April 11, 2012




Student Government Association

Discussion Meeting

April 11, 2012

      I.        Roll Call

   II.        Approval of Minutes

 III.        Approval of Agenda

 IV.        Guest Speaker

   V.        Action Items

a.    Approve 2012-2013 Budget: Motion for a3% decrease in budget and if any extra funds are available because enrollmentis up, then they need to re-allocate the money back to the subcommittees at thesame percentage the entire budget is allocated originally. (18/24)-Passes.   

 VI.        Discussion Item

a.    Rock Climbing Club: No one is here torepresent this bill. We will look into if they will still are going.

b.    SGA Field Day Committee: Have youthought about using compostable cups.

                                              i.     We can possibly do this. We will look into it!

c.    Amigo’s Pachanga: This will happen nextFriday the 20th at 5:30 the band will begin at 6pm.

                                              i.     The reason we want to charge for food is to reimburse thecosts of the food. We could potentially have a student cost (a little lower).

                                            ii.     We have other avenues if we do not get full allocation

d.    Orientation T-Shirt’s:

                                              i.     Would there be the ability to advertise on the T’s?

1.    Yes

                                            ii.     We do not have an exact design yet but it will be a WesternState College of Colorado Logo.

                                           iii.     Where have initiatives like this been funded in the past?

1.    It depends on who was making the T’s. ResLife is currently in a deficit and other entities are taking budget cuts.

                                           iv.     How many students came in last year? About 500 students comein and orientations leaders want them and first year experience leaders maywant on.

                                            v.     Do you expect to ask for this money again next year?

1.    Yes, I believe SGA would be a part ofit again.

2.    Could you sell ad space? Maybe.

                                           vi.     We may put it in the packet for parents if people want tocome early, with a vacation, but we want freshman to come at the beginning oforientation. Returning students we may offer housing early so they can be therefor the Pro Cycling challenge. We want to align people on Escalante Drive.

e.    Baseball Bill: Are your coach’sstudents or faculty? They work in facilities, and have given most of theirstipend back.

                                              i.     Date auction may be good for fundraising.

                                            ii.     What are your dues?

1.    About $500 and that doesn’t include alot.

                                           iii.     There’s a field day you could possibly work at.

                                           iv.     Can club funds help other club funds? There are norestrictions, if you can make a donation that would be fine.

                                            v.     BSA on Monday’s at 7pm in the multicultural center if youwould like to volunteer, we need to spend the rest of our budget, and nee dotmake some food.

                                           vi.     We are willing to work for money. We have more home gamesand are playing at the High School 330 on Saturday and 12 and 2 on Sunday.

                                         vii.     Monday Night at the Gunnison Brewery we will be servingfood, and will be getting the tips from the event. Thursday the 19that Timbers they are selling Jello Shots and proceeds go to the team.

VII.        Advisor Report

Studentsinterested in putting a labrynth on campus for stress relief, located on theeast side of Kelly hall in the native garden. They may do a work day Friday the20th.  This is the weekto register for classes. New students will start  registering Monday the 16th. Celebration ofScholarship is Thursday poster session, and oral presentations Wednesday.

VIII.        Senator Reports

Erika:April 26th BSA dinner and a show soul food night 6pm, 730 starts theshow.Ballroom

Sarah:5pm Cachina doll workship

Nicole:PeaceOut is doing a blendering, pie eating and a relay race. The Amazing Race,starts at 3pm.


Bradley: Friday Quisby is hosting a fundraiser for Partnerstrying to raise 2,000 right before springfest begins. Partners is a non-profitorganization.

Adam: Tyler Penell is a potential Olympic athlete on campusand he is the second fastest American.

Rodney: all but 2 rooms in the pinaccles are booked.

Walker: Thanks for coming to the Spring Symposium.

  IX.        Committee Reports

a.    The Pro Cycling committee is talkingabout what they want to do with their 2 hours news slot with 9 news. Theytalked about a tour of WP, talk to the Women’s Basketball team and extendedstudies, new field house, and if you have exciting ideas, let me know. Theywant students on campus. June 26th around noon. Also any ideas toget students on campus early let me know

b.    Field day: we are at the point where 5or 6 clubs want to host an event, spread the word.

c.    Academic Policies is talking aboutfinding a place on the website to say when classes are tentatively offered, butwill be subject to change. Allow students to plan for four years.

   X.        Advisory Reports

Sarah: ThisFriday polls for voting will close and then Sarah will call the winners. LastBoard of Trustees meeting for the academic year will be next week. Word Hordeis now at PowerStop next year.

Nick: OurHospital is in top 100 of critical access hospitals. Community clean up April22nd. A new marketing campaign for the city we be going live April24th. Ideas of how we would like to see the campus change?

Haleigh:Thank you for coming to the debate today, get your applications in forappointed.

Grace: wehave 2,000 (approximately) in our budget for bill money remaining.

Meg:Awkward Fiction had their show last night, and we had to add extra chairs sinceso many guests came, and many people were very excited for the next show!

Blake:This weekend Track and Field at CSU Pueblo and thank you for funding the fanbus bill.

Mark: Men’sLacrosse plays at noon at the Gateway, Baseball at Colorado Springs.

Travis: Lastweek started flag football and softball this week, and have 23 teams, a discgold tournament will be Saturday at the 28th and a BBQ.  

Elijah:Saturday is Spring Fest 2012 4pm and I hope everyone can show up. We hope for agood turn out, food being sold, and clubs, and good music. If SGA would like abooth let us know. Battle of the Bands at field day e-mail Stephanie.

Aurora:Stress week we are looking to contract the massage school from CB to come downand sign-up will be first come first serve, I will send out an email.

Noah:Multi-pitch rock-climbing course and we hope weather. On Sunday a slack linecompetition across the pool, and some top slack liners will come, they will beat Spring Fest.

Karen:Spring Fest we are having our contest and the art will be displayed. Earth weekis next week and everyday is assigned something to do.


 XI.        Special Topics

Thedebates were successful! Please vote. New WSC SGA YOUTUBE account.

Offcampus incidents, make sure you are safe.

Amigoshas an off-campus account with extra money.

XII.        Remarks for the Good of the Order

XIII.         Late Roll Call

XIV.        Adjournment