November 16, 2011


Discussion Minutes for November 16th, 2011


   I.        Roll Call

 II.        Approval of Minutes

III.        Approval of Agenda

Motion toadd BSA bill under discussion

IV.        Guest Speaker

a.   Professor Vandenbusche-Enrollment: Thanksfor having me. I will give you some background, in May of 2011 in a letter tothe editor I commented on the recruitment and enrollment at WSC. Enrollment wasa bit peeved by this. And recently two letters were written about Westernsrecruitment, talking about the wrath of the administrators. I have done a tonto progress this school, and recruit for this school. When I talk aboutenrollment, it is something that I do fairly successfully. In my opinion, thisis a critical time is WSC’s history. Some facts: a great outdoor area, greatnational caliber programs, only search a rescue team. Vans from all over thenation studying biology, the rocky mountain gothic biological lab is worldrenown, small classed. Conservatively 1.5 million people visit the Gunnisonvalley. 342,000 skier days at CB. 174K skiers at monarch. We can’t get anadditional 500 students out of million visitors. We have a very minorrelationship with CBMR & Monarch, or with the national parks service. Administrationcan argue but they can argue that enrollment has been going down for the last7-8 years. I have gone through all weekly papers, an in 1969 2,970 students,1,000 more than today. There are more colleges, but the population is alsolarger. Every college and university is up, and is considerably up. Bestoutdoor location and better academic programs than other Colorado schools. Enrollmentand recruitment in the last 7-8 years has not worked. WSC needs a minimum of anadditional 500 students. With all these new buildings, fees have gone up, andthey will go up more. More students=fewer fees, and will help in recruiting.I’ve heard what we can’t do. I’m interested in what we can do. There are a lotof excuses. Some things I think we need to do better relationship withtourists, a much closer relationship with the north end of the valley, highpower people vacation in this area, doctors, lawyers etc. talented people. Geta group of people to help sponsor and place interns, donate money to college,give talks, and scholarships. There are multitalented people that want to helpWSC, where the money and talent is. Consider adding more sports. Adams added 5sports, and there was a spike in enrollment. All programs are picking moresports. We should be involved with skiing. Maybe adopting Men and Women’ssoccer team, which would lead to an immediate spike in enrollment.Administrators can recruit two students each year. WSC is much better known inNew Zealand than some US states. Faculty likes to bitch, and the worst party tobe at is at a faculty party. Involve the alumni office we have thousands ofalum around the nation. We need to approach them and tell them we have aproblem with enrollment at WSC. We need to get involved recruiting moreinternational students, more want to come. More international students wouldadd a cosmopolitan feel to WSC. We can learn from each other! When studentscome in at orientation is a slide show on WSC history to know traditions. Askstudents for suggestions. If every one of us got one student to WSC, we wouldhave a lot more students. Practical things: one-year student teachers foreducation program, we turn out better students. ½ a year might be enough. Morehard copies wouldn’t cost more money. Mountain DEWINS, acts for clubs. I wouldlike to see a plan from the administration, a master plan of recruiting.

 V.        Action Items

VI.        Discussion Items

a.   BSA Bill

                                             i.     Questions concerning bill: What will your event be?

1.   It’s like a two-part event, a communityart show, and a speaker. So a guest speaker and a community event.

                                            ii.     Will there be any interacting with class among the guest speaker?

1.   He requested an hour, and is coming theday before, we and can probably get him into classes, perhaps politics andbusiness given his background.

                                          iii.     Is this all you budget?

1.   The remaining of it. We did a bakesale, and helped freshman move in.

2.   Keep in mind this is a prestigiousevent that goes on at campus every year

                                          iv.     What will you do if not granted all 800?

1.   Fundraising with Dan Cress

                                           v.     What is the topic he will speak on?

1.   He is our age, and he is supposed to bea motivational speaker, saying controversial things in a positive way. He talksabout his experience as an African American going up in the city. He wants itto be a surprise.

2.   We are going to different departmentsto ask them about potential funding.

3.   We wrote a letter requesting fundingfrom different departments.

                                          vi.     How much of a priority is this?

1.   We have to pay the speaker fee and getcontracts signed, so it needs to happen sooner than later.

VII.        Advisor Report

a. Have agreat safe thanksgiving holiday!

VIII.        Senator Reports

a.   Erika: for the math bill, we got anadditional $200/person, and saved some money, that might be coming back to SGAfunds.

b.   Sarah: NASC is having their finalspeaker this Friday in Quigley auditorium, talking about Ute culture and achili dinner after

c.   Nicole: sign up for ultimate Frisbee,prizes!

d.   Adam: don’t for get your posters fromyour box!!!

e.   Rodney: Lots of feedback from studentson how great the adventure film fest is.

f.    Katie: Eric Kater from the honorsprogram just said thank you for bringing the speaker of the book.

g.   Walker: To get our image out we werethinking coffee with senators or with president, sit around Mad Jacks and drinkcoffee. A way to market.

IX.        Committee Reports

a.   Haleigh: Constitution committee wassupposed to meet…but now it is canceled. So a quick meeting after this meetingto find a better time.

b.   D’Andre: Food committee meeting today,and we will start our sales November 30th

c.   Brad: Marketing committee meet afterthis meeting downstairs

d.   Nick: Tree committee & Internship:meet after class.

                                             i.     We have been talking about WRAP’s role for 21+ students, andwe were thinking that this was an opportunity for Western to sponsor somethingfor 21 year old and up on campus. Any ideas? PC at springfest, or a beergarden. SGA could support and back this, and could be a positive thing tosponsor.

 X.        Advisory Reports

a.   Sarah: Occupy Wall Street here at WSC,there’s an occupy forum, Monday November 21st at 6pm. Boar of trusteesdec. 9th. We will send flowers to Alan and make him a card and passaround the following week.

b.   Nick: They are unveiling a new statueSaturday 10-5 in December, the mountaineer at Taylor. City council discussed CramerHill, in years past; we have had more involvement with it. Talk more on ourend, and history of Cranor Hill. Internship program are talking about findingthe need within the city, and the skills of students. City wants their ownprocess for finding and picking students.

c.   Meg: Shipwrecked the play Thur Fri Sat.5$, this is one of the best WSC performances you will see. Highly recommend7:30, in Studio Theatre. WRAP has tickets for $1 if you buy them tomorrow.

d.   Blake: Men’s at Air force, XC runningat nationals, wresting and basketball away. Monday men’s basketball team athome. Talk about sports being added, but unsure, women’s swimming and soccerteam.

e.   Travis: there’s 376 total, 279 malesand 97 females.

f.    Hayden: Men’s hockey home on Friday,probably at 5pm, but times are a changing’.

g.   Elijah: communion after thanksgiving. Don’tforget about the pool tournament, sign up tomorrow, and win a nice pool cue!And other fun giveaways

h.   Aurora: 11-1 flu shots for $10.

i.      Noah: Great turn out, ¼ of the student population, 700students. Planning on doing it next year. WP doesn’t have any events or tripsgoing on, except avalanche certification.

XI.        Special Topics

a.   Elijah: We need to look into whystudents are not coming, and we need to start some committees and get someideas rolling, to get enrollment up.

b.   Sarah: cleaning list in the office forlittle things, vacuuming and stuff.

XII.        Remarks for the Good of the Order

XIII.        Late Roll Call

XIV.        Adjournment