Second Year Experience

A program dedicated to enriching and engaging second year students at Western, helping to improve their college experience, focus on goals, and learn more about themselves as they prepare for the world after the University.

We have dedicated faculty, staff, and resources to help our second year students get more out of their Western experience, all under the name of the Second Year Experience, or SYE. The Second Year Experience is designed to

  • provide second year students with opportunities to increase their campus, community and cultural connections,
  • connect second year students with academic faculty and career disciplines
  • increase student competence, personal awareness and engagement
  • encourage second year student participation in leadership opportunities
  • explore personal health, wellness and interpersonal development.


The two-year live-on requirement is an integral component of the Second Year Experience at Western.  The university believes that students who live on-campus are more likely to stay enrolled, graduate on time, and feel connected to the campus community.

Students who live on campus are more likely to persist to graduation, have more interaction with their professors, have improved interpersonal relationships, become more involved in extracurricular activities, and experience a higher overall satisfaction with their college experience.

Explore the on-campus apartments at Chipeta and The Pinnacles, or check out the suite-style residence halls at Mears and Moffat that offer community kitchen/programming space, single room options, and slate meal plan options.


Western now offers a comprehensive leadership program that provides several ALPS academic and leadership scholarships, service learning, and opportunities for campus and community involvement. The $1500 scholarship has been awarded to 18 students for the 2013-14 academic year.


Throughout the year, the SYE program reaches out to second year students with opportunities to learn more about themselves and their academic and career goals. Students are invited to attend academic departmental luncheons, a Major Fair that explains and promotes the degree programs offered by the university, the Career, Job & Internship Fair to find potential employers and career paths, and to mark their progress at the Halfway to Graduation Celebration.  Spring & Fall registration advising is also offered to help our second year students pick the classes they need to achieve their goals and follow their dreams.


SYE helps students get involved with serving their community and their school.  Students join in a Service Project and help with the planning and execution of the service project, and they give presentations about their Service Projects in the spring.


Throughout the school year, classes and workshops will be offered to help students discover more about themselves.  Short, informative classes are offered in wellness training, stress management, alcohol and drug prevention education, sexual conduct training, and healthy relationship building. 


Through the SYE, second year students are eligible for grant money totaling up to $500.  The grants are awarded in the spring of the second year to be distributed in the third year. Possible uses for the grants include:

  • NES or Study Abroad
  • Research/Project
  • Conference Travel
  • Other

The purpose of the getMORE grants program is to help students apply the skills and knowledge gained through their first two years of college in contexts beyond the traditional classroom, to gain new skills or perspectives that further enhance their intellectual and personal development, and to articulate the value and direction of their educational outcomes during the annual "Celebration of Scholarship".

To apply for the getMORE grant, please fill out the application below and turn in to Chris Luekenga (Taylor Hall 301 or by 5pm, Friday, April 4, 2014. 

The sophoMORE YEAR:

Through the SYE, Western State Colorado University helps students help themselves to the best educational and developmental opportunities possible. Through engagement with campus and community, connection with faculty and career advisors/mentors, increasing personal awareness, participating in leadership opportunities, and exploring personal health, wellness and interpersonal development, sophoMORE students getMORE, learnMORE, leadMORE, feelMORE, and liveMORE!