March 28, 2012


                          Student Government Association

Proposed Agenda

Discussion Meeting

March 28, 2012


Roll Call


    II.        Approval of Minutes

  III.        Approval of Agenda

  IV.        Unfinished Business

a.    AthleticBill: We decided to go with all day one charges, $1,205. Since we only have twomore discussion meetings, we thought they should receive the money.

                                              i.     I motion $1,205 for the athletic bill,if we do not allocate the remaining of the money, we will likely allocate theremaining bill money to the athletic bill. (12/12) Passes

    V.        Guest Speaker

  VI.        Action Items

VII.        Discussion Item

a.    KyleBrookes: Offsetting Energy Consumption on Campus-

                                              i.     I was speaking with some administrationabout us using nuclear energy

1.    Webuy our energy from the City of Gunnison, and they buy their energy fromNebraska, who has nuclear energy. We will buy percentages of wind credits tooffset our energy.

2.    Dowe have any information on what other schools admit?

a.    Boulderhas a similar credit, so it is hard to tell, their fee is $17/student. Not offthe top of my head on other schools emissions.

3.    Youmentioned that you wanted to buy solar panels after three years, why not justsave the money and buy more panels in three years?

a.    Wewant to reduce emissions immediately to reach the 2020 climate goal.  It will be hard to know exactly howmany students will pay the fee, we would rather do something than nothing withthe money to have an effect now, and students can see them immediately.

4.    Saythe fee goes through and all students pay for it, that is almost $31,000/semester.

a.    Thewhole idea of waiting three years is that the cost of solar panels is dropping.Many other schools that have solar panels had outside sources funding theseprojects. After three years, we should have enough money to buy solar panels. Rightnow, the cost of solar panels is very high.

5.    Aregrants securable after we instate this fund?

a.    Yes.Depending on other student’s interests. The cost to buy credits is so low andthe cost of a solar panel is very low.

6.    Whatis preventing students from buying these credits directly from the city ofGunnison. The fitness center fee is paid by 75% and only 25% use the fitness center.

a.    Thecollege doesn’t have a program for that. The way it has been done in the pastis we have had to set up a contract with the city of Gunnison. On an individuallevel we won’t have as big of an effect as if we bought they as a group.

7.    Youmentioned the cost of solar panels, what is the depreciation rate and the costfor repair?

a.    Thelife-span is about 30 years, and the repair costs are high.

8.    Infuture years, what’s going to be implemented for future students to getinvolved with this project.

a.    Appliedenvironmental studies class is a great opportunity for students to implementchange in their community. Students are adamant about getting solar panels, andthat’s why we are trying to get fund on lock down before we ask again. We tryto make sure the baton continues to be passed, this is a long term goal.

9.    Itis my understanding that this was on campus three years ago and ended. Is thissomething the city already pays for?

a.    Weare buying additional contracts, since the city has made their own commitment, andhave a green purchasing plan through the city. The amount of credits that wewould be buying each year would fluctuate each year.

10.  Do you have a plan after the 30 yearsand would the fee continue to offset energy after the three years?

a.    Itis not up to me to decide, it will be up to administration, we will offsetenergy for a short amount of time until we can buy panels.

11.  Say it does pass, but people opt outand there is not enough money for the contract then what would you do?

a.    Wewould save the money and try to jump on solar panels as soon as possible.

12.  We will motion to vote on this but itwill be motioning to OK it on the ballot, voting to let the students vote.

a.    AllSGA vote (17/26) t will go to the board and into special election.

VIII.        Advisor Report

Res Life is hosting Pinnacles tours and if you areinterested sign up in res life March 29, April 3,4,5 at 5pm

 IX.        Senator Reports

Nicole: Luau Thursdaythe 5th

Adam: please get thepaper out of your boxes the paper is full.

Rodney: if you wantto tour the pinnacles and the time does not work, email me. Provide incomingclass with t-shirts to start traditions, wear it throughout the years. Gaugesupport for a free freshman tshirt.

   X.        Committee Reports

Constitution committee we need to finally meet

21+ went fantastic, we met today again as a committee to seewhere we wanted to go from here. Field Day Bonanza Friday before finals April 27th.Something for students, to have fun before finals.

Election committee, I made door hangers for applications.

Pro-cyclingchallenge, They want to paint the roads and the water towers and hanging flagsfrom buildings. We also want to get kids on campus the week of the race.


 XI.        Advisory Reports

Sarah board of trustees pass Western StateColorado University to go through to legislation. Celebration of Scholarship isApril 19th. Application for elected officials are due no later than430 on April 6th and a mandatory meeting that night April 20thapplications for appointed will be due.

Nick: The statesrevenue forecast for funding is getting much better so we are not expecting thesame cuts. Partners new facility is next to the oldest building in Gunnison,and received money to restore the building. The farmers market has opportunity forinternships if you would like to email

Grace: We have $2047 in bill and $1974 in internal

Meg:A comedy group will be formally funded next year, and videos are posted on theweb.

Travis: Flag football is coming up, andfour on four is still in the same spot. April 3rd it will begin. Trivianight next Wednesday 7pm at the wine bar.

Hayden: Lacrosse 330 Friday atmountaineer bowl, Saturday 330 vs Utah in the bowl, Sunday 2pm against Regis Baseballis home for CC at Gunnison HS on Sunday at 10 am, rugby gateway field 10 am.

Elijah: A great turn out at the hypnotist.Comedian coming next week Wednesday April 4th in the recital hall inQuigley.

Noah: This weekend we have rockclimbing skills clinic and learn how to tune-up your bike.  Tomorrow night at 6pm Red Bull PaperWings challenge will be here.

Karen: This is the last week ofcycle-mania, be sure to recycle! Art contest for any one who would like tosubmit, it is recycled art. There will be great prizes! The art will bedisplayed at spring fest where we will announce the winners and hand out prizes.Submit online or there will be a submission form in the LEED office, due April8th.

XII.        Special Topics

XIII.        Remarks for the Good of the Order

Next week we will talk about the future budget. Emailtomorrow.

Senators, remember posters are below your name.

XIV.         Late Roll Call


XV.        Adjournment