Financial Aid Forms

Additional forms may be necessary to complete to your financial aid application. Please complete any requested forms and submit them to Student Financial Services.

General Processing Forms 


Federal Title IV Student Authorization Forms

Federal regulations require Western State Colorado University to only apply federal funds to certain allowable charges.  This form authorizes Western to apply Title IV funds to all charges on a student account for the academic year for which the funds are received.  This authorization is voluntary and remain valid as long as the student is enrolled at Western.  

Federal Title IV Student Authorization Form

Special Circumstances Forms

To request a review of financial aid eligibility based on family circumstances not reflected on the FAFSA use one of the forms below. Reviews begin March 1 and end February 28 for a specific academic year. Students/parents requesting a review must complete the verification process first.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Forms

Students who have had their financial aid denied or suspended because of unsatisfactory progress may appeal the decision to Student Financial Services.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Petition Form

Residency Status for Tuition Classification Forms 

Your initial residency classification at Western State Colorado University is determined by the Office of Admissions based on information you provide in the Residency Section of the Western Admissions Application. This initial residency classification remains the same unless you meet the domicile requirements for Colorado residency.  

Summer Financial Aid Form

To apply for financial aid for the summer, complete the form below. Completing the form does not guarantee financial aid for summer and only federal aid is available.  The 2013-14 FAFSA is required if not already completed.  All loan applications must be done before August 08, 2014.

Scholarship Forms

Several scholarship programs utilize the Common Scholarship Application. Please see the "Application" heading under each scholarship listing to determine if the Common Scholarship Application form may be used.