December 7, 2011


Discussion Agenda for December 7th,2011


I.             Roll Call

·     Brad

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.    Guest Speaker

·     MariahGreen-Career Services: Career services advisor, or academic advisor. It’s tostudents’ advantage to get help with resumes. Career for mountaineers is a jobsearch. You can also submit your resume online. There are a lot of resumepackets online. Take advantage of the resources available. Only 20% of jobs areposted on the internet. It is important to build connections among industriesand network! Edicate dinner Wednesday March 7th 5:30-7:30pm forjuniors and seniors, RSVP online. Internship and job fair the next day. From10:30-2:30 on the 8th of March. Promote these events to students.Also a link for internships and City of Gunnison’s internship information.  

V.      Action Items

VI.      Discussion Items

·     Enrollment

VII.   Advisor Report

VIII.   Senator Reports

IX.       Committee Reports

X.        Advisory Reports

·     Sarah:This Friday is board of trustees meeting open to the public 8am-1pm. Namechange discussion and enrollment. On Saturday they will be dedicating theMountaineer near Taylor facing Taylor lawn. Gary Pierson invited all of SGA togo to this dedication.

·     Haleigh:Retreat from January 20th-21st.

·     Maddy:ENVS fall forum tomorrow swing by and see what they are up to

·     Hayden:Friday Men’s Hockey $2 5:30, playing CU

·     Nick:Locken came and spoke with exec about ski passes. Come and talk with us if youwant information. Thank you for all the hard work you do!

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

XIII.   Late Roll Call

XIV.   Adjournment