February 22, 2012


Discussion Meeting

February 22, 2012

      I.        Roll Call

Alan (tardy)

    II.        Approval of Minutes

  III.        Approval of Agenda

  IV.        Guest Speaker

a.    LeonardSilence: The state sends an inflation rate that they can apply to all fees, upto that percentage. 

    V.        Action Items

  VI.        Discussion Items

a.    SafetyClass Bill: There are several self-defense classes going on in the community. Theywill not cover the conceal weapon classes. Last year, the pepper spray classwas $44, which was a bit; we think if we lower the cost more people willattend.

                                              i.     What would you do if you cannot getfunds from SGA?

1.    Wewould try to get funds from other places, but if we cannot raise these feesthan we will need to keep the cost at the original price.

2.    Wewill have a pool tournament the week before to help raise funds, we currentlyhave less than $1,000. This is more for the students than it is for the club,the classes are for the students.

b.    Women’sIce Hockey Bill: We have been doing what we can to raise funds and coming fromlast year we had a not as sustainable plan

                                              i.     How far in the hole is the hockey teamnow?

1.    Iam trying to figure that out now, about $3400, we think. We just got a donationfrom Gentle Dental. The hardest, most epensive part is having home games, if wehave more home games we can generate more revenue.

                                            ii.     Do you have dues?

1.    $200,and they will be raised.

                                           iii.     Will you cut back on the longerdistance games?

1.    Notpossible with the league, the closest team is south Dakota. Some schools arelooking to add teams, which may help.

                                           iv.     What will you do if you don’t get allfunding from SGA?

1.    Donersin town, wherever we can find funds. If we cannot pay it all, we will have todivide the funding shortage by 12 people. We will try to exhaust other revenuesfirst.

2.    Whatare dues in other sports?

a.    Theleast for almost all sports, range from $250-350.

b.    Thecity allows WSC ice time for $250/ game. We have to pay for officials andpolice, because of the history.

c.    Wecharged for the last one at the door, and we will for CU. We want to getstudents to our game for support.

3.    Haveall members paid their dues this year?

a.    Twohave not.

4.    Itseems like you all are thinking long run, and getting into the NCAA

a.    Theleague we are in is similar to NCAA, but we don’t see that happening, sincethere are no women hockey teams on this side of Minnesota. Not in the nearfuture.

c.    21+Bill: Is safe ride going to be there when it’s over?

                                              i.     Yes, we are trying to set up thetiming.

d.    Ourevent won’t be ending when the demand is high, so hopefully they will bereadily available

e.    Howmuch for students?

                                              i.     Presale for $3 for your first drink andsafe ride, and $5, $3 for drinks and $2 for SafeRide at the door

                                            ii.     We are thinking small pony kegs of goodbeer.

                                           iii.     The amount of alcohol we buy will bebased on presale tickets, to cover our bases. We don’t want an event with morethan 50 people

                                           iv.     The money that is collected with thesale of alcohol will be returned to SGA.

f.     IntramuralsPresentation: Why did you use parks and rec. pool than WSC? Cheaper forlifeguards and they had the equipment.

                                              i.      I don’t understand work-study.

                                            ii.     Certain students qualify for work-study,every dollar a student makes the college contributes 25% of their salary and75% comes from fed funding. It is incentive to put investment back into thestudent. Only two employees are not on work-study. When we started toaccumulate a reserve fund, Leonard asked us to use all of the funds for theyear since students pay that fee money, so it should be spent on them.

                                           iii.     Are there areas in your budget thatcould take cuts?

1.    Probablystudent salaries, since students run out of work-study quickly, and maybe thereis a better balance between distributing hours among the semester for thesestudents.

                                           iv.     Was this allocation budget for thisyear?

1.    Whywould you allocate $0 to the advisor if you chose last year to pay them.

g.    StudentAffairs Presentation: Does CLUE still exist

                                              i.     Yes. They just are not super active oncampus.

                                            ii.     What does CLUE do? Caring Leaders whounderstand and educate

                                           iii.     Who is your adviser? Shelley has kindof stepped into that role.

VII.        Advisor Report

Thank you for letting me (Gary Pierson) be here tonight forShelley. I do miss this and it’s fun to see how you all function as a group. Wehave a candidate for the new academic affairs search committee, and looking topartnering with CBMR for their Festevol, with some good bands, and it’s the startfor Spring Break and they will sell WSC tickets for $20 for both days.

VIII.        Senator Reports

Erika: Trying to do some new events this semester for BSA. Aowner of a clothing label and record label wanted rap concert to come and havea music event. Tickets are $12 and we would get a portion of that for acharity. Potentially at the end of March.

Rodney:  We havenot done anything for the victims of the house fire a couple of years ago. Tohonor the students involved.

There’s a memorial bench that we could putplaques on the bench.

Sarah:a movie at 630 New World by NASC

Walker:Around this time we get a lot of clubs coming in asking for enormous amounts ofmoney,

I was thinking we could have amandatory amount of dues for each club team. 25% (as an example) of the totalbudget needed to be collected from club dues.

Wecould propose a fee change if we need to be allocating more money to the clubteams.

 IX.        Committee Reports

PR committee: We have a new SGA slogan: “$3,000 of yourmoney, have a say in it.”

Academic policies met this week to talk about FYE. How couldwe get freshman and upperclassmen on campus the day before courses begin? Maybea big free WP trip.

   X.        Advisory Reports

Sarah- I will present the name changestuff next week. Teddy Joyce emailed us to let us know about the Facebook page.

Nick-Recyclemania is a cool program oncampus, and it is a national thing. TIPS training on Friday at 3pm, contactNick. Skate park is gaining a lot of support, and presented at city council,they are confident they will get a grant. The Colorado Lottery 250K. They willchange the size of the softball field to accommodate the new skate park.

Grace: Next week club sports and ICC. Internalat $2153 bill at $4297 rollover $8893. Posters in the box for the chocolatetasting next Tuesday February 28th, FREE CHOCOLATE!

Meg: Next Thursday 7pm Taylor studio $5Fri, Sat, sun Play.

Blake: Wrestling RMAC champions, basketballFort Lewis Friday night, Girls playing Adams.

Mark: Club Fair Friday 245-315

Elijah: Hypnotist coming 7pm March 1st,the show is rated R bring parents if you are under 17. Springfest Eve 6 isheadlining.

Noah: Intemediate backcountry skiing inCB next weekend beginner backcountry skier

Karen: Several grants going through,$500 dollars for events

Travis: open pool

Hayden: Hockey 530pm last game Friday

 XI.        Special Topics

XII.        Remarks for the Good of the Order

Elijah: raise your hand if you have something to say

XIII.         Late Roll Call

XIV.        Adjournment