March 14, 2012


Action Meeting

March 14, 2012

      I.        Roll Call

    II.        Approval of Minutes

  III.        Approval of Agenda

  IV.        Guest Speaker

a. Sandy Marks: Board of Trustees- I know you all areworking on your budget tonight, I want you all to see what Brad Bacca putstogether for us each month. Western State College of Colorado has beenstruggling a little bit with money, and it is not the best governing system,and it is political. One of the problems that we have is that two of us on theboard from Gunnison, and only one of us have a political background. Those on astate board cannot gather in more than groups of two unless it is social, tokeep political tactics going on. It prevents us from getting to know eachother,and some board members to get to know Western State College of Colorado. Wemeet seven times a year, and we are not paid. Ever since the ski team was cut,it has been very difficult, and there have been quite a few criticisms. The skiteam was about $230,000, and it wasn’t making enough money. We want moremarketing. There is a lot to think about when making these decisions.

I believethere is a disconnect between the board and the students. We believe yourperspective is very valuable, and seven of them don’t even live in the Valley.

You’re right, there is a disconnect, and thecommunity has been struggling, and the Gunnison Valley has a say in somedecision-making. I believe that the second year live on requirement will begreat for retention, and I don’t believe it will help real-estate. I don’t specificallywant a name change, but I believe it will happen and will carry through latelegislation. I understand the reasoning, but I am not ashamed of the name wehave here. I want to see Western State College of Colorado get a good marketingcampaign going. I appreciate coming here tonight, and wish we could have ajoint meeting sometime in the year and the other board member would love tospeak with you all and get to know you.

b.  KyleBrookens: Climate Committee Goal: I am here to talk about a new optional feefor students, call it the renewable energy fund. It will be about $15/semesterand to buy from the City of Gunnison from Nebraska municipal. The $15 fee is ahigher estimate. The City of Gunnison already offsets about 8%.  It could potentially be a 28% decreasein carbon emmissions, and help us meet the climate committee goal. We don’tjust want this to be student fees sending money to Nebraska from Gunnison. Inthree years we will reevaluate and see if we can buy wind energy for campus orsolar. It could potentially help with marketing to bring students in. Whenhaving people sign this petition many underclassmen were excited about it, andthere were a lot of good responses and only a few people on the fence.

-When are you tryingto get this in effect?

-As soon as possible

-Energy credits arecheaper so we are thinking that it’s a better option

    V.        Action Items

 VI.        Discussion Items

a. The Club of Submission: My name isNick Horton, and I am trying to start a new athletic club on campus, and it isa grappling club, it is martial arts, and there is not hitting involved. Thelocal gym is allowing us to rent the mat and a lot of people that would like todo it, but we need funding. The ICC has 40 clubs, and very little money, wecould do membership dues. How many members do you perceive you’d have?

-About20 people.

-Youjust want to be recognized a club?

-Yes,but funding would be great.

b. PC Budget Presentation: The amountwe get from SGA $86,479, which is almost double of what we had last year. Weasked for an increase in student fees and it passed. Professional contracts arethe most to get performers to come to campus, a show of this size.

VII.        Advisor Report

a. Have a safe and restful spring break!

VIII.        Senator Reports

Kayla:Deadlines to order cap and gown is tomorrow for $36

  IX.        Committee Reports

21+ event is tonight, we decided that we are leaving it at$3 to get students in.

   X.        Advisory Reports

a. If you want to speak atcommencement, Board of Trustees in Aspinal Wilson Center, Colorado WesternState University or Western State University of Colorado, Applications due byapril 6th

b. Cattleman’s day is the number oneday of fundraiser for breast cancer in the country.

c. Blake Track and Field at TucsonArizona.

d. Hypnotist on the 27th ofMarch

 XI.        Special Topics

XII.        Remarks for the Good of the Order

Have a great Spring break

Today I spent a while cleaning the office. Please cleanafter yourself.  

XIII.         Late Roll Call

XIV.        Adjournment