Scott Aigner – Multi-media Artist

FOR-EH-VER (as spoken by Squints in the 1993 motion picture The

"Watching movies has led the direction of our current studio
work, which is a response to our love of movies and movie watching.
Through our artwork, we want to probe the intensity of the movie watching
experience and explore the affection one can have for a movie and the
inter- and extratextual relationships of movies. At times, we feel that
we are reinterpreting, reevaluating, and reinventing the very things that
we hold dear to ourselves as an art process. We consider ourselves not
only consumers, watchers, recipients, and victims [of mass media and pop
culture], but also agents of that culture. We are interested in the role
that we play in this cultural landscape and ideas of hyperreality (the
inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from fantasy). The
conversation isn¹t always deep or thought provoking and the statements
may be frivolous and filled with positive hyperbole, but they are honest
and affectionate responses."
-Scott Aigner

Event Date: 
01/13/2014 - 7:00pm to 02/04/2014 - 9:00pm
Current Students
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Quigley Art Gallery, Quigley Hall
Thaddeus Smith