April 18, 2012



Student Government Association

Action Meeting

April 18, 2012


      I.        Roll Call

    II.        Approval of Minutes

  III.        Approval of Agenda

  IV.        Guest Speaker

    V.        Action Items

a.    HeatherLucas: I need more paper, since I cannot read on the computer

                                              i.     I motion to a total of 1200 pages

b.    SGAField Day Committee: We had $300 as the bill allocation

                                              i.     Motion to allocate $300 to field day committee(10/10) passes

c.    Amigo’sPechanga: We decided to fully fund the Pechanga bill.

                                              i.     Motion to allocate full funding for thebill (8/9) passes

d.    OrientationT-Shirt’s: We decided $500 for the orientation t-shirt bill

                                              i.     Motion to approve $500 (8/11) Passes

e.    BaseballNationals Bill: If you fail to make nationals, the money we allocate you all willhave to be returned to SGA for the orientation t-shirt bill.

                                              i.     Motion to allocate $816, if they failto make it to nationals, the bill money will have to go to orientation fort-shirts (11/11)

  VI.        Discussion Item

a.     Cramer Hill Proposal: We are recreationstudents, and we a formulating a lease for cranor hill to be purchased byWestern. We feel like we can develop the hill for summer and wintertime uses. Itwill help with retention. This would be another good positive change on campus.We have several meetings set up this week to introduce faculty to this idea. Weare not asking for any money but we are asking for support, to see if anyonewants to get involved. Our budget will be $43,025 for start up costs and afterrevenue we think it will be about $29,000. If we can break even, by gainingstudents it would be great. We have a mountain bike park planned. We spoke withthe flow park and the estimate is $30,000.

                                              i.     How much will you be selling ticketsfor?

1.    $9/dayfor the community and students will be free and $55 for a season-pass.

                                            ii.     This is the startup cost foreverything?

1.    Notfor maintenance or transportation

                                           iii.     So the mountain has been losing becausethey cannot open

                                           iv.     If you cannot put snow on crannog hillthat what will we do?

1.    Thereare a couple options, we want to see the hill as a year round thing.

                                            v.     Someone other than the city owns theland. Have you spoke with the Cranor family?

1.    Wewant to see if the family is interested, and the city will be willing to get inwith you all, but this is a talk you want to have with the city first. There isa city internship out there right now.

                                           vi.     Where would the energy be from?

1.    Theexisting supply.

                                         vii.     We have gotten quotes for the carpet onthe hill, you get an estimate, and it is expensive, but it will be a coupleyears down the line. The mountain bike track will be the first implementationand get the interest involving.

VII.        Advisor Report

The fitness summer is hiring for 8hr/wk and Sodexho ishiring. Community clean up is this Saturday at the IFFO park. Monday April 30ththere are cram-jam 10-11pm free foods at rare air. It is a stressful time and keepspeople in good communication.

VIII.        Senator Reports

Erika: BSA soul foodnight and soul food battle diner at 6pm at freestyle battle at 730

Kayla: Therelationship conference 9-3 on Saturday and come with non-perishable food, itis free and there will be food

Brad: Quisby was verysuccessful for their fundraising and raised over $1,200 for Partners and willbecome and annual event

Adam: Tyler Pennellwill be in Sports Illustrated and Wells Fargo is hiring

Walker: Southwest conservationcorp. is hiring 20 field workers and 2-crew leaders trail maintenance andwatershed reconstruction for ecological restoration, and you can getscholarships and college credit.

 IX.        Committee Reports

Field Day hung the banner today and spread the word; we hopeto get everything together next week, 480 free beverages through Pepsi.

    X.        Advisory Reports


Sarah: I testified in front of the education committee, andwe passed with all yes’. I will keep you posted on what happens in the senate,and celebration of Scholarship tomorrow. Board of Trustees meeting and one opento the public, last one during the school year.

Grace: Friday is a preview day. There are two baseball gamesat 2pm, $2000 in internal and after tonight we are out of bill money, and themost money we have ever allocated, $19,252. Hopefully we can keep the traditionalive.  

Blake: Track and Field in California, split squad. Fridaythe HS is having to track and field event at 2pm in mountaineer bowl.

Mark: Club fair Friday 245-315pm

Travis: Disc gold tournament a week from Friday. Bring yourown disc

Elijah: We had a great turnout, but very cold! We feel thatit was one of the best spring fest’s so far. Our last event will be battle ofthe bands at the field day, and we have 8 bands signed up.

Noah: Water water trip to Escalante river canyon

Karen: Springiest we had a successful recycled art contestand we have been working with Sodexho to see how much local food we egretthrough Sodexho. The 1-6th we have move out while you groove out, sothey can put stuff on a palette and we will take it down to free-cycle.

  XI.        Special Topics

XII.        Remarks for the Good of the Order

I emailed the subcommittees the spreadsheet; get next yearsbudgets back next Wednesday.

This Friday and Saturday at Taylor at 730 the annualspelling bee, also we need homecoming packets back by Friday.

XIII.         Late Roll Call

XIV.        Adjournment