Terbush Memorial Summit

May 16-22, 2015
Alpine Mountaineering Course

Applications due April 11, 2015!

Course Offerings

Single-Pitch Rock Instructor
Alpine Mountaineering Instructor
Multi-Pitch Rock Instructor

Cost - $425 

Every participant automatically receives a $1,000 tuition waiver through the generous gifts of the Peter Terbush family and friends, the Chatlos Foundation, and Western State Colorado University.  These generous gifts help offset the direct program costs to make the Summit more affordable for participants.

What is the Summit?

The Summit is a professional-level instructor training and assessment program designed for collegiate based outdoor program instructors, coordinators and managers. It is a skills-intensive program where participants will be trained to institutional standards in one of the following areas: Alpine Mountaineering, Multi-Pitch Rock Instruction or Single-Pitch Rock Instruction. Interwoven into the skills training are the principles of servant leadership in memory of Peter Terbush. The Summit is an affordable program with a competitive selection process based on demonstrated skill and leadership. The cost of the program represents a $1000 scholarship subsidy through generous gifts by the Terbush Family and the Western State Colorado University Wilderness Pursuits program. Participants in the Single-Pitch program have the option of using this course as an AMGA SPI Certification course. See requirements below.

The Summit memorializes Peter Terbush who died a hero in Yosemite Valley on June 13th, 1999. Peter's last act was to save the life of his friend and climbing partner by maintaining a proper belay in the face of a rock slide that took his life. The Summit is a living memorial of Peter. The Summit takes its primary mission from Peter's life: it is through service to others that we realize our full potential as leaders.  It is impossible to describe the power of the Summit experience. It is among the most unique programs available anywhere in the world today. Each year we receive applications from around the country from student leaders and program administrators looking to hone their skills.  The Summit staff and Western are committed to the safety and quality of this program along with maintaining affordability for the participants.

Who Was Peter?

Peter grew up in Colorado and in more than a dozen places overseas.  By the time he was eighteen he had climbed in the Rockies, Mexico, the Alps, New Zealand, Borneo, the Himalayas and in the desert in the Southwest US.  When he was killed he had just spent the week in Yosemite climbing some of the most famous routes in the valley.  What was most remarkable about Peter was not his climbing prowess, but who he was as a person; full of energy and enthusiasm - he inspired.  He was giving to a fault.  He cared more about others than himself.  He loved to teach and motivate, and he loved the mountains.  An example often repeated is that Peter would get up early to make hot drinks for everyone in his group.  His encouragement when conditions were difficult caused others to overcome their own fears.  Peter exemplified servant leadership.  Our goal is to instill in Summit participants Peter's passion for the mountains, his enthusiasm for climbing, and his incredible service to others. You can read about Peter in Climbing Magazine's November, 2014 Issue.

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​​Summit Applications must include:

  • Non-refundable $25.00 application fee made payable to Western State Colorado University
  • Completed Application Form
  • Professional Resume
  • Experience Log including most recent relevant experience.
  • Current email address and phone number
    SINGLE PITCH INSTRUCTOR Applicants who do not meet AMGA SPI Requirements may still apply for Summit Participation. AMGA SPI Certification is not required to apply for or complete the course.


Through the generous support and partnership of the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) we are pleased to offer our Single Pitch Instructor Course an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course. Students who meet the pre-requisites and wish to use the Summit Single Pitch Course as an AMGA SPI course may submit the following application along with an additional $75 course fee with their Summit application. This fee covers AMGA membership for one year, during which applicants may choose to take the AMGA SPI Assessment to complete their certification. Please only apply for this certification if you meet all of the pre-requisites. Participants who do not meet the pre-requisites may still apply and participate in the Summit Single Pitch Instructor course.
AMGA SPI Pre-Requisites and Schedule
AMGA SPI Application (link at bottom of page)
Download a sample experience log form

AMGA SPI Applicants must also include:

Submit your application by April 11th to:

Christie Hicks
Wilderness Pursuits Manager
Western State Colorado University
120 University Center
600 N. Adams Street
Gunnison, Colorado 81231

Participants will be notified of their selection via email by May 1st. The remaining course fee for the Summit and the AMGA SPI certification fee will be due upon confirmation of your selection to participate in the Summit.

Click here for the Summit Application Form