Tuition and Fees


Listed below are the estimated basic costs of attending Western State Colorado University during 2017-2018. These costs are subject to change. Costs are presented here for information only.

Full-time Students


Tuition for:

16-Week Semester

Academic Year

Resident Tuition



   Total Tuition



   College Opportunity Fund

($ 1125)


   Cost to Student



Non-Resident Tuition




* Part-Time Students

Tuition for part-time students is based on a per-credit charge. The estimated rates for 2017-2018 are $276 per credit for resident students (after application of the College Opportunity Fund Stipend) and $754 per credit for non-residents. For tuition purposes, “part-time” is defined as fewer than 12 credits in a 16-week semester.

Tuition Surcharge

Students enrolled for more than 18 credits in a 16-week semester will pay a tuition surcharge. The tuition surcharge is a per-credit charge at the basic resident or non- resident rate.


Mandatory Fees (estimated)

Mandatory fees have been approved by the Board of Trustees to pay for special services, including the programs operated by the Student Government Association. The estimated cost of all mandatory fees for a full academic year for 2017-2018 is $3178.40. Mandatory fees are prorated for part-time students.


School of Business Fee: Students taking courses in the School of Business (Accounting, Business Administration, Economics) pay a $45 per credit fee for all non-GE courses.


Optional Fees (estimated)

The following 2017-2018 optional fees will be assessed to each student’s account: Renewable Energy Fee - $30, Student Recreation Fee - $200 and Scholarly Activity Fee - $20. Any or all of these fees may be waived by contacting the Cashier’s Office at Student’s wishing to waive optional fees must do so by the full term drop deadline. The date of the drop deadline for any given semester can be found by visiting


Room and Board Costs (estimated)

Western provides students several housing options in a variety of residence halls. Apartments are available to returning students. Below are examples of estimated living expenses for 2017-2018. For a comprehensive list of housing and meal plan fees, please visit


             Room Costs for:                                    16-Week Semester        Academic Year

Double-Mears, Escalante, Ute Complex




Two bedroom, unfurnished-


Chipeta Apartments



Two bedroom, unfurnished-



Pinnacles Apartments



All students residing in University residence halls (non-apartments) are required to purchase a meal plan. It is suggested that students living in apartments carry a meal plan, but it is not required.


Board Costs for:

16-Week Semester

Academic Year

Blue Mesa Plan



Mountaineer Plan



Crimson Plan