WP 2017-18 Trips

All trips include equipment, food, transportation and instruction! Sign up early- space is limited!

Registration closes Thursday at noon and mandatory pre-trip meetings are held Thursday at 12:30pm. Questions? Stop by the WP Office any time to find out more about our trips. 

Winter is here! Check out our Intro to Ice Climbing trips: no experience necessary!!

Wilderness Pursuits Upcoming Trips

  WP Pass Holder PriceRegular Price
Fall 2017   
8/26/17Intro to Whitewater Rafting (Raft Level 1-2)$15$35
 Basic river safety, paddle rafting and hanging out in the Whitewater Park.  
8/27/17Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing (Rock Level 1)$15$35
 Learn to rock climb in beautiful Taylor Canyon.  
9/2/17-9/4/17Intro to Crested Butte: Hiking and Biking (Mtn Bike Level 1-2)$40$75
 Camping and mountain biking in the Crested Butte area.  
9/2/17-9/4/17Intro to Whitewater Kayaking (WW Kayak Level 1)$40$75
 Spend three days learning to kayak on the Gunnison and Taylor rivers.  
9/9/17-9/10/17SUP and Hike Lake Irwin (Level 1-2)$25$45
 Overnight camping, SUPing, and hiking around beautiful Lake Irwin.  
9/16/17Mountain Biking the 401 Trail (Mtn Bike Level 2-3)$15$35
 Enjoy spectacular fall colors on the world famous trail.   
9/23/17Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing (Rock Level 1)$15$35
 Learn to rock climb in beautiful Taylor Canyon  
9/26/17Basic Bike MaintenanceFREEFREE
 FREE clinic in the WP Tune Shop at 6 p.m.  
9/30/17-10/1/17Intro to Mountaineering (Alpine Level 1)$25$55
 Learn the basics of technical alpine climbing in this two-day adventure.  
10/7/17-10/8/17Rock Skills Clinic (Rock Level 2)$25$55
 Learn rescue skills, how to place gear and more!  
10/13/17-10/15/17Backpacking the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness (BP Level 1-2)$40$60
 Explore sandstone canyons and arches on the desert backcountry trip.  
10/21/17Family Weekend-sign up at Family Weekend check -inFREEFREE
 Hiking, biking, mountain biking and rock climbing trips offered.  
11/4/17-11/5/17Intermediate Mountaineering (Alpine Level 2) or Rock III (Multi-Pitch)$35$75
 Advanced trips dependent on experience and interest. Four people max.  
11/11/17-11/12/17Mountain Bike Frutia$25$75
 It's getting cold in Gunnison - escape to the desert this weekend!  
11/14/17Basic Ski/Board TuningFREEFREE
 FREE clinic in the WP Tune Shop at 6 p.m.