February 8, 2012


Action Meeting

February 8, 2012


Roll Call

Sarah Newberry

Meg Ansteensen

Erika Espinoza

Alan Hale

Nicole Real

    II.        Approval of Minutes

  III.        Approval of Agenda

  IV.        Guest Speaker

    V.        Action Items

a.      Adaptive Education Speaker Bill, we allocate the full amount,on the stipulation if any funds are unused they would be returned to SGA(13/13)

b.     Budget: We have another shortfall, andwe will suffer that through the excess reserve budget.  Voting on allocating the shortfall fromthe reserve (19/22) Passes.

  VI.        Discussion Items

VII.        Advisor Report

Be aware that on Monday there is a questionnaire aboutsedexo. Yoga in the butte this weekend. Next Wednesday and Tuesday at 7pm NorthBallrom, 16th , South Ballroom Resident assistant info session.

VIII.        Senator Reports

KatieRoos: Valentines day in the ballroom 630-830 free babysitting for make a wishfoundation






WalkerTatum: February27th cap and gown graduation announcements in the college center.Triathlon club MWF 6:30 at pool T/TH running practice, they are also onfacebook! The aquatics manager wanted to tell SGA the search for the newswimming/diving coach is going well, down to three candidates.

 IX.        Committee Reports

21+ committee: We got a lot accomplishes, spoke with Sodexhoand moving forward with a Liquor License, Karaoke type of thing, WednesdayMarch 14th, low key, 21+, music relaxed environment.

Academic policies: met this week FYE, how it will changeadvising. No one was in favor of releasing the ARC code, for advisees to speakwith advisors before they can register.  

   X.        Advisory Reports

SarahNewberry – President: In Denver forboard of trustees meeting.

HaleighHanifen-VP Internal Affairs: Women’srugby is selling gorilla grams. $3 on campus $5 off campus.

NickEdwards -VP External Affairs: until1969 everything in Gunnison, all roads we dirt.

GraceEggleston - Treasurer: Tonight is speeddating. Please come in one hour, snacks $1. Chocolate tasting is postoned untilFeb. 28 Tuesday 7pm. Subcommittee budget presentations will start next week.

BlakeKrenke -Athletic Ambassador: WomensBasketball is on a run and they will host a home playoff if they win theremaining games. Race in Seattle, WA. Pink game this weekend for women’sbasketball

TravisElliott - Intramural  Director: Started indoor soccer lastnight, 16 teams signed up. Process of wrapping up basketball. Innertube waterpolo registration closes Sunday.

HaydenKinnear - Club Sports Ambassador: Skiercross in Winter Park, Women’s hockey in Lafayette.

Elijah Redding - Program Council Director: Winterfest in acouple weeks feb. 17th, rail jam, chilli contest. Pool party feb 21st,music, games.

AuroraLindholm - Student Affairs: Trying to starta coffee tea health and wellness table at the library.

NoahMetz  - Wilderness Pursuits: Cross country skiing trip and hot springs and huttrip. Awesome ice climbing trip to Ouray.

KarenHowe - Sustainability Coordinator:This Saturday there will be a half time show with a $50 gift prize and trivia. Tossingout electrical plugs.

 XI.        Special Topics

XII.        Remarks for the Good of the Order

-Carnival is next week it is $5 over 21+ and $7 for under,Friday the 17th.

-Can we start something for no smoking on campus committee,speak with Paul Morgan

XIII.        Late Roll Call

Sarah Newberry

Meg Ansteensen

Erika Espinoza

Alan Hale

Nicole Real

XIV.        Adjournment