January 11, 2012


Discussion Agenda for January 11th,2012


I.            Roll Call

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.    Guest Speaker

V.      Action Items

·      Urban Gaming Club Approval Request: Puton human vs. zombies, between 30-50 students participate. They want to form aclub since they want to continue this program. Invite schools on campus200-250. May hold a zombie 5k. Trying to do a lot of urban games on campus.Most of the stuff is outside, any time of the year, any time of the day.

o  Motionto approve gaming club (Rodney)

§  Senators in favor vs. opposed (13/13)

VI.      Discussion Items

VII.   Advisor Report

·     TheLEED office is doing a leadership training this spring 6 sessions. The cabinethas approved a second year live on in the residence halls for retention, andalso added a first year experience, and a 5 day orientation before schoolstarts, one session rather than 4. Post WRAP events on bulletin boards. Secondyear live on will be required for incoming freshman for Fall 2012. They arelowering housing costs to make it more competitive. They have been talkingabout allowing pets in the residence halls.  

VIII.   Senator Reports

·     Adam:I put second year live in on Facebook and prospective students said they wouldreconsider.

·     Erika:On Tuesday next week MLK celebration at 7pm in Taylor Auditorium, speakercoming.

·     Rodney:Students I spoke to about the live in requirement has not been positive. 

·     Walker:Take the name change survey on the website closes January 20th.

IX.       Committee Reports

X.        Advisory Reports

  • ·     Sarah:I wrote minutes from the last board of trustees meeting, discussed addingsoccer and swimming programs. There are a lot of costs for NCAA skiing butthere are many students involved with the club and the costs are lower.
  • ·     Nick:City Council reapproved to host the pro cycle challenge we are third stage,through Durango, telluride, etc. Internship program took the deadline away andreceived 6 or 7 application. There is now a rolling deadline for the program. CBis struggling with snow, and can make new snow and they will remain open. Morepeople are spending and fewer people are skiing.
  • ·     Haleigh:Office hour sign up sheet. Retreat next Friday the 20th, send anemail, no vans to get to the community school. Friday the 20th toSaturday 5:30PM- 12:00PM.
  • ·     Erika:Minutes updated on webpage
  • ·     Grace:$5,700 in bill money. Academic Peer Advisors are putting on workshops all aboutmajors for undecided students in residence halls.
  • ·     Blake:Mens and womens basketball 6 and 8 here Friday. Hickenlooper is coming to themen’s basketball game to honor the cross-country team for winning a nationaltitle.
  • ·     Travis:intramural volleyball, and flag football
  • ·     Hayden:Women’s Hockey in South Dakota
  • ·     Elijah:February 7th Mayhem poets combine hiphop and poetry. Springfestworking on getting a headliner and coming up with a list of secondary bands.
  • ·     Noah:Two trips going out
  • ·     Maddie:New sustainability coordinators, Conner and Karen.

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

  • ·     Sarah:Be respectful: a lot of side conversation.
  • ·     Alan:wonderful to see every on again! (I agree!)

XIII.   Late Roll Call

XIV.   Adjournment