college, and watchit grow. Office hours are important, but when you are in there it might notseem there is value in it. We were thinking about increasing the value. We wantto see you all be more productive. Open up for suggestions.

o  Oremail us or come up to us after

o  PCinstead of restricting it to sitting in office it can be PC work like hangingposter or talking to kids about events. Take some time to be in the office, butperhaps not all time needs to be there.

o  Wewant to be approachable and have a face.

o  Katie:Senators talked about having a table in the college center to talk about bills.People don’t know enough about what’s going on?

·     Nicole:CIS wants to have a class for more mobile devices, so we wanted to figure outhow many people have smart phones.

·     Kayla:curriculum committee asked questions about wording in the catalog. If you werea transfer student with 60 credits, you can finish in about 2 year. Shouldthere be a maximum credits for transfer student? There are suggested classes,but they are not required. Academic policies are trying to put together apacket about the First-year experience to hopefully implement into the fall ofnext year. They will meet with faculty about what they do to keep students, andcoaches, and hausdorfer. One problem is that it is a one-credit course. Theydon’t want to pay for a credit that they wont’ get anything out of. Maybefirst-year experience for each major, or standard for all students.

o  Sarah:First year experience increases retention. 

o  Shelley:It would be very hard for a student to fail this course.

o  Grace:What about students that change their major?

§  Wouldn’t make sense

o  Shayna:What if you do a standard discussion, and then specific standard core for theprogram. You discuss all topics that relate to all majors across campus.

o  Cohn:liked the idea of a seminar, if they were interested in something specific,they would go to a specific professor they like.

X.        Advisory Reports

·     Nick:High school is doing a drug free and alcohol pledge to random testing, and ifyou stay completely drug free, you will get a free season pass. 25% of all freshmensigned up, try to administer to all classes. Internship program is not verywell known. Talk about internships of campus. Connect needs in the city withstudent skills and interests. 10K is there to be used!

o  10Kfor WRAP Students and free some funding for faculty.

o  Cityis willing to go in any direction. Credit and paid. It will be a job.

·     Grace:Sex positive is hosting speed dating, it costs 1$ and free spaghetti andmeatballs. Find friends and lovers. 6,531$ remaining in our bill budget, we arelooking good.

·     Meg:Shipwrecked opening night, first big play in Taylor for over two years, it isshort and funny. Thur fri sat this week and next week 7pm, $5. Good characters,funny material.

·     Blake:fall sports are wrapping up volleyball done football last game. Winter sportsopening with basketball. Wrestling is in Wyoming; Men’s basketball hereWednesday nigh SAC is selling hot chocolate before the game.

·     Travis:floor hockey just started. Thinking about bringing back 3-on-3. Went over 360player profiles on the web this week, students playing intramural.

·     Hayden:Men and Women’s hockey out of town.

·     Elijah:Springfest voting is over. 400 votes, 20% of student population. April 14thSaturday. Indian guest speaker coming three weeks from tomorrow. Mass textingsoftware for advertising.

o  Alan:mass texts were awesome.

o  Meg:I’m actually a sales representative for a company that does exactly just that.

o  Shayna:I think that’s a great idea

o  Grace:How much would it cost, and would PC have the money to buy it. Security systemon campus that does the same thing.

o  Shelley:do people have plans for texting? Mostly unlimited.

o  Notvery expensive. Most people in favor. An RA from crystal is having an ITservice forum about what to do to keep you laptop working longer. This could bea bigger event for more students if we got the support.

o  Noah:Film Fest is going on right now, and 9:30 after the meeting. Tomorrow grand bazaarand real rock, Friday art of flight student will need an ID. Bring cash forticketed giveaway.   

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·     Sarah:Exec committee meet after.

·     Grace:please sign time card if you’re in advisory.

XIII.   Late Roll Call

·     Noah

·     ErikaE.

XIV.   Adjournment