February 1, 2012



Discussion Meeting

February 1, 2012


Roll Call

    II.        Approval of Minutes

  III.        Approval of Agenda

  IV.        Guest Speaker

a.    PetePeacock: I’m here to talk about the Gunnison skate park project. We are tryingto expand the current skate park and add 12,000 square feet, which is aretention tool for WSC. I want to see how we can get SGA involved to tie WesternState College of Colorado to the project. We have applied for several grants,and we have more momentum now. We have raised thousands of dollars but we needmore.

                                              i.     Have you utilized the Tony Hawk foundation?

1.    We havean existing facility under this grant, and emailed Tony directly. I would lovea vertical ramp.

                                            ii.     Is there any way we can design it for year round use(snowboards and ski)?

1.    That’s abit ambitious, eventually it would be nice to see an indoor facility.

                                           iii.     What would be the total cost?

1.    About350,000, we are just shy of 300K.

                                           iv.     What kind of time frame are considering?

1.    We areworking for next year, starting to build this summer.

                                            v.     We want to get a real student initiative, and there arestudents very excited, fundraiser and a video premiere, any additional insightis helpful. It will be BMX friendly.

b.    EnidHolden: The artist of all of the paintings around here. The art is from SouthAfrican artists. The show is put together by the Embassy of the Millennium.

    V.        Action Items

a.     Triathlon Club: I got the idea to starta triathlon club at WSC recently, and several people are already training.There’s a lot of interest on campus, 10 kids are already members, and they areexcited about it! They are swimming and doing spin classes. A professionalcoach is interested in helping out, Jenny Smith. We want to bring her on as apaid coach, and we have found some triathlons that we will be attending, bothindoor and outdoors.  ManyUniversities in Colorado have a triathlon clubs. We would love to get sponsorsin town.

                                              i.     Will you be doing an XTERRA event?

1.    There’sa lot of stuff.

                                            ii.     Are you training now?

1.    Weneed to find a good time for everyone to run, but otherwise we are training.

                                           iii.     Vote for senators verifying thetriathlon club (11/11) PASSES!

  VI.        Discussion Items

a.     Adaptive Education Speaker Bill:

                                             i.     What day would the speaker come?

1.     Hopefully sometime this spring

                                           ii.     Could you get funding from otherdepartments?

1.     Yes, we will have to figure out thebest departments to go to.

VII.        Advisor Report

·      Whenwe talked about the living learning communities, we wanted to talk more aboutit. It is more within discipline than major. Any more questions, please ask andwe could have a speaker come in. The Alley Loop is this Saturday in crestedbutte, a Nordic race in the alley’s, 10am-1pm. Monday from 10a-2p study abroadfair. The last day for disenrollment with a 50% refund is next week. Sign upfor Rave, getrave.com, for text message notifications for news on campus.

VIII.        Senator Reports

AdamNickerson: We decided we would take care of the bylaws internally for fundingconferences.

ErikaEspinoza: Nebraska Math Conference this weekend, it was good and long. Ameeting with Kim for reimbursements.

KatieRoos: Violent crimes have occurred for some people on campus, particularly menrunning into apartments and violently attacking people. Watch out, and we areworking on Safe Walk on campus. Call security if you have to cross campus past8pm (970)-209-1020.

NicoleReal: Sushi Night February 8th, just come to MCC

RodneyMoyer: Went to the foundation board meeting, they talked about the ski team andthe free ride ski team taking their place.

D’Andre:Email about the shadow by Friday if you are interested.

 IX.        Committee Reports

   X.        Advisory Reports

SarahNewberry – President: Next Friday Feb.10th is the board of trustees meeting in Denver. The name changewill be on the agenda. If you’re interested in giving a report email Sarah.

HaleighHanifen-VP Internal Affairs: New officehour sign in.

NickEdwards -VP External Affairs: No citycouncil last night, 21+ committee is thinking March 13th or 14thfor responsible alcohol behavior (TIPS training). 

ErikaWhite - Secretary: Math Lab meet andgreet Thursday 3:30pm-5:00pm.

GraceEggleston - Treasurer: The chocolatetasting, free is 7pm Tuesday in the Ballroom put on by honors department,Wednesday at 8:30-10:30 Sex positive will be hosting speed dating $1 and freespaghetti and meatballs.

BlakeKrenke -Athletic Ambassador: 7pm ThursdayWrestling Adams, Red Out, wear red go to the meet. Basketball on the road,Track is in New Mexico.

TravisElliott - Intramural Director: WaterPolo starts up next week.

HaydenKinnear - Club Sports Ambassador: Alpineskiing at Snowmass Friday 530 pm hockey team playing mines 8am Saturday morning

Elijah Redding - Program Council Director: Tuesday 7pm TaylorAuditorium Performance Poets

AuroraLindholm - Student Affairs:

NoahMetz  - Wilderness Pursuits: Backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing with hotsprings next week. Ask people what they would like to see WP offer in the nextweek, shoot Noah an email.

KarenHowe - Sustainability Coordinator:Recycle Mania is starting of the 4th, the basketball game is havinga half time show with prizes and a Monarch day pass.

 XI.        Special Topics

XII.        Remarks for the Good of the Order

a.    WordeHordtomorrow night at Mocha’s

b.    Pleasecheck your boxes for posters. It is part of senators responsibilities.

XIII.        Late Roll Call


XIV.        Adjournment