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Welcome to the Western State Colorado University Student Government Association website! Use this website to find our updated Constitution, By-Laws, Minutes, members, and other information about what is happening around campus.

Your Voice Will Be Heard

SGA acts as the official voice of the Associated Student Body and protects the rights and privileges of the student body. Our student government is different than many schools because we represent the voice of the student body, we have control over our own student fees.

As the SGA, we would like to better serve the students, and make sure that all students are involved with the decisions that we make. We want your input and your suggestions. So come to meetings on Wednesdays at 7 pm in the South Conference Room to be heard! If you can't make it to meetings, the SGA website is probably the best resource you'll find. If you have any questions, or are having a hard time getting acquainted with Western and/or our organizations don't hesitate to contact us. We've got an open door culture, so come visit the office in the University Center.

Congratulations to the elected SGA members for the 2015-16 academic year:

Executive Board
  • President: Ryan Paull
  • Vice President of External Affairs: Alejandro Alejandre
  • Vice president of Internal Affairs: Ben Wright
  • Treasurer: McKenna Sherry
  • Secretary: Cody Cervi
Advisory Board
  • Inter Club Council (ICC) Director: Jodie Howard
  • Program Council Director: Nate Schwartz
  • Multicultural Center (MCC) Director: Mia Cordova
  • Campus Recreation Director: Madi Welsh
  • Council for Creative Expression (CCE) Director: Corinne Reid
  • Residence Life Ambassador: James Antley
  • Wilderness Pursuits Ambassador: Joe Krapfl
  • LEAD & Prevention Education Ambassador: Jake Pahlke
  • Athletics Ambassador: Danielle Ginsburg
  • Senate Chair: Paige Jones
  • Jon Vanderhoofven
  • Colter Hulse
  • Madison Manning
  • Flynn Guerrieri
  • Brooke Christopherson
  • Hannah Braden
  • Jorge Zarate
  • Esmeralda Alejandre
  • Micaela Poe
  • Lauren Hopp
  • Lozen Miller
  • Warren Knutson

Bill #1: Vote YES on 5A - Sustaining our Valley's Transportation: SGA General Assembly voted no funding on 9.30

Bill #2: 10.09.2015.02: Gunnison Sockeyes: Option 1 was funded in the amount of $1147.50

Bill #3: 12.06.2015.03: Alternative Spring Break: SGA voted funding for $2200 on 12.10.15

Bill #4: 12.06.2015.04: Model UN: SGA voted funding for $2000 on 12.10.15

Bill #5: ROE-Colorado Outdoor Educators Symposium: SGA voted funding for $1500 on 1.27.16

Bill #6: BSA-Speaker Terri Houston: SGA voted funding for $1000 on 2.3.16

Bill #7: Sigma Tau Delta-English Conference: SGA voted funding for $4000 on 2.10.16 (General Assembly voted on 2.10.16 to use reserve funding to support this bill due it it's merits.)

Bill #8: APIC Hula Club: SGA voted funding in the amount of $425 on 2.24.16

Bill #9: Leadership Speaker Series: SGA voted funding in the amount of $500 on 3.09.16.

Bill #10: Native American Student Council Speaker: SGA voted funding in the amount of $500 on 4.13.16.

Bill #11: Politics & Government Conference-Taylor Cull: SGA voted funding in the amount of $400 on 4.13.16.

Bill #12: Nepal Independent Study & Service Project: voted no funding on 4.13.16

Bill Information

Student Government Association funds bills based on the following criteria:

  • A direct connection to the student body must be evident, by a student representative of the bill
  • Must show evidence of lasting impact on campus be that within a club, the student body, or the school overall. The participating students should experience a benefit that will promote their individual growth
  • The bill must align with the missions of the requesting entity as well as that of Western
  • The purpose of the money must be an example of responsible spending

If you are interested in funding for programs please fill out the Bill Allocation Form so a bill can be written by a Senator. Bills will first be presented at the SGA Budget Meeting and then voted on by the SGA Senate at the following SGA General Assembly. For more information, please contact SGA at

Printing Requests

Have you exceeded your 600 page printing allotment for the semester? You can do something about it! Fill out our Printing Request Form, and contact a member about attending our next meeting to petition for more pages!

Student Fees

More About Us

Student Government Association is responsible for the allocation of $342,000 in your student fees. Please feel free to review all of the Bills, Minutes, Constitution and Bylaws and give us your feedback. This is an organization that is here to represent the Student Body and we appreciate all direct feedback and comments.


If you have questions or comments, contact us at
Any constructive comments, concerns or questions are always welcome, and we do take them seriously.