Student Government Association


Welcome to the Western State Colorado University Student Government Association website! Use this website to find our updated Constitution, By-Laws, Minutes, members, and other information about what is happening around campus.

SGA is now holding a Special Election for four new senators.
Elections will be held from Jan. 26-30.


Congratulations to the elected SGA members for the 2014-15 academic year:

  • Kathryn (Katie) Roos-President
  • Stefano Ballesteros-Vice President of External Affairs
  • Scott Bird-Vice president of Internal Affairs
  • MK Kasunic-Treasurer
  • Luke Verbus-Secretary
  • Advisory Committee:
    • Lindsay Weaver-Inter Club Council (ICC)
    • Nathan Schwartz-Program Council
    • John Pruitt-Student Affairs
    • Kyle Wiren-Athletics
    • Ryan Paull-Club Sports/Mountain Sports
    • Amy Davis-Council for Creative Expression (CCE)
    • Rachel Francis-Intramurals
    • Bryce Weaver-Wilderness Pursuits
    • Mia Cordova-Multicultural Center (MCC)
    • Mary Virginia Simpson-Residence Life
  • Senate Chair: Adam Beede
  • Senators:
    • Ben Wright
    • Kiera Classen
    • Jeremy (JP) Pagel
    • Marielle Smith
    • Lindsay Mota
    • Erin Michaelis
    • James Antley
    • Joshua Newcomb
2014-15 SGA Constitution

In summary, the proposed changes to the 2014-15 SGA Constitution included: Anything that outlined the structure of SGA and its operations was kept in the Constitution. Anything that outlined the SGA process was moved to the Bylaws. Also, the Constitution includes the addition of three (3) Ambassadors to the SGA Advisory Committee. These positions are Student Affairs Ambassador, Residence Life Ambassador and Multicultural Center Ambassador. You may review and learn more about the  changes here.

2014-15 SGA Bylaws

In summary, the proposed changes to the 2014-15 SGA Bylaws included: The duties and responsibilities of each position in SGA were made more meaningful and any duties that were not pertinent or relevant were transferred to another position or eliminated. Three ambassador positions were added, which include 1) Multicultural Ambassador, 2) Residence Life Ambassador, and 3) Student Affairs Ambassador. These were added to gain more representation and collaboration between the University and the students. You may review and learn more about the changes at here.

Bill Information

If you are interested in funding for programs please fill out the Bill Allocation Form, and bring it to University Center 121 so a bill can be written by a Senator. Bills will be heard at any of our discussion meetings (held every other week). For more information, please contact Senate Chair Scott Bird at

Printing Requests

Have you exceeded your 600 page printing allotment for the semester? You can do something about it! Fill out our Printing Request Form, and contact a member about attending our next meeting to petition for more pages!

Student Fees

Learn more about Western's Institutional Plan for Student Fees here.

More About Us

Student Government Association is responsible for the allocation of $342,000 in your student fees. Please feel free to review all of the Bills, Minutes, Constitution and Bylaws and give us your feedback. This is an organization that is here to represent the Student Body and we appreciate all direct feedback and comments.

"Your voice will be heard!"

SGA acts as the official voice of the Associated Student Body and protects the rights and privileges of the student body. Our student government is different than many schools because we represent the voice of the student body, we have control over our own student fees.

As the SGA, we would like to better serve the students, and make sure that all students are involved with the decisions that we make. We want your input and your suggestions. So come to meetings on Wednesdays at 7:15 pm in the South Conference Room to be heard! If you can't make it to meetings, the SGA website is probably the best resource you'll find. If you have any questions, or are having a hard time getting acquainted with Western and/or our organizations don't hesitate to contact us. We've got an open door culture, so come visit the office in the University Center.

If you have questions or comments, contact us at Any constructive comments, concerns or questions are always welcome, and we do take them seriously.