Paintball Club


Rules & Regulations


Paintball markers are not allowed on the WSC campus 

Paintball markers must be registered through us. We have secure storage on and off campus in which you can store your personal equipment. Upon entry into the club, you will be required to sign a statement saying you will not have your maker on the WSC campus except for Paintball Club events. You will also waive all liability from the WSC Paintball Club.

Safety and Liability waivers

Any WSC Paintball Club member or community member participating in a WSC Paintball Club event will sign a liability waiver waiving any liability of injury from Western State College of Colorado and the WSC Paintball Club and agreeing to WSC safety protocols.

Game Pictures

August 30, 2009 Game


Please send an email to or preferably call:                                   

President - Andrew Vincent (860) - 921 - 7317
Co-President - Adam Learned (802) - 734 - 5961
Team Captain - Max Mecklenburg (303) 808-5127