August 26, 2009


Student GovernmentAssociation

September 10, 2009


I.             RollCall



II.             Approvalof Minutes

            Move: Michael


III.             Approvalof Agenda



IV.             GuestSpeaker

VI.              SpecialTopics

VII.             AdvisorReport         


-Attempted toget the nameplates in, but they will get in by the next meeting.


-Swine Virus:

-KU has had an outbreak (quite alarge one), KU is not testing each and every student who has the symptomsbecause the cost too expensive. They have made the decision that anyone who has a fever and othersymptoms of the swine flue has it without testing.  They have also made the announcement that these studentsshould isolate themselves and stay at home or go home to family ifpossible.


-Our Job: (make sure the studentbody knows all of the below information) Spread word about staying home andaway from people if symptoms (fever) come about.  Announce preventative steps such as; cough into ones arm nothand, don’t touch one’s face, and wash your hands after touching public hightraffic areas.


-Faculty is being responsive andthey know to allow students who have symptoms to stay at home and to work withthem. If faculty does not respond and are not supportive talk to  student affairs know about thesituation.


-There are posters up with all ofthe preventative steps that need to be taken.

VIII.             AdvisoryReports

            Angela Watts-CCE


            JourdanOtis- Athletics Amb.


            JamieHamsa- Interclub Council


            NatalieEhlers- Intramurals Director

                        -Tee shirt order is in for homecoming

-I am going to talkto Megann Powell (athletic director) about H.C. when she is not super busy

-Softballregistration and Ultimate Frisbee Registration are going on until the 8th, andthe season starts the 9th.

(Encourage thesenate and everyone to get the word out about intramurals so we can have agood freshman turnout!)

            AlexRistorcelli- PC Director

-Amegosand Program Council’s out door movie was a lot of fun.  They had a good turn out.

-Tomorrow,ultimate frisbee Taylor lawn.  The27 of August 8-11 pm with DJ glow in the dark sticks for a night game.

-On the 3 of September there will be a slip and slideon green monster

            TrishDelong- Student Affairs


            SoeilSmith- Treasurer

Everyonewho gets paid signatures, more correct budget sheets, can answer questions ifhave any time cards she will get. Don’t worry about the time cards she will take care of them.

                        -Homecoming week

Women’s rugby is playing a game againstAdams State at 12 in the afternoon, men’s rugby and alum will be playing beforethem.  Then Lacrosse will play agame after them.


-Soeil is allocating $500 dollarsto comities who have not given budget to everyone who has not given a estimated figure.

            BuckCrocket- WP

WPtrips this weekend, most are full but they still have room in the mountainbiking trip

IX.             SenateReport

            Travis Elliott







            Mike Jimenez

X.             CommitteeReports

Homecoming-Sentaround a sign up sheet, everyone needs to be on a committee.  If you are not on a committee yetplease contact someone on the committee already.




Approximated budget needed forroyalty $469.56, this includes tiaras, sashes, scepters, crowns, and posters.We are sending out a message to all of the teams and clubs to let them knowthat they can elect one person for Homecoming court, who will then be votedon.


Approximatedbudget is $500.

They are attempting to do as muchfree advertising as possible; however, don’t know if they will need to buy ads.


Pre victory party:

Emailed Tonya, she is excitedabout working with us.  For theevent we will need 6-7 volunteers on Friday September the 18th to setup the Aspinall Wilson Center for thepre-game party.  Volunteers willmeet at 6:30 to help with name tags. The  party starts at 7, ifyou are interested in volunteering or know of other people who would like tohelp put them in contact with Alex Ristorcelli.  775-901-1043.

Football Game:

They have a boothto hand out water bottles to alumni.

Cory asked if we have plastic handslappers to hand out as well?------ is this a possibility?


Themes for the week of Homecoming-

Wednesday tie die.

                                     Fridaymountaineer day

The committee iscoming up with others as we speak


Decorating the homecoming bowl- decorating with balloons


Lighting of the W

Parade need torecruit floats all clubs attempting to get a float

Travis mountain rescue team needsa pizza party for lighting of W.

The Lighting of the W committeehas already ordered the equipment needed and it was $1400 cotton and diesel.The Alumni is willing to contribute because this is such a staple ofhomecoming.

XI.             Unfinished Business

XII.             NewBusiness

Election Committees

-Specialelections Tuesday September 8-10th from 11:45- 12:45

Weneed freshmen senators and others we need 6 Senators total (5 upper class andone freshmen) Running for the head senator needs to wait until we get all ofthe senators in office to vote on it. Voting differences Jerry set up onlinevoting just need stu number and can just vote.

-Vote on 8 theme SGA meetings

Last Wednesday of every month therewill be a theme day where we will dress up for special themes that have beenvoted on.

After we get the new senators wewill get them to have another night and talk about constitution and everythingthat we missed from retreat.

XIII.             Remarksfor the Good of the Order

-Sign time cards-also do a budget for years to come.


- can’t take charge of float butis willing to help.  Justin willingto help and create


-Need moretables….


-Bills need to be to me by Monday 8PM Via email


-We need a camera person

XIV.              LateRoll Call

XV.             Adjournment