Christian Challenge

Mission Statement

To challenge and train students to know, love, and glorify God, relying upon Him to raise up qualified disciple makers who will spread the gospel of Jesus Christ from Western to the ends of the earth.


Meeting Times

We meet on Thursday nights at 7pm in University Center Meeting Room 218 (second floor). We bring in awesome speakers, worship together, and hang out after just for fun!  We will have snacks too :)!

Come get plugged in and grow deeper in your relationship with God!

Contact Information

Christian Challenge e-mail address:

Joe Ricks - Alumni Director


Fall Retreat/Winter Retreat

The annual retreats are a chance for all Christian Challenge groups across Colorado to join together to worship God. It's a time to hear great speakers, fellowship with others and have a ton of fun! Join us this year at Ponderosa!

"The Christian Challenge retreat was awesome because of the people you got to meet and have fun with during the activities. I learned a lot and was able to deepen my faith in God because of what I took from the lessons." ~Sarah, Western Senior

Adventures/Fun Activities

Every year we have many fun activities such as ice blocking, homemade pizza making nights, climbing 14ers, game nights, Wii nights, Christmas parties, and for the last 3 years students have gone out to brand cattle!

A couple pictures from last year's 14er hike:

14er Picture

Before a Challenge meeting:

Before a Challenge Meeting

Service Project at the Guy's Retreat

Guy's Retreat

End of the Year Banquet

At the end of each year we all dress up to honor our graduating seniors at a banquet. We have great food and a wonderful time reminiscing the past year(s). Below is a picture of us at an end of the year banquet!


Great group!

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Cynthia Drexel
Professor of Business


Joe and Angela

Joe and Angela - Full Time Staff

Joe and Angela have been leading Christian Challenge here at Western State for over 17 years. They have four children and love the Lord! Both Joe and Angela are alums of Western State. This past summer Joe and Angela spent the summer teaching and training college students in Denver as they led Project Impact-Denver!



Michelle - Volunteer Staff

Michelle has been on staff with Christian Challenge for over ten years and enjoys disciplining college students. She has traveled to different places around the world and loves the word of God!  Michelle is also a Western alum! 

Tim and Jerri

Tim and Jerri - Volunteer Staff

Tim and Jerri both work on campus here at Western State College and volunteer their free time to help disciple students.  They have been on staff for 5 years.




Heather - Full Time Staff

Heather is originally from Denver and just joined the Challenge staff this year.  She is excited to be in Gunnison and working with Western State College students!