January 25, 2012



Action Meeting

January 25, 2012


            I.        Roll Call

    II.  Approval of Agenda

          III. Guest Speaker

a.    Debra Clark: Registrar at Western,degree works is a program the college has purchased to help students andfaculty to gauge graduation requirements. This is an attempt to pull all thisinformation together. This tool will be in the WOL account. It takes allacademic records and it applies it to the check sheets. It allows you to playwith the ‘what if’s’ of adding majors and minors.

        IV. Action Items

a.    Induction of Karen Howe as Sustainability Coordinator

b.    Resolution ofBylaws: We have had trouble with the wording of the bylaws of fundingconferences off campus. We have interpreted that we can only fund on campusevents, not conferences. We have a resolution to get around this until we canvote to change the constitution. A detailed plan of action of how informationwill get back from conferences. We will decide how to fund conferences on acase-by-case basis.   

                                              i.     We want to be able to move the bills that we havenow. (Tabled until Special Topics)

c.    Bill # 10-01-18-12 NAFME Bill: Vote for full allocation of $580 for registration fee(8/13) Does not pass. They took money from CCE from student fees to pay for thefaculty hotel room. Motion to vote on $579.99 (10/13)

d.     Bill # 11-01-18-12 ChemistryClub Conference: Motion to allocate the full amount $654, (12/13).

    V. Discussion Items

     VI.  Advisor Report

a. StartSmart Salary Negotiating Workshop: Juniors and senior females at WSC women togo to metro-state program all about negotiating salaries. Saturday April 14thand March 10th $5

  VII. Senator Reports

AdamNickerson: I wrote two bills last semester, and the avalanche awareness billhad 160 students, they used all the money

ErikaEspinoza: The way the money is being spent annoying, they are using SGA first,travel support and then the department. I don’t know exactly how much the moneyis being allocated.

RodneyMoyer: For the retreat we talked about setting up for facilities. Paul wouldrather try to come up with the money and try to throw a party with SGA andclean up and set up. The tour of the campus apartments will be next Wednesday4pm. Meet at 3:50 at SGA office.

SarahMcClernan: I sponsor Native American council bill, it got our name out there,there is a movie tomorrow with free popcorn in the conference room at 7pm.

ShayneKeller: During the retreat we talked about community service.

     VIII. Committee Reports

Academic policies: met to talk about the catalog for thefirst year experience, and the three-part implementation. Discussed how DegreeWorkswill affect advising.  

21+ given us the go-ahead to plan an event that will be onlyfor 21+ students.

Food committee: the chef is hosting once a month lunch talksabout certain foods. Let D’Andre know if you are interested in these talks. Alsolooking into H.S. shadows.  

     IX.  Advisory Reports

SarahNewberry – President: no new gradprograms on the horizon. Power stop now accepts mountaineer cash.

HaleighHanifen-VP Internal Affairs: Greatretreat!

NickEdwards -VP External Affairs: CityCouncil interviewed three people for internships and loved one student’spresentations. They are excited about the interest and potential of theprogram. Pro Cycle Challenge is coming, more coverage, and more excitement.

ErikaWhite - Secretary: Check out the whiteboard in the SGA office!

GraceEggleston - Treasurer: Nice new board infront of office, asking about bills. Good budget committee meeting. Check youremail about presentations that will be starting feb. 22. Bill money remaining$4,497.

MegAnsteensen – CCE: Auditions 4pm instudio theatre for musical and play “How I learned to drive”, improvperformance group is looking for new members Thursday 7pm.

BlakeKrenke -Athletic Ambassador: Homewrestling duel over Mesa. GOOD LUCK KATIE! Wrestling at mines and on Saturdayhome basketball game.

MarkSchechter - Interclub Council: Clubfair tomorrow 12:30-1:30 wear We R Western T’s. SGA Table

TravisElliott - Intramural Director: LastThursday 3 on 3 tournaments. Basketball league started Monday night. Indoorsoccer starts February 2nd. Inner-tube water polo is official. 450player profiles

HaydenKinnear - Club Sports Ambassador:Nordic ski team in Grand Junction

Elijah Redding - Program Council Director: Mayhem Poets Feb 7th7pm Taylor auditorium

AuroraLindholm - Student Affairs: Tomorrowdebate team is going to state

NoahMetz  - Wilderness Pursuits: Last ever backcountry course, next week firstbackcountry skiing course.

KarenHowe - Sustainability Coordinator: Revampedprocess for applying for grants, small grants vs. big grants. Concerned that adeadline and a review process intimidated the students. How to get a calendarof events, Recycle mania is coming up soon and it would be nice to get that inout calendar.

   X.   Special Topics

a. Resolution ofBylaws Continued…

   XI.     Remarks for the Good of the Order

a.    Nick mentioned the US pro challenge,but the event is before school starts, August 22nd.

b.    WRAP coordinator had her baby girl thisweek. We will have a card in the office.

c.    21+ committee maybe approaching Amigo’sfor next year’s carnival Friday February 17th. We were pushing for on campusevents.

d.    April 14th is the day ofSpringFest, the same day as the women’s salary bargaining workshop. 

  XII.    Late Roll Call

 XIII.       Adjournment