Writing Center

Western State Colorado University's Writing Center is a place where all members of the campus community can go for assistance in improving their writing skills.

While students can drop in to see a Writing Center consultant without a reservation, they may also sign up online for appointments. Once students register with the website, they can schedule 15- to 60-minute-long writing conferences. A student with an appointment knows a Writing Center consultant will be available during the scheduled appointment time. Students who walk in for help without appointments may have to wait to meet with a Writing Center consultant.  

Visit the Writing Center any time Monday through Thursday from 2:00 pm - 9:00 pm or Sunday from 6:00 - 9:00 pm in Taylor 112D.  The Writing Center is closed Friday and Saturday. 


While students can still drop-in to see a Writing Center consultant without a reservation, they also have the option of signing up online for appointments by going to: http://western.mywconline.com/. Once students register with the website, they can schedule fifteen to sixty minute long writing conferences.  The benefit of making an appointment is that a student with an appointment knows that a Writing Center consultant will be available to work with him or her during the scheduled appointment time; students who walk in for help, without appointments, may have to wait to meet with a Writing Center consultant if all the consultants are busy helping other students.

What to expect

The Writing Center is staffed by students who are trained as writing center tutors. While primary emphasis is placed on student writers, all of the campus community, indeed all writers, are welcome. As we imagine the Writing Center to be more of a writer's center, our interdisciplinary focus is on bettering the skills of individual writers, not on    producing "perfect" papers.

Therefore, we neither write papers for students nor proofread, edit, or otherwise "pre-grade" drafts that writers bring to us. Instead, we offer aid in improving the writer's abilities as a writer, using the writer's ideas, questions, and drafts as starting points for accomplishing this end.

Generally, the Writing Center's approach to writing seeks to help writers recognize and use the strengths in their writing and to recognize and improve their weaknesses. Tutors help writers foster critical thinking skills, refine organizational skills, adapt to audience expectations, and heighten expressions of individual creativity.

Specifically, the Writing Center offers:

  • One-to-one conferences (which are individualized to the writer).
  • Group workshops (which might address common problems in punctuation and grammar, help writers craft strong thesis statements, or introduce effective methods of organizing drafts and supporting assertions.)
  • Reflective listening.
  • Inspiring, writer-tutor interaction based on Socrates' inductive approach to learning.

As tutoring calls for an individualized approach to each writer's needs, the Writing Center tutors either play the role of cooperative workshop readers or sounding boards. In all cases, the tutors are here to help students articulate, clarify, and shape their own ideas. In general, we operate under the rule that principles of good writing are elicited from the writers rather than given to them.

This is what we hear . . .

"Writing a paper can be very stressful, and having experienced tutors to help clarify and focus your work is and invaluable asset, bringing both peace of mind and improved writing skills."  Theo Burgevin, Wildlife Biology

"I am extremely grateful for the Writing Center at Western State Colorado University. The Writing Center has helped me to identify my specific writing problems such as fragments and tense issues. The tutors at the Writing Center work patiently with me while I try to identify my writing problems myself and they answer all the questions that I have. I believe that my writing has improved from the first day I came to Western."  Erin Okamoto, History



Lecturer in English, Director of the Writing Program
B.A., University of New Hampshire; , M.A., Northern Arizona University
Phone: (970) 943-7140
Office Location: Library 120