Information Technology Committee 2011-2012

The Information Technology Committee shall have the following responsibilities:

a. Review plans for instructional use of technology and update plans as appropriate.

b. Review plans and promote plans for faculty development in instructional technology as appropriate.

c. Keep the faculty acquainted with instructional opportunities and to hear faculty concerns related to technology.

d. Advise the administration on technology issues related to instruction, faculty research, and security.

e.  Review plans involving security, email, networking or other functions affecting the faculty's use of information technology.


Name Department Email Address Phone Term Expires
 Terri Murphy  ART  943-3080  2012
 Susan Coykendall  BASS  943-2645  2012
 Lynne Hansen  CALL  943-2152  2012 
 John Peterson  MCIS  943-2392  2013
 Ken Todd  MUS  943-2162  2013
 Sally Hays (Fall)
 Kevin Nelson (Spring)
 BAE  943-2893  2012
Robin Bingham (fall) / Cassandra Osborne (spring)  NES  943-3152  2012
 Scott Drum  RESS  943-2104  2013
 Brooke Hanks  TEP  943-2504  2012
 Nancy Gauss  Library    non-voting
 Jessica Young (Fall)
 Kevin Nelson (Spring)
 Academic Affairs  943-3045  non-voting
 Chad Robinson  Computing  943-3123  non-voting

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 September 19, 2011 Agenda  Minutes
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 November 14, 2011  Agenda  Minutes
 December 5, 2011  Agenda  Minutes
 January 30, 2012  Agenda  Minutes
 February 27, 2012  Agenda  Minutes
 March 26, 2012  Meeting Cancelled  
 April 23, 2012  Agenda  Minutes