RecycleMania at Western!

Western Competes!

Western has participated in the RecycleMania competition since 2011. In 2014 there are over 460 participating schools in the United States and Canada, which includes over 6.5 million students, faculty, and staff in the Competition! The competition lasts 8 weeks, starting in early February and ends in mid April.


Recycling Categories are paper, cardboard, and bottles/cans in the per capita classic, and total volume collected (the Gorilla category). The competition is tough! Click below to find out Western's current rankings! Find out more by visiting the website,

Western's Current Ranking!

Competition Between Dorms

Western is facilitating a competition between Residence Hall's and the winning Hall gets a free pizza party and RecycleMania sunglasses! The Residence Halls are separated into three competitors.

Pinnacles/Chipeta          vs.          Mears/Ute          vs.          Escalante

Recycle On!


Environmental Benefits

  • In 2012, Western collected over 8.44 lbs/person, reduced our emissions by 44 metric tons of CO2 equivalent.
  • In 2013, Western collected 24,320 lb’s (over 12 ton’s) of recycled waste and reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions by 44 metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

How to Get Involved

  • Just recycle on campus! Western has recycling in all buildings on campus, including residence halls. For more information, please get in contact with Nathan King or Cody Washka.
  • Recycle in your cardboard! Western is 14th in the per capita category for cardboard. We want to be number 1!


Nathan King

Sustainability Coordinator
(970) 943-3091

The Competition Ends April 8th, Recycle Now!!