February 29, 2012


      I.        Roll Call

a.    GraceEggleston, Walker Tatum, Erika White, Erika Espinoza

    II.        Approval of Minutes

a.    Motion:D’Andre

  III.        Approval of Agenda

a.    Motion:Chase

b.    Second:Rodney

  IV.        Guest Speaker

    V.        Action Items

a.    SelfDefense Bill

                                              i.     Motion to allocate $0

                                            ii.     Motion passes, $0 will be allocated

b.    Women’sIce Hockey Bill

                                              i.     ACHA is an NCAA sponsored leaguecorrect?

1.    No

2.    Rules/structureevery similar to NCAA

                                            ii.     Motion to cover $600 for game ice time:Alan

                                           iii.     Second: Rodney

                                           iv.     Passes (8/11)

c.    21+Bill

                                              i.     Concerns that this maybe double dippinginto SGA funds

1.    Fundsrequesting will be used to cover the cost of Tyler Hansen

                                            ii.     Any beer on top of first extra?

1.    Yes

                                           iii.     Motion to allocate full amount ($445)

                                           iv.     Second:

                                            v.     Passes


 VI.        Discussion Items

a.    ICC

                                              i.     Cap on clubs

1.    Thoughthas come across but is it fair to students?

                                            ii.     Increase in fee’s?.

1.    Budgetahead of dipping into reserve each year

                                           iii.     Shayna: Extra fee? Dues

                                           iv.     Alan: Combine Alpine and Nordic?

                                            v.     Elijah: Diff  btw Urban gaming and paintball

b.    ClubSports

VII.        Advisor Report

a.    Selfdefense workshop 3/3 Ballroom

b.    EtiquetteDinner 3/15 5:30-7:30 Ballroom

c.    Careerfair 3/16 10:30-2:30

VIII.        Senator Reports:

a.    Adam:Thanks Nick for typing up stuff

b.    Rodney:Free pool table in Mears lobby, HEAVY, Call me. Pricing for the Pinnacles;single $5,000 full academic yr, full furnish. Chipeta pricing has been loweredto competitive rates; $6,250 for single

c.    D:Red out at game. First time playoffs in history.

  IX.        Committee Reports

a.    ConstitutionMonday 3/5 7pm

b.    21+pre-sale tickets $3 at door $5. Event will be 3/14

    X.        Advisory Reports

a.    Nick:had  tough bills and lots ofquestions asked, sentators did an excellent job keep it up

b.    H:7:30 next Wednesdays meeting. 3/12 5ish trough gathering

c.    M:Tomorrow opening ‘how I learned to drive’ $5 at door 7pm in taylor. Comedicversion of a story about a girl being molested. WRAP offce $1 tivckets

d.    B;Track and Field 3rd con. 8 and 8 to nationals. Wrestling 3 to nationals.2 wks  Mens lost at mines, womenwon 66-57. Great fan base. First time 25 years hosted home playoff game. RMACcover first 100, athletics will cover remander of tickets

e.    T:College night at rec. pool. Hosting ping pong tourn 3/12. Volleyball starts nextweek

f.     Hayden:Nordic at UCSC nations manie, LAX vs du. Mens and womens rugby

g.    E:March pool party, no pizza. Tomorrow nigght 

h.    Noah:next week moonlight snowshoe in millcreek- $10


 XI.        Special Topics

XII.        Remarks for the Good of the Order

a.    Traviswas accepted into KU grad. School

b.    $3,247remain in bill

XIII.         Late Roll Call

a.    Chase,Grace, Erika,

XIV.        Adjournment