Non-Degree Seeking & Post-Bachelor

Non-Degree Seeking Applicant 

An applicant not wishing to pursue a degree at Western may be admitted as a non-degree seeking or unclassified student. Apply online now! No transcripts or essay are required for this application. The Admissions Office will need an explanation of why you are applying as a Non-Degree Student. Students not seeking a degree can take a maximum of 12 credit hours before applying for formal admission.

Additional Bachelor's Degree Applicant

Any student who has been awarded a Bachelor's degree from Western or an accredited institution who wishes to pursue another Bachelor's degree must submit Western’s Online Application.

College transcript(s) must be sent directly to Western. Send official transcripts from each college you have attended. Students must also include a $30 application fee. The fee may be paid online at the time of your online application or mailed separately.