Western State Spectrum


About Us

Spectrum is a school sponsored club for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Straight Alliance students. The club is also open to members of the surrounding Community. Spectrum is a great place to come and hang out with people that may be like you. It is a club that is free of judgment and a place of safety for all students. 

Each semester, Spectrum hosts inclusive events for the campus and community; ranging from movie-nights, to wellness fairs, ballroom events, and LGBT-day events. 


Spectrum meets every Friday at 5pm in the South Conference Room of the University Center. Our meeting location does change, so stay updated through our facebook page. Spectrum also hosts open office hours, with officers at the Spectrum Lounge (Chipeta 201). Look for the rainbow flag! 

Spectrum's meetings, and office is confidential, and provides a warm, welcoming, and safe environment for all students and community members. 

Click here to view our facebook page. We will have updated information there.


Event Schedule for Spring 2013


We will have meetings every Friday at 5pm. We have upcoming movie events and a spaghetti dinner. The dates will be posted as soon as they are finalized. 


Contact Us

E-mail: wscspectrum@gmail.com

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/WesternStateSpectrum?ref=ts&fref=ts

Fliers contain updated contain information as well. 


Dr. Anthony MIccoli -- amiccoli@western.edu 

Dr. Miccoli became Spectrum's new advisor, in 2012, following the departure of Kevin Taylor. Dr. Miccoli's work in Spectrum includes coordination with staff and faculty for events; open office hours to Spectrum members (at designated office times on his door); advising Spectrum meetings on activities, events, and details; and assisting with the development, finalization, and execution of Spectrum's goals in the Gunnison Community.

He is a proud supporter of the LGBT community, and we are glad to have him with us! 


Spectrum's officers are listed in order of rank. All of Spectrum's officers are Western students, who are willing and able to make equality a community goal. Officers host club meetings and events, coordinate objectives between clubs and departments, secure funding, and provide confidential, one-on-one meetings with community members and students. Officers are also expected to maintain contact, through the duration of their terms, with campus faculty, staff, and administration.

Alice Stern -- madison.stern@western.edu
Ian Gilchrist -- ian.gilchrist@western.edu
First Lady: 
Rabeka Lampton -- rabeka.lampton@western.edu