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The WSC Adventure Race team was started several years ago by multi-sport athletes at Western. As many people would assume, WSC has many non-traditional, yet avid athletes who spend their time running, paddling, climbing and mountain biking. Adventure racing is a great blend of all these skills with the addition of navigation and orienteering. You can find more information about adventure racing at Adventure Xstream.


Winter is here and we will be setting out a schedule of times to train during the week, and will have bimonthly meetings to see where everyone is in terms of commitment and training


The team captains are Ashley Jarzombek and Zane Groves can be contacted at:

Ashley and Zane have been involved in the Adventure Race team for a few years and compete in races each year. We are more than happy to send information along with answers to get you more acquainted with the club, who we are and how to get involved.

Prospective Members

Adventure racing can seem like an overwhelming endevor but it really is not. In the three years I have been a part of this club I have not met one person who came out and raced and did not enjoy themselves. New to the Adventure Xstream Series are the sprint races which are great for new members who are unsure about doing a 12 Hour Race. This is a great way to meet people who are into the same disiplines as you and can help you explore new disciplines. I encourage curiosity in this seemingly difficult sport, but with the right training and support anything is possible!

Ways to get involved

At each race there is the need for support for the racers. Being part of a support crew is great way to get involved with the team and see the behind scenes action of how a race flows between transitions. As a volunteer for the race you will be issued a voucher for an up-coming race if you decide that Adventure Racing is right up your alley.

Current Members

  • Ashley Jarzombek
  • Zane Groves
  • Casey Davis
  • Tom Sunderland

Recent Race Team Alum

  • Garrett Brady
  • Kate Chapman
  • Ryan Holland
  • Thatcher Ferris
  • Bryan Hilton
  • Colleen Coleman

Race Schedule

This spring we will be participating in the Adventure Xstream Series which has added a new race and venue.

2009 Schedule:

  • March 28th – Adventure Xstream Moab, UT - 12 Hour Adventure Race
  • May 9th – Buena Vista, CO - 6hr, 12hr & 18hr races
  • June 19th-21st – Purgatory Challenge Durango, CO - 3 day stage race (participate in one, two or three of the days)
  • July 25th – Adventure Xstream Summit, CO - 6hr, 12hr & 18hr races
  • September 5th-6th – Adventure Xstream Moab, UT - 30 Hour Finale

We are going to be posting a schedule for training days, come on out and get down on biking, running, swimming, and climbing.

Previous Races

  • April 5th -Moab 12 Hour Race
  • Moab 12 Hour Race - March 24th, 2007
  • Buena Vista Sprint and 12 Hour Race - May 12th


Special Thanks

We would like to thank Janna Hansen our advisor and the Wilderness Pursuits Program, WSC Inter Club Council, and Chris Martinez for all their help.


We are currently brain storming ideas for this next semester to put together a rad fundraiser.

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