April 4, 2012



Student Government Association

Proposed Agenda

Action Meeting

April 4, 2012




      I.        Roll Call

    II.        Approval of Minutes

  III.        Approval of Agenda

Stephanie May to Action Items

  IV.        Guest Speaker

    V.        Action Items

Stephanie May: Requesting more paper, she is in seniorseminar, and we have started massage, and I am down to 10-20 pages. I don’tknow how many more pages I need. I can print from home.

We motion to move 350additional pages for Stephanie May’s account (10/10)

  VI.        Discussion Item

a.    Budget:The budget committees recommend a 3% decrease, but if we were to have morestudents enroll, then the money would go back to the subcommittees. They canuse the money if we budget for a decrease, but have higher enrollment so wedon’t punish the subcommittees.

                                              i.     Do you think people would disagree withputting money back in the subcommittees?

                                            ii.     Potentially

                                           iii.     If there is a surplus, I would agree itwould need to go back to the subcommittees

                                           iv.     I don’t see a problem with budgeting aflat budget and then dealing with cuts. It seems like the same process. Eitherway cuts or re-allocation we would have to do nothing.

                                            v.     We would like to proportionally put thesame money back into the subcommittees rather than into bill money, or thereserve.  

b.    ConstitutionCommittee: We finished rewriting the bylaws and constitution last Thursday. Wemade a few changes, and we will vote on it tonight. Most of our changes weregrammar. Section 5 of Article 5, changed ‘student ID’ to ‘student number’. Weadded some positions to adviser. Under executive, we put that we have weeklymeeting. We added that to be in SGA you have to be in good academic standingthrough the Registrar. Also, if you do not have your application in by thedeadline, it will not be considered.

c.    Motiont approve the constitution as it was sent out (all/all)

d.    Bylaws,removed secretary to executive than advisory. The biggest change we made was toathletic ambassador. We propose we reduce the duties, instead to coming to themeetings he will serve 3 office hours and go to SAC meeting. We would changethe pay from $200/month to $75/month.

                                              i.     Have you spoken with Blake?

1.    Hefeels you do have quite a bit of duties.

                                            ii.     I think it is an important role, but someother member does the same reporting duties.

                                           iii.     How do you base other people’s pay?

1.    $2004 hrs/ week $75 3hrs/weeks

e.     The sustainability coordinator was paidthrough LEED so we decided to now put a salary in the constitution.

f.     Internalrequests of money, was changed from an ‘or’ to an ‘and’ statement, sopermission is required by both.

g.    Whydoesn’t department-funding count as fundraiser?

h.    Canwe change departmental funding to just say “they need to show they are investedin their bill, steps to monetary initiate”

i.     Weorganized the section about how meetings are held. We changed it from proxyvoting to absentee voting.

j.     Regardinghow the Intramurals position is being paid twice, since it is in theconstitution.  

                                              i.     We should address this in the bylaws.Since it is against our constitution and we have two positions that have doublesalary.

                                            ii.     It is a very tough debate; thesepositions should be getting more than $200, but probably less than $600.

k.    Thereare too many questions that we do not have answers to. We should send throughgrammatical errors and the parts we can all agree on. The double-pay and pay ofpositions, we will suggest next year SGA needs to be look at these issues,since we need to vote on the bylaws this week.

l.     Imotion to approve the bylaws with exception to the athletic ambassador changeand double-pay positions.

                                              i.     Second (13/17) Passes!

VII.        Advisor Report

Shelleycouldn’t be here tonight. Registration for students begins April 9th.She wants to remind people that elections are soon.

VIII.        Senator Reports

Thursday there is a luau and dinner for student $1 and onApril 13th a workshop at 5pm will be done on Cachina dolls.

Brad: KSWB is having a fundraising when springfest begins.

Walker: if you’re graduating your email address expires 30days after the start of next semester.

  IX.        Committee Reports

Nick,21+committee: We havemove forward on field day, and it is going well and we spoke with both Shelleyand Gary. We will bring a bill through next week for food. It is an opportunityto put on a fun event. Friday, April 27th. Battle of the bands willbe going on at the same time.

I suggest we start the community clean up committee, to helpclean the community; it would be nice to have an SGA presence.

    X.        Advisory Reports

Sarah: Applications for elected positions are due no laterthan 430 on Friday and there is a mandatory meeting.

Nick: April 20th-29th The Gunnisonchamber of commerce is doing flavors of Gunnison, for cool deals aroundrestaurants. Opportunities for community service City council 530pm Friday,Saturday egg hunt.

Grace: The budget is the same as last week $2,047 for bill,and $1974 internal

Meg: Awkward fiction is performing next week.

Blake: Track Team in Stanford distance, and field sprintersand jumpers will be in New Mexico

Mark: Club fair 245-315, softball starts Monday

Elijah: Amy Anderson is talking now. Spring Fest 4-11 EVE6Headliner

Noah: Mountain biking in Fruit

Karen: REF has excited many student and faculty; the springsymposium is going on.  Check outRealfoodchallange.org

  XI.        Special Topics

XII.        Remarks for the Good of the Order

You are not allowed to campaign right now.

No you are notsupposed to be.

XIII.         Late Roll Call

XIV.        Adjournment