August 31, 2011


Minutes for August 31st,2011


I.            Roll Call

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.    Guest Speaker

·      Ceria Glenn- Enrollment counselor working on social media

Facebook group-goal: to get all currentstudents to a main access page. Enter Western email address and can sign up forface book app, then you can sign up for what you are interested in, meetingtimes, minutes and other things for clubs can be posted and shared. Each membercan see what is posted, but it is mostly for students, no adults can see, onlyspecific groups and students can see. Resident halls can be groups. This is agreat way for students to stay active, and a great opportunity for students toconnect. Engage the student population, great to post. Future students will beinvited once accepted into Western.

V.        Senator Reports

·      Erika: No

·      Allen: No

·      D'Andre: Football has first home game Saturday at 1:00. Rare Air isclosing for that time, for a tailgate to get a meal on Saturday.

·      Kayla: No

·      Nicole: No

·      Chase: No

VI.      Action Items

VII.      Discussion Items

o   Homecoming

§  Held on October 1st, SGA runs homecoming, hoststhe parade, lighting of W, bond-fire, Alumni, publicity-contacting media, ordersupplies for float, W-cotton, royalty ordering crowns getting people nominated,parade (getting permits), organizations, marshall, check sheet, bonfire talkingto sports teams to attend, bowl decorations (happen day of)

§  Sarah: Western’s 100th year. October 1stfootball game, September 31st dance

§  Club team games? All games happening that week to advertise.

o   Office Hours

§  2/senators

§  Make sure we have a face in SGA office to be available ifneeded, SGA related activities, keep office clean, be PRODUCTIVE

§  6/Exec

§  4/Advisory committee

o   Committee Sign-Up

§  Club fair sign-up sheet, 30 minute slots, wear “We R Western”T’s

§  Mark has his own committee (Nicole D’Andre & Chase)

o   Sustainability Conference Bill

Maddy, Emily V., and Emily L.: Association for Advancement of Sustainability in HigherEducation (AASHE). Pittsburgh 8-12th of October for annualconference student represented at conference, not as many students attendingsince it is not in Colorado. Lenny, Virzi, and Maddy want to see what otherstudent are doing across different campuses to bring it back to Western. A one-hourslot for presenting at the conference to promote education and awareness oncampus, A program/mixer distributing power strips to students. Getting new informationfrom other students can further Westerns strategic plan. As positions develop,a good way to outreach to administration and faculty. Lucky to have thisopportunity to show that other students at other campuses have similar opportunities.A portion for round trip tickets $963, $672 for hotel, $1600 total requesting $1500from SGA. Thing learned at the conference will be eventually filled bynewcomers, widen knowledge and keep knowledge among students. At lease onerepresentative from every state.

Kayla: How long have you been a club oncampus? How are you continuously using your knowledge to further W?

Emily: Not a club, paperlessadvertising, power pledge, power strips going to freshman for dorms, free cyclegoing (recycling all things not recyclable for free), Reduce reuse recycle committee,creating education and awareness for students.

Maddy: this summer in theresidents hall 100 recycling bins were once there, now 450 recycling bins,informational pamphlet Western recycling guidelines. To see what other studentshave done will help expand sustainability initiatives at Western.

Sarah: Oversee and explainwhat is going on campus

IF not all donated, what?

Maddy: Sustainability commission, orown pockets.

 VIII.    Advisor Report

·      Total bill money $9,252 for the year, after safe ride.

·      Shelley Jansen introduction, opening weekend was amazing and kind of crazyat the same time WOW, pro cycling etc. energy was great student were engagingin and off campus, seems like a good class with good energy, wellness workshopsto talk about how tot transition from HS to Western. Good neighbor programtomorrow night 6 or 7 years, staff members go out in community, how to beappropriate neighbors, talk about party quietness and politeness, 1000 fine foroff campus parties hosting students that are drinking under age, an educationalprogram, how to be a good neighbor. 5:30pm tomorrow at community center, pizza!Open house from 4-6 community member and students. Looking for two students toparticipate in Sodexho food committee to give feedback after lunch as towhy/why not to include certain food items. They meet every month Sept 14th@ 12:30 at Rare Air Café, off-campus no current meal plan. Sign up & pullnames from hats. Labor day this weekend and no classes on Monday! Tail gate atmountaineer bowl, next Wednesday last day to drop classes without a W.implicate for financial aid if student goes under 12 cr. Preliminary enrollmentnumbers, looking like 60 full time student below last year. Why are we turningstudents away from Western? Office in SE corner of Taylor hall.

·      ADHOC: this upcoming month marks the anniversary of Sept. 11th,even though we are not really effected here at Western, we have an obligationto remember the people that lost their lives that day. Open for suggestions andideas

·      D’Andre: hand out shirts, it’s a cool deal

IX.       Committee Reports

·      Recreation Center Field House, met every Tues. this summerto see student apartments, to add what students really wanted (hot tub, foampit, ice-climbing wall coming through alt. funding). Gold certification forres. Halls with the student apartments (pinnacle) furniture committee pickssupplier and mocks rooms to pick what furniture is most suitable andfunctioning for students.

X.        Advisory Reports

·      Erika: No

·      Sarah: We had our first step up certification on Monday, thankslacrosse for all members showing up, coach Dave has been there from the start.Step Up intervention and alcohol awareness training, hazing, eating disorders, Sept.6th for female athletes in Taylor 228 7pm, peer educating. Politicsclub looking for new member Kelley 201, September 16th first board ofTrustees meeting on Campus

·      Nick: First city council meeting, fun. Mayor is 41 years old,Western grad, has been here for 20 years. Freshman will know ditches will beemptied last day of Sept. 10,000 for baseball fields on Teller, new scoreboard,infield, etc. Use it a lot in summer and for club team. Gunny rising,annexation, renovation of hiking/biking trails 3-4 years outdated, changes aremind-blowing. HS recently put lights on football stadium, first game thisFriday night, it will be cool. Amped about pro challenge, no exact numbers butwill know pretty soon. Typed up 2 letters for returners, welcome back, forfreshman a different letter, with some other stuff (sentimental).

·      Haleigh: Float Committee Bond-fire sign-up

·      Grace: Sex Plus Club on campus that promotes healthyrelationships on campus, Sept. 14th 4pm in LEED office, at club fairtomorrow. PPT, intramurals birthday. Rundown of budget and rundown of budget toget other students not in SGA to allocate money. Student fees $337,545, moneyhas approved to spend $35,000 mostly salaries, and bill-fund: safe ride,everyone else gets budget from SGA, wilderness pursuits etc. Questions aboutsafe ride cost allocation, do bars contribute to fund?  Based on figures that was approved lastyear, but may change with low enrollment.  Clubs have their own fundraising abilities. How to write abill for senators. Get every bill to each member, and revisions for executivemembers to sign. Person who writes bill needs to be present.

·      Access reserve: some years we do not spend all moneyallocated, we guarantee that there will always be 20K in reserve, but currentlyabout 40K. The money we have was assuming there was full enrollment, but we canuse reserve to supplement SGA fund. We need to decide whether or not to drawfrom reserve. Senators vote, when budget is not 100%. Kept growth rate theexact same as last year. Talk about the issue at budget committee meeting,Wednesday 8am.

·      Meg: No

·      Blake: Volleyball game at Angelo state starts on Friday, wish theladies luck.

·      Mark: No

·      Travis: New intramural website, cool social networks with sports,specialize for teams, communicate, flag football starts Tuesday softball startsWednesday, 93 users, 7 teams for football 10 for softball. Spread the word.

·      Hayden: Anyone not in athletics please encourages them to come outfor club sports. If they have questions fin Hayden in fitness center or duringoffice hours.

·      Elijah: Program Council few members short from last year, peopleare reapplying for positions, an event coming up a group like STOMP performing(percussion) known as the fastest drummer in the world, sponsored by music department,We have been trying to get these performers here for 2 years. Comedian for endof year. Looking gravy.

·      Aurora: No

·       Noah: Check out the paddleboards. Some Universitiesare recording lectures in case it is missed see if some professors would bewilling to do that (stream or podcast).

·      Middy: No

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·      Shelley: Travis made other messages for intramurals, disc golfcourse complete, and down-hill biking, quite the upgrade, disc-golf tournament

·      Mountaineer Monday? Powder Puff game-spread hype. Tournamentwith smaller teams, round robin, up for any suggestions.

·      Sarah: Excellent turn out for ice cream social. Reinforce no cellphones, be alert, no food, business casual.

·      Erika: Grace had a tour this week of a prospective student, shehad an accident when she was younger and now she is in a wheel chair, visitedadaptive sports and WP for students that are handicapped. Is coordinationbetween WP and adaptive sports possible?

·      Haleigh: Senators who signed up for committees.

·     Sarah: App’s due at 5pm, tomorrow,elections next week.

XIII.   Late Roll Call

XIV.   Adjournment