DegreeWorks GPA FAQs

GPA Calc Tab

What kinds of GPA calculations can DegreeWorks perform?

The GPA Calc tab provides 3 GPA calculators to help students and their advisors determine the grades the student needs in order to obtain a desired or required GPA.

There are three calculators to use:

  • Graduation Calculator
  • Term Calculator
  • Advice Calculator

Graduation Calculator

How can I acheive a certain GPA by graduation?

The Graduation Calculator helps to determine how to earn a desired GPA over the course of the entire degree program.

Your current cumulative GPA will display. Enter your required remaining credits, total credits needed to graduate, then your desired GPA. Click calculate.

The calculator will recommend how to obtain your goal, if possible.

Term Calculator

How do I project what my GPA will be at the end of the semester? If I added a late term course, how might that affect my GPA?

The Term Calculator shows what earning specific grades in the current classes will do to the overall GPA.

Your cumulative GPA and completed credits will display.  Simply enter your expected grades from the pick-list next to each course you've registered for. If you anticipate adding an additional course, you may manually enter it as well. Click Calculate.

A summary of what was selected will be presented along with your anticipated GPA.

Advice Calculator

How many A's, B's, C's, etc do I need to earn to acheive a certain GPA by graduation?

The advice calculator shows how many hours need to be taken and what grades would need to be earned to obtain a desired GPA.

Your Cumulative GPA and Credits Earned will display. Enter your desired GPA and click Calculate.

Recommendations on how to achieve your desired GPA will display.