January 18, 2012


Discussion Meeting

January 18, 2012


   I.        Roll Call

  II.        Approval of Minutes

III.        Approval of Agenda

a.    Move tochange tonight’s meeting to a discussion meeting

b.    Move toadd the national association

c.    ChemistryClub Conference bill

IV.        Guest Speaker

a.    Gary Pierson-Second Year Live On: As anadministration we have talked about the second year live on for a while. As aninstitution we need to look to do things differently. We have been around59-60% for a few years. For the fall 2012 we have 4 initiatives we areunveiling, an extended orientation program (one orientation with all studentsengage students within the college community), first year experience class (90%of campuses do a first year experience, semester long class 1 cr.), exploratorymajor program (academic resource center, explore what they like to do, programstowards undeclared majors), living learning halls (group students by majors), secondyear live on (wont impact anyone currently on campus, restructuring pricing tomake it competitive with off campus). Our true intent is to make sure studentsstay, have better personal relationship, and interacts with faculty more.Students love to come for the location, but some get culture shock and are morelikely to leave. We will also have a sophomore year experience.

                                            i.     Students will be grouped into majors.

1.    We will work with students to accommodatethem.

                                          ii.     What are the first and second year experiences like?

1.    We are still working out the details.Some community service hours, sixteen-week course, and 15 or 16 contacts hours,some through extended orientation.  It will be around getting students oriented with the Gunnisonareas as well as get acquainted with college.

                                         iii.     Athletics could be a part of orientation.

                                         iv.     It is a culture shift. There have been some game changers,such as WRAP.  

                                          v.     Have there been any negative effects with freshman?

1.    Not really, new students won’t know thedifference. We know the cost of housing is the number one issue. Noquantitative data to back it up, but I have seen a lot of students leaveWestern. Most students who leave haven’t got away from campus. Studentengagement is part of our central plan.

                                         vi.     How will second year live on work for transfer students?

1.    We have not decided, people will beable to petition to live off campus; there will be academic policy dependant oncredits, home and other variables. We will have to create the policy.

                                       vii.      Service aspectis great component to the new plans.

  V.        Action Items

VI.        Discussion Items

a.     (NAfME):National Association for Musical Educators, there is a national conferenceoccurring in March, we want to send some juniors and seniors. Requesting $789for registration, lodging will be paid for, and the club is taking care oftransportation and food.

                                            i.     Cannot fund the faculty member, how doyou choose to fund that?

1.    We willeither meet the costs or we will speak with them. We will take a faculty memberwith us.

                                          ii.     Have you done any fundraising?

1.    Sendingletters to people we know, rock band tournament

                                         iii.     Why should the college fund this trip?

1.    Musiceducation majors, and no other Colorado colleges are going, a great opportunityto represent Colorado on a national level.

                                         iv.     You said juniors and seniors are going.

1.    4 juniorsand 2 seniors

                                          v.     Will you be able to elaborate when youget back?

1.    Ofcourse, there will be handouts we can bring back

b.    ChemistryClub Bill sponsored by Walker: Will you not rent a school vehicle?

                                            i.     It is cheaper to use a van from Hertzthan to rent the school.

                                          ii.     You said waffles weekly?

1.    Wednesdayfrom 745-9am Hurst Hall, 2 waffles and a coffee are each a dollar

2.    We willnot be exhausting our budget

                                         iii.     When we come back we plan to puttogether a poster of the most enlightening things, at celebration ofscholarship, we brought the schedule for undergraduate, mostly on how toimprove the chemistry chapter. 4 students going to the conference will also becoming back.


VII.        Advisor Report

a. Looking forward to the retreat!

VIII.        Senator Reports

Adam Nickerson: Anyone who wrote a bill last semester,please follow up next week

Erika Espinoza: Thank you for approving the MLK bill, thefew comments I heard it went very well, half of auditorium filled up forgetting advertising a week before.

I was asked to be thestudent representative for the joint budget committee, it was less intimidatingthan I expected. It was a sales pitch for the school, what you like and didn’tlike and the experience they had at Western State College of Colorado.

Rodney Moyer: Got a tour of the new students apartments,they are willing to take all of SGA on a tour. We will send an email out.

Walker Tatum: There is a feud between the name change between Jay Helmanand another person. They were worried about the concrete work and the safety ofthe cement lying on the local Grand Junction newspaper.

IX.        Committee Reports

a. Constitution committee meeting afterSGA meeting

  X.        Advisory Reports

Sarah Newberry:There will be a climbing wall in the new indoor field house. Finalizing a namesoon.

Haleigh Hanifen: Theretreat is this weekend. Only school family and sports are legitimate excuses.Who needs a sleeping bag? (5) Sleeping pads? (5) Dinner will be ready at 6.Meeting at 5pm at the college center. What do we want for breakfast?

Nick Edwards -VPExternal Affairs: CBMR wants to build two new lifts as an institutional plans. 21+-committeepresentation is doing well.

Grace Eggleston – $5,000is in the bill budget.  

Blake Krenke –Trackis going to Wyoming

Elijah Redding – Clubfair in college center

Meg Intense – CCE

Mark Schichtel - InterclubCouncil

Travis Elliott - IntramuralDirector

Hayden Kinnear – Women’shockey plays at 430

Noah Metz  : Intermediate ice climbing in Ouray

Maddie Rehn : I am stepping down as sustainabilitycoordinator, and Karen Howe will be taking my place.

XI.        Special Topics

XII.        Remarks for the Good of the Order

XIII.        Late Roll Call

XIV.        Adjournment