November 2, 2011


Discussion Agenda for November 2nd,2011


I.            Roll Call

·     Alan

·     Elijah

·     Travis

·     Kayla

II.       Approval of Minutes

·     Motionto approve minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

·     Moveto add WSC running club bill-second

·     Motionto move items to discussion

IV.    Guest Speaker

V.      Action Items

·     AshleyOfria-Paper allocation request. Not here hopefully next week.

VI.      Discussion Items

·     EmilyVirzi-Sustainability Proposal-The environmental studies class the applied sustainabilityclass this year has come up with a purchasing plan to help support the plan. AnSGA endorsement. Grace has the plan herself. Essentially it covers how WSCchooses to purchase things such as lights interior and exterior and monitors forlonger-term things for three years. Saving water and for water conservation,toxins and pollutants, bio-based products, trying to eliminate stereo foam fromcampus, proper disposal of all technology, considering landscaping andpackaging. A letter of support was given to Haleigh. Any Questions?

o  Noah:Has SAC approved it?

§  They are in the process of approvingthis. By using a grant-writer process would add an educational experience tothe project.

§  Copies of the letter and plan will beemailed out to everyone and we can discuss that next week.

·     AvalancheAwareness Seminar Bill (Adam sponsor)-Matt Hamilton and a classmate are in 398class and they are sponsoring and planning an avalanche awareness class for thecommunity, brings a sense of accomplishment. It will help the entire Gunnisonvalley since Colorado has the unstable snow in the country. This will helpeducate citizens. Seeking out some sponsorship with some local companies.

o  Twoprominent speakers confirmed, from institutes of Avalanche studies, allproceeds go to mtn. rescue team. Contact a few other sponsors. The event is intwo weeks, and many no responses; a lot of money from sponsorship is going toadvertising.

§  Are you promoting that this is enoughto go out in the backcountry? This should not be the message.

§  Amanda says she will bring a slip fordiscount for courses, contacting Tom Murphy. Bring awareness to people to havean understanding that this is serious and they can’t just go out and dowhatever they want.

§  Bradly: How many incidents are there ina year from avalanches?

·     Upwardof 10 in Colorado alone

·     Atleast 18 in our area apparently

§  When is your event?

·     November17th Thursday 6-9pm. Pizza might draw some people from thecommunity.

§  Is this more for the community?

·     Mostlyfor college community, but opening it up to everyone. A lot of people from CBwill go to the class there. It will be largely college students, North andSouth Ballroom in College Center

§  Overemphasize hazards. Afraid of afalse sense of knowledge.

·     Thereare good guest speakers who are well educated in the industry. Kids will go outthere anyways, might as well give them some knowledge

§  Break into two rooms, south ballroom, andmain, break group into beginning and intermediate to curtail specifically toeach skill level.

§  You mentioned selling the pizza(student fees, campus events)

·     Noone brought that to our attention

§  Discuss this, and budget meeting nextweek, discuss and vote in our next meeting.

·     WSCRunning Club- (Rodney sponsor) Jordan and Will here, aka the militia, sent fourathletes to nationals last year, hopefully will send three runners and coach tonationals.

o  Youguys talked about sending the coach, this can’t be used.

§  Jordan is the coach, and regardless shewill be going. Since our club doesn’t have major funding, Jordan is avolunteer, and only one old enough to drive a rental car.

o  Areyou seeking other funding?

§  Vandenbushe has donated some moneydepending what they get from us. Running club isn’t totally popular amongstudent population.

·     Vandenbushemet with club sports today

o  Areyou a recognized club?

§  Yes.

o  Howdo you qualify?

§  There was supposed to be a regionalteam out in Denver. But there are only a couple teams, they canceled theregional race, so we get to go to nationals by default.

o  Votenext week.

VII.   Advisor Report

·     Tomorrowlast day to withdrawal with a ‘W’ by 5pm in registration. Sedexo starting tosell pizzas from Sedexo, call mad jacks and order for pick-up. Pay downstairsand pick up upstairs. Advertisement next week. Start Wednesday November 30th,price pizzas locally, going towards Mario’s pricing, $12.79 cheese, etc. Getmore information next week.

VIII.   Senator Reports

·     Erika-November14th PSA is going to host a freestyle battle, during the day therewill be a pie fundraiser. At the event, we will start with a pie-eating contestand sell pies as well. 6pm Ballroom

·     Sara-November4th 5pm Kenney Frost is coming in Quigley recital hall Uteperspective in 2012

·     Brad-Issuein Taylor with new sound stage, in limbo and no funding. Cost money to runstage. Looking into several options. Are constituents a good word to use? Maybea more inclusive word.

IX.       Committee Reports

·     Constitutioncommittee got a lot done last week, a couple weeks.

·     Newmarketing committee just established. Please join! SGA being marketed.

·     Nick-execwanted to continue to report; team-bonding night spoke with Corey last night,and backwards on college night. Two weeks from now discuss going directly fromhere to the community pool. Finish up reviews in the next week or so.

X.        Advisory Reports

·     Sarah-Board of Trustee’s met last week. Send out report. Started with faculty indiscussion and the Jay and then Sarah, said what we said in the meeting,students are indifferent, we are indifferent. Board of trustee had similaropinion, November 9th they will decide whether or not to moveforward. Discuss budget shortfall, we were budgeted 500K less than we thought.A similar picture across the state. The financial accountability plan and adjustmentsbecause of shortfall. Discuss more in January. There will not be a crazyincrease in tuition. They want to meet with students and have a betterrelationship with the board of trustees. Clarity brings power. Recreationcenter and field house is going over interior design and branding.

o  Yesthere will be an increase in tuition, but this is an at all higher-endinstitute.

o  Walker:prop 103 didn’t pass for higher education in Colorado

·     Nick-Lastnight at city council met for over three hours. Finished up budget last night,and interestingly, they bring counselors on campus to help recruit and citycouncil heavily contested it. Ended with funding it this year, and never do itagain. Important that we need retention and recruitment. Wanted us to discuss10K that are for internships for Western State College of Colorado students inthe city of Gunnison. They can get in with advertising, the school system, oraccounting, amazing opportunity for students. Lastly, the department of parksand wildlife are combined now and looking for a new regional headquarters,Montrose, Gunnison, or Durango. They decided not for here, because it is toocold etc. They are sending a rebuttal to have a national headquarters in ourcounty would be great for the school and community.

·     Grace-reiterateclub sports funding, and we then decided we didn’t have enough money, and theyalso got money they didn’t think they need the money. Total after sponsoringthe bills from last week, if we spent roughly half per semester we would have$815.

o  Summerstipends

§  Sarah approves it and president andboth VP’s and treasurer were allowed a stipend but Nick refused his.

o  Springsemester has more bills than fall semester

o  Constitutionby laws outlines rules for our lack of funding.

·     Meg-Wordhorde had a successful slam-day. Other high schools are starting slam poetrygroups. Tomorrow night Mocha’s 7:30. Shipwrecked pay-performing November 10thTaylor studio

·     Blake-Fridaywomen’s volleyball playing New Mexico highland. XC team in Denver for regionalchampionships. Western New Mexico Volleyball

·     Travis-Thingsare going great, dodge ball started last night. Registration closed early.Floor hockey starts next weekend, and seven teams signed up, up from last year

·     Hayden-women’shockey at Colorado College.

·     Aurora-Sexpositive hosting speed dating at 10pm in rare air after the film fest.

·     Noah-Thisweekend we have intermediate mountain biking trip in Fruita. Next weekend wehave our free ski and snowboard clinic, how to keep your equipment conditioned.Next week we have our film-fest, door opens at 6pm Wednesday. Dress up as achicken.

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·     Shelley-chocolatebehind Nick for everyone

·     Erika-Amigoshas a dance next Thursday 10:30-11:30 80’s theme in the ballroom. BUY TAMALES!YUM.

·     Sarah-Emailabout occupy Western campaign, they aren’t directing this movement in anyparticular way. Feel free to participate

·     Travis-Feelfree to join the ping-pong tournament.

XIII.   Late Roll Call

·     Elijah

·     Alan

·     Kayla

XIV.   Adjournment