November 30, 2011


Action Agenda for November 30th, 2011


I.            Roll Call

·     Mark

·     Elijah

·     Maddy

·     Shayna

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.    Guest Speaker

·     KenColeman-City Manager: I’m the city manager and I have an offer to make from theCity of Gunnison for WSC students. Back when we were struggling with fiscalchallenges we looked at how we would prioritize our spending on where we couldsee high return on investment. One aspect we see as an important component toour community is WSC. We as out city staff came up with some brain stormingsession for recommendation and strategy for concerns they brought up. We havetalked about grants and the counselor-recruiting program. We have put lots ofmoney into that effort. Are there other things that will retain Western StateCollege of Colorado students? We cant just give money away, so we came up withthe internship approach. It was received in a very positive way. We havediscussed various ways to implement the program and a way that will complementthe academic calendar. We were talking about sometime in January. I will talkabout it though in general terms. We want to get students out in the community.I look at things in bottom line sort of fashion, and received my finance degreefrom WSC. We put together a brochure and started to put it out there in careerservices department. We went to all departments and we have lots of areas ofservice that apply directly to programs at the college. Why not get some realworld experience out there and to hone resumes. We everything from planning andlooking at the community to finance and public works. There are a lot variousopportunities, and we can create a relationship that will provide everyone withan advantage. My understanding of an internship it is up to the individual towork with their department chair and get some approval and get credit hours,and real experience. There are some opportunities you can call and try todevelop things together to take back to academic advisor or approval. Then, youhave to go through an application to the city, with a cover letter and resume. Wewant you to have the full experience of going through an interview process andscreening. If it works out, then it will be the beginning of a mentorship-likeexperience. You will learn ‘real world’ expectations. In order to getcompensation, you have to have a passing grade, and not get fired by the city. Wewant you to succeed and learn and grow and have an experience that is positive.We have expectations and people have to perform. People have to provide goodcustomer service and be aware of self-management, and meet the city’sexpectations in these areas. Do you have leadership qualities? Are you able towork with others nicely? That is the jist of it. We have put 10K aside for itand we are willing to reimburse people, 300/cr. Hr. and max is 3 credit hours. Wewant good interaction and a lot of interest.

o  Thedeadline is January 6th?

§  No, we will have a whole other thing. Itdepends on the applicants. We may not have anybody apply.

o  The1800 minutes is what is expected. I thought Mariah said it was 750 minutes.

§  Is it 750/cr. Hr?

§  I was thinking it was for 3 credits.

o  Weweren’t sure what your process is with approval? But we thought that thestudents who are interested would work out some of these details.

o  Flierswill be around campus.

o  Wehave done various internships in the past, and job opportunities may arise fromthese internships as well. We can incorporate anything with working with WSCstudents.

o  Ithink it is a great program and it took some development. I would suggestgetting it out earlier since the kids who are very motivated are alreadylooking for internships.

o  Wheredo you want us to turn applications?

§  Human resources tech, Kimmy Shelbow. Orgo into City Hall, or talk to Nick.

·     TeddiJoyce-VP of Enrollment Management: I’m here to talk about what’s going on inenrollment. I am incredibly passionate about what I do. In recruitment andretention is what equals enrollment. Formal recruitment comes out of my budget,but there is also informal recruitment. Informal recruitment is what you dowhen you represent yourself what you are outside WSC campus. You all are aproduct of this institution. I am going to talk mostly about how I spend mymoney. WSC draws from all states. It is important that we find what’s isinteresting for students to match with their interests. You can get a mastersdegree in student recruitment. Recruitment is about a funnel. Our enrollmentcounselors were in more than 453 High Schools this spring. We are trying to hitthe right places, like the students who are in this room. They start buyingnames, what kind of test scores. Where students look into outdoor activities. Welook at perceived majors, the activities to buy names. I spend 1/6 of my budgetbuying names. Sometimes high school visits aren’t productive, so we have 19,000names we are in constant contact with to get them at WSC. Travel, hostvisitors, preview days, high school counselors. Purchasing names allows us tosegment out what people are interested in. We segment our market. We createcommunication. We have 46 different communications we give them. We sendtargeted emails. We marketed ourselves to ESPN. One of the challenges we faceis WSC is losing market share to women, so we want to message to womencorrectly. We do a lot of travel. We have alumni that help us. The campus visitis one of the most influential things in whether or not a student will apply. Wehost more visitors than ever before this year. One of the best things we can dois get students on our campus, meet with faculty; they may go to a class. Wewant to use faculty the most effective way we can. We want to have greatfaculty. We don’t ignore the web. One thing we know is that location iscritical in making a connection. WSC website has over 7,000 pages. We want tolaunch our new website in January since it is more visually powerful, and canconnect with prospective students. More than 1/3 of budget on contacts andmailing and printing, 1/3 on travel, and hosting campus visitors.

o  Rodney:I’m from GJ and one thing that stands out to me is that all schools havecommercials, and WSC doesn’t have an advertisement

§  We just don’t have that budget, becausewe would love to have a billboard or a commercial. These areas are the best wayto spend money.

o  WSChas a great film department.

§  The airtime is more expensive. Wetalked about video to have on the web.

o  Nick:This is a micro sight, or is this a new site?

§  This will be the webpage when you go toadmissions page.

o  Iwould love to see our normal site to look like this.

§  I could not agree with you more.

o  It’san undercurrent that we are a ski school, and the school seems hesitant aboutembracing that.

o  Isthere one type of student that you are looking for?

§  It’s much more prescribed, outdoorsinterest, majors. We buy names from several different companies.

o  Recruitmentvs. in state out of state recruitment. 30% out of state recruitment. Morediverse student bodies

o  Applicationsvs. Enrollment

§  We had many phantom applications. Butnow that we have begun charging for applications fewer people are applying.

o  Weconsidered adding women’s programs, and more women’s sports. There is going tobe a request about the addition of two women’s sports.

o  Itseems to make sense for us to have a ski team.

§  I don’t know about the history of that.In looking at enrollment in the short term, it’s been about women’s sports.

o  Youare clearly contacting more people, why is enrollment down?

§  There is a lot of data that suggestsfewer students want to go further from home. X% students don’t want to go toschool in a rural environment. Student behavior has changed dramatically inlast 10 years. Our competitors have added programs, and other academic fields, i.e.graduate programs. Financial issues were bad for WSC students. They have tooffer a slightly different product. Recognition is about the product.

o  Dr.Vandenbushe talked about international recruiting

§  College in the international marketisn’t the same as University, we’ve started with a place in Denver and ESLcommunities, it is in the framework of what I can afford. Business students arelooking for schools that are internationally accredited.

V.      Action Items

·      Black Student Alliance Bill

·      Motion to allocate $800

o   We had a short budget meeting, andrecommended the full $800 since they have additional time to fundraise, so wefeel like it is a safe investment.

o   This would secure the speaker for theevent.

o   Voting on allocating full $800 for BSAbill (10/10-Passes!)

VI.      Discussion Items

VII.   Advisor Report

·     Nightof lights Friday from 530-730 lighting the tree around 630. Come on down! A lotof fun, and hopefully it will snow.

VIII.   Senator Reports

·     Rodney:Dr. Vandenbushe talked about the bell on campus and how it is broken. We couldget a new bell, and restart that tradition if we would like.

·     Walker:Course evaluations until December, helps out everyone. Saturday at 1pm a railjam in CB for adaptive sports, 11-1 registration.

IX.       Committee Reports

·     Constitutioncommittee-check your emails, rescheduling

·     Treecommittee and beer garden committee meet after

·     RareAir Pie in the sky Wednesday nights

X.        Advisory Reports

·     Sarah-Helmancontacted Sarah about dr. vandenbushes concerns, and the email will be sent toeveryone. Next Friday 8am board of trustees December 9th NorthBallroom. Saturday dec. 10th celebration of the century dedicationto Taylor hall from 5-7pm.

·     Nick-Thisis an exciting program so put it out there for everyone. Tourism associationcame in for Gunnison to develop our name for a national basis.

·     Haleigh:trying to plan a spring retreat, can’t decide the weekend. Email Haleigh ifthere is a weekend you know you can’t attend.

·     Grace:I just wanted to remind you all of reasons you came to WSC or your resume.

·     Blake:Men’s and Women’s Basketball Friday night and Saturday 6pm double-header.Wrestling will be in Kansas. They are pushing for women’s swimming and diving,and Soccer, these are cost effective programs.

·     Travis:Everything will be wrapped up next week. Started out with 10 teams and nowthere are 7.

·     Hayden:men’s Hockey’s in Denver

·     Elijah:Comedian coming 7pm auditorium, free.

·     Noah:Avalanche 1 course next week, prepay. If you have any WP gear, get it inotherwise you will have to pay late fees.

·     Maddy:LEED is hiring two new LEED officers, people interested in Recycling.

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·     Nick:I want to know what people feel like what we can do?

·     Shelley:There has been some graffiti, printing ‘freedom’, if you hear anything letShelley know. STD clinic 3-6 this Thursday testing, which are on the rise, aninflux.

XIII.   Late Roll Call

·     Mark

·     Elijah

·     Maddy

·     Shayna

XIV.   Adjournment