Intercollegiate Athletic Committee 2012-2013



Football Fans

Mission Statement

The mission of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee is to support, promote and strengthen the student-athlete's academic and intellectual growth while understanding and supporting the student-athlete's commitment to the team, the sport and the mission of the Western State College athletics program.

Policies and Resolutions

All files are PDF format.

Institutional Expecations for the Interaction of Academics and Athletics (PDF format)

Transfer Release Appeal Process (PDF format)

Faculty Athletic Representative Job Description (PDF format)

Practice Schedules


Name                             Department Email address             Phone Term Expires
Cindy Drexel BAE 943-2125 2013
JoAnn Arai-Brown CALL 943-2099 2013
Michael Vieregge BAE 943-2566 2014
Kevin Alexander NES 943-3405 2014
Jim Woytek TEP 943-7023 2013
Greg Waggoner  Athletic Director 943-2079 non-voting
Scott Groom Asst. Athletic Director 943-3020 non-voting


Date Agenda Minutes