26th Headwaters Conference: The Art of Community - Creative Place-Making in the Headwaters

The 26th Headwaters Conference is FREE!

The Art of Community: Creative Place-Making in the Headwaters
September 18-20, 2015

Part of [our] responsibility is to choose a place. To restore the land one must live and work in a place. To work in a place is to work with others. People who work together in a place become a community, and a community, in time, grows a culture. 

~Gary Snyder


What are the best practices of forming a community, co-created by all who inhabit that place?  The 26th Headwaters Conference will seek to understand the creative process of place-making.  To explore the “art of community,” we will merge artists from diverse media (film, music, painting, poetry) with community-builders who have turned the hard work of "growing a culture" itself into an “art”—a craft requiring imaginative vision and careful practice.

Keynote Speakers - Headwaters 2015
Our Friday night keynote address and performance, “Butterfly Launches From Spar Pole: Poetry, Prose, and Finger-style Guitar,” will feature Nirvana co-founder Krist Novoselić and poet Robert Michael Pyle.  Both long-time members of the Patrons of Husbandry, they will speak to the genius of the original Grange movement, and how it can still help to keep communities alive and engaged. Their presentation will be punctuated with several of the song-poems that come from their artistic collaboration.


Headwaters 2015 Panelist Aaron Abeyta

Our Saturday panels will highlight a merging of artists and community-builders from Telluride, Antonito, and Gunnison.

Pictured: Aaron Abeyta, Poet.


Our Saturday tours will explore living examples of community—from art exhibits, to community festivals, to ecological systems—throughout the Gunnison Valley.

As usual, in addition to expert speakers and performers, our guides and participants will include the diverse leaders of the Headwaters region—students, teachers, builders, farmers, writers, political leaders, artists, and citizens.  The conference is free to the public, and we hope you can join us!

John Hausdoerffer,
Headwaters Director

Headwaters XXVI Conference Schedule

The Art of Community: Creative Place-Making in the Headwaters
September 18-20, Western State Colorado University

Friday Night, September 18.  7 PM Taylor Auditorium

  • Keynote address: Krist Novoselic and Robert Michael Pyle

Saturday Morning, September 19, University Center Ballroom

Saturday Mid-day Tours.  11:00 AM-2:30 PM (lunch provided)

  • Art of Community Walk of Elk Avenue: Joe Bob Merritt
  • Art of Community Tour of Gunnison: Delaney Keating
  • Place-making at Coldharbour Institute: Suzanne Ewy
  • Art of Ecological Community: Jonathan Coop
  • Multi-cultural Place-making: Abel Chavez and Karen Hausdoerffer

Saturday Afternoon Panels, University Center Ballroom

Sunday Morning Closing Conversation, University Center Ballroom

  • 9:00 AM Passing of the Gourd, Art Goodtimes