Staff Bios

KWSB is run by a management staff that consists of Western students.  Each manager supervises a department in the station and the DJ’s and students that wish to contribute to that department. Please contact whomever you believe can best help you. If you are in doubt send questions to our Station Manager or Faculty Supervisor Terry Schliesman.

Station Manager - Kiera Classen

Kiera is a senior at WSCU and has been involved in KWSB all four years. She is now KWSB’s Station Manager. Kiera is majoring in Recreation Outdoor Education and Exercise Sport Science. She enjoys hiking, stand up paddle boarding, and photography. Kiera also likes corny jokes and making others laugh.

Trainer - Maya Jones

Maya Jones

Maya is the DJ Trainer for KWSB. She is 21 years old in her 3rd year at Western, working towards a Major in Film Studies and a Minor in Sculpture. She works a lot, and is no fun at parties. She has great taste in music, and aspires to work at Cartoon Network someday.  Her interests include; black coffee, green smoothies, camping, cats, and overpriced candles.

Production - Tyler Brown & Patrick Rulh

Tyler Brown

Tyler is a Communications major and an Art minor. She is an avid snow boarder and a lover of the outdoors, good books and adorable animals.



patrick rulh

Patrick graduated last May with a degree in Communication Arts. He is currently finishing up his last 3 credits while he has some fun with the radio station for one more semester. Some might call him a "white boy with flavor." His biggest aspirations in life are learning to surf and learning to play the trumpet.


Sports Director - Robert Mitchell


Robert is a senior at WSCU. This is his forth year involved with KWSB, managing the sports section for 2 of this 4. Robert enjoys sports, filming and nice walks on the beach.


Promotions - Christian Saez


Christian is the new 2015-2016 Marketing Director at KWSB. He is a freshman at WSCU looking to study Marketing and minor in Communication Arts. Additionally, he is from Seattle Washington with his passions including music, baseball, hiking and photography.


Music - Luke Marshall


Luke, Junior, studies Business Management at WSCU. He’s been playing guitar and drums for 10 years and music had been his life since then. He’s been in and out of bands since freshman year in high school. He started studying Chemistry and hated every second of it so he switched to Business. He hopes to one day open up a recording studio of his own.

Program Director - Alexandria Palmer


“My name is Alexandria and I like to party.” She is a Music major with a Communication Arts minor. She plays violin and piano and is the Program Director at KWSB. She is from Denver, CO and is a non-traditional student. She enjoys enjoy climbing, yoga, DJing, and friends.


Digital Director - Mark Kenney


Mark is a Communication Arts major with an emphasis in Strategic Communications and a minor in Business Administration. This is his fourth year at KWSB. Over the past few years he has developed into an audiophile and works to focus on the quality of his audio production. He hopes to one day be a sound engineer for video games.

Faculty Supervisor - Terry Schliesman


Starting at Western State Colorado University in 1998, Terry Schliesman has served in the Communication Arts program as professor of Communication, General Manager of KWSB 91.1, and even the Chair of the Communication Arts, Languages and Literature Department from 2005-2008.  Prior to higher education, he worked in radio broadcasting in the northwest.  His research interests have included speech anxiety, media effects, CMC, and strategic communication.  More recently, he’s rekindled his interest in digital audio production.  In addition to Western, Dr. Schliesman has taught at Washington State University and Oregon Tech, in the topics of writing, speech, advocacy and persuasion, PR and advertising, campaign design, media effects, broadcasting, issues management, audio production, semiotics, communication theory and methodology, conflict management, small group communication, and applied interpersonal communication. Contact:


You may also call (970) 943-3222 to reach the on-air booth of KWSB. This is best used to request songs and there is no guarantee that someone will be able to help you. Email is the best way to reach the staff.