March 7, 2012




Action Meeting

March 7, 2012

      I.        Roll Call

    II.        Approval of Minutes

  III.        Approval of Agenda

  IV.        Guest Speaker

a.    EdKlein (8:15 pm):

    V.        Action Items

  VI.        Discussion Items

a.    FanBus Bill: Sponser Rodney, fan busses that went to Pueblo last week. We had themost fans present of any team.

                                              i.     We have $3250 in bill money

                                            ii.     The money was original taken from thereserve currency.

                                           iii.     Why did we not use our van?

1.    Wedid take 1 western van

2.    It’shard to reserve vans in such short notice to take 56 students

3.    Oneof the fees we pay as students in intercollegiate sports, and should have beencovered in student fees.

a.    Speakto that a little bit. Those fees are at all schools with NCAA, and sports areunder budget and the money from student fees is wrapped up tight.

4.    Whathappens if we keep winning?

a.    Ifwe get on the winning side of the ball, then we can plan for this in thefuture.

5.    Whatabout spending money for off-campus activities, this was a debate.

6.    Ifwe didn’t reimburse them, would they be less likely to do this event in thefuture?

a.    Ican’t necessarily answer to that.

7.    Athleticspicked up the cost of the home games as well, since it was not a free event tostudents under RMAC

b.    CCE:

c.    WP:

VII.        Advisor Report

a. Advising begins next week.

VIII.        Senator Reports


Erika:Amigos is hosting a black light dance tomorrow night at 9pm in the ballroom

Nicole:Movie night on Tuesday the 13th, “Last Samurai” 6:30pm

Walker: Optional fee for wind credits,petition to start by Friday.

 IX.        Committee Reports

·      ElectionCommittee needs to get together, start applications right after spring break,due April 6th voting the week of the 9th online,appointed positions April 20th and interviews the following and theweek before finals people will know their position.

·      21+event wants to open up ticket sales, anyone when you are doing office hours pleasesell tickets, check ID’s as you sell tickets.

    X.        Advisory Reports

·      Sarah:tomorrow at 7pm Philosophy Intersections in Taylor 228, March 16thnext board meeting

·      Nick:Faculty housing was discussed, and the only question for your constituents,when we have fields, we have to have lights on them at all times, do we needlights on the fields?

·      Haleigh:Keep the SGA office clean, please! The Tuesday before school starts we arelooking at ways to market and get students involved, since the event happensbefore school begins.

·      Grace:Great budget presentations. Remaining bill money is $3,252.73.

·      Meg:second week of play at 7:30 in Taylor theatre tomorrow, Friday and Saturday aswell.

·      Blake:Wrestling at Nationals Fri and Sat at 8am, T&F at nationals

·      Mark:Club fair next Friday the 16th in the college center 230-330

·      Travis:Volleyball started last night, and we know have over 600 players online andplayed the 1006th game last night.

·      Hayden:Skiier cross and border cross, hockey playing CU here on campus

·      Elijah:Last Friday we had to cancel our weekend event. We are trying to reschedule himfor the week after spring break.

·      Noah:Next week we have our lake powell trip

  XI.        Special Topics

XII.        Remarks for the Good of the Order

Erika-Clue is having a meeting tomorrow at 1 at MadJacks

Dinner at the Trough 6pm

XIII.         Late Roll Call

Karen Howe

XIV.        Adjournment