ResLife Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can I find a copy of the student handbook?

Answer: Right here ---> 2015-2016 Student Handbook

All students are expected to read the student handbook each year, as there are frequently updates from the previous edition. All student are subject to the policies and procedures in this handbook and agree to follow them when matriculating to Western State Colorado University.


Question: Do I have to check my Western email?

Answer: Absolutely! Students are expected to check their Western email at least once per day. Faculty and staff will send you important emails on a regular basis, and you will be held responsible for the content of those messages.


Question: How do I request to stay during Thanksgiving Break/Winter Break/Spring Break?


During Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break, Residence Life is able to offer to some students the courtesy of remaining on campus. This is time in the residence halls for which students do not pay, i.e. the cost is not included in what students pay for housing throughout the year. Our ability to do this is based on availability of Residence Life staff and the current standing of each individual student within the Western community, including past issues of policy violation.

  1. All residence halls are closed during Winter break. Only the apartments will remain open to those students who request and receive permission to stay. Therefore, residents living in the residence halls are not eligible to apply for Winter Break housing. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. One month before the closing date for each break, an online application form will become active. All residents who wish to stay and eligible to stay during breaks must complete this online application. Approval is not guaranteed.
  3. The online application form will close one week before the closing date. After that time, no further applications will be accepted.


Question: How will Western communicate with students in case of an emergency?

Answer: In emergency situations, Western will communicate with the entire University community by sending out Rave alerts through email. Go to to register your phone so that you will receive text messages as well during emergencies. Type in "Western State Colorado University" as the site name. All students are encouraged to register their mobile phones if they have one.


Question: Does Western have a live-on requirement?

Answer: Yes! As part of the freshmen year experience and the sophomore year experience, students are required to live on campus for two years.


Question: When do I get to select my housing for the next academic year?

Answer: Beginning in the spring semester, students will receive notification about returning housing selection.  Students must complete a housing application by the deadline in order to receive a room selection lottery number.  Students who do not complete this process but are still under the live-on requirement will be automatically assigned a room after room selection has ended.  After completing the housing application, students can search for and connect with potential roommates, and will later receive a lottery time via their email based on class standing.  During their housing selection date and time, students can sign on and pick their room and "pull in" potential roommates they have connected with to live with them.  Roommates will still need to accept this assignment or choose a new room.  All students will then be able to select a meal plan (meal plan requirements are based on where students will be living) and will have to complete the housing agreement.  Students who are not required to live on campus but do not complete the housing agreement before the end of the spring semester may lose their housing assignment.

If you have any questions about the housing process, please contact Residence Life at 970.943.2101.


Question: What size are the beds in the residence halls and apartments?

Answer: In the Escalante Complex, the Mears Complex, and Ute Hall, all beds are extra-long twin. In Pinnacles, most beds are double/full beds. In Chipeta Hall, almost all one bedroom apartments have double/full beds. Chipeta two bedroom apartments have extra-long twin beds.


Question: Can I loft my bed?

Answer: No. The lofting of beds is considered an unsafe practice.


Question: Can we bunk our beds?

Answer: Some beds in our residence halls can be bunked, and Residence Life will provide bunking pegs so that this process is safe. Connect with your Resident Advisor for more information.


Question: Can I remove furniture that I do not want in my room?

Answer: Unfortunately not. Residence Life has a limited amount of storage space, so all furniture must remain in your room.


Question: Can I switch my furniture with the furniture in another room?

Answer: The furniture in your room is connected to your Room Condition Contract, so the furniture your room comes with must remain in your room.


Question: Can I bring my own furniture?

Answer: Yes, you may bring your own furniture, but all furniture provided by the University must remain in your residence as well.


Question: Will Residence Life inspect my room?

Answer: Resident Advisors in the Escalante Complex, the Mears Complex, and Ute Hall will inspect all rooms once per month. Resident Advisors in the apartments will inspect rooms approximately every month and a half. These health, safety, and fire inspections are to ensure the continued safety of our communities. One week before the inspection occurs, fliers announcing the inspection will be posted throughout the residence halls apartments. For one week, Resident Advisors will inspect rooms with or without the presence of the residents. Resident Advisors are always accompanied by another Resident Advisor or a professional staff member. If any policy violations are found pertaining to University policy, they will be addressed in the moment.


Question: Can I use extension cords in my room?

Answer: Anything that is or can be considered an extension cord (i.e. holiday lights) is prohibited from the residence halls. This includes outlet multipliers. Only certified surge protectors may be used in residence halls and apartments.


Question: Can I have kitchen appliances in my room/apartment?

Answer: Students in residence halls are permitted to have a standard size micro-fridge, a microwave, a hot pot, and a Keurig coffee maker in their rooms (one of each per room). Other kitchen appliances--including anything with an open coil or hot plate--may not be stored or used in the residence halls. This includes toasters, toaster ovens, George Foreman grills, candle warmers, traditional coffee makers, crock pots, etc. These items are allowed in the Pinnacles and Chipeta Hall but only in the kitchen areas.


Question: What happens if I lose my key?

Answer: We take security seriously here at Western. If you lose your key, immediately submit a Work Order so that it can be replaced. Keys are typically replaced in 1 to 2 business days. New keys can be picked up from the Residence Life Office, University Center 117.


Question: Can I have a pet in my room?

Answer: All student may have small fish in up to a 10-gallon tank (one per room). We are no longer accepting applications for the Chipeta Hall Pet Policy.


Question: Can I store my bike in my room?

Answer: All rooms are regularly inspected for safety and fire hazards. You may store your bike in your room as long as it does not pose a threat to the safety of the residents in the space.


Question: What happens if I do not get along with my roommate?

Answer: If you are having issues with your roommate, please make sure you speak with your roommate directly. Resident Advisors are able to help students prepare for these types of conversations. If an issue escalates beyond the student's control, Resident Advisors may be asked to mediate.


Question: If I am 21 years of age or older, can I posses and consume alcohol in my apartment/suite/room?

Answer: If you are 21 years of age or older and either

  • have a single room
  • live with a roommate who is also 21 years of age or older,

you may possess and consume alcohol in your room. Alcohol is not to be kept in community spaces.


Question: Can I possess and consume tobacco products in my apartment/suite/room?

Answer: Western does not permit any tobacco products (i.e. cigarettes, chewing tobacco, etc.) to be possessed or consumed in residence halls or apartments.


Question: Am I required to remove all of my possession at the end of the fall semester?

Answer: If you are returning to Western after Winter Break and are remaining in the same space, you may leave your belongings (with all electronics unplugged) in your room.


Question: Can I remain on campus during breaks?

Answer: Students living in the apartments may request to remain on campus during all breaks. All residence halls will be closed or in use for other programs during Winter Break and Summer Break, but students in the Escalante Complex, the Mears Complex, and Ute may request to stay for all other breaks. During Winter Break, only the apartments will remain open. Students living in Pinnacles or Chipeta must still request to stay during the break. All students may apply to stay for Summer Break, for which there is an additional charge. During the Summer, all students are housed in Pinnacles.


Question: Do all of the residence halls and apartments have WiFi?

Answer: Yes! IT proudly provides wireless internet in all of the residence halls and apartments.


Question: Can I hook up my XBox, Wii, PS3, Apple TV, Roku, 3DS, Kindle, iPad, smartphone, etc. to the wireless network?

Answer: Yes! All of the above devices can be connected to our network. Please refer all questions and concerns about wireless connectivity to Information Technology Services.


Question: How do I pay for laundry?

Answer: You can either use quarters or the cash on your Mountaineer Card.


Question: Can I have a guest stay in my room/apartment with me?

Answer: Students are allowed to have an on-campus or off-campus guest stay with them for up to 48 hours within a 2 week period. Students must obtain permission from their roommate(s)/apartmentmate(s) before giving the guest entrance to their residence. Students hosts must accompany their off-campus guest while on campus. Students may not share their keys with their guests or leave their guests in their room/apartment unattended.


Question: Can I have mail and packages delivered directly to my residence hall?

Answer: All mail and packages must be delivered to the Mail Center. Please see their Web page for more information.


Question: Can I have food directly delivered to my residence hall?

Answer: Yes! We have many great restaurants here in Gunnison that will deliver to Western's campus. Students must meet the delivery person at the entrance to the hall.


Question: What are quiet hours, and when are they in effect?

Answer: Quiet hours are times set aside for near-silence in the residence halls and apartments. This is to respect and encourage the healthy sleeping habits of all Western students. Quiet hours are in effect Sunday through Thursday from 10:00pm to 8:00am and Friday through Saturday from 12:00am (midnight) to 8:00am. Courtesy hours are in effect at all times. During the daytime when quiet hours are not in effect, residents do not have the right to turn a radio, stereo or TV to full volume (inside or outside of the halls) or to yell and shout. Residence Life staff may ask you to close your door or turn down the volume on your TV, radio, stereo, etc., if the noise levels are disruptive to the community.

Question: Can I store edibles (i.e. food with marijuana baked into it) in my room?

Answer: No. Marijuana is not allowed in any shape or form on Western's campus. This includes the storage of marijuana in cars parked in any campus parking lot.


Question: Can I recycle while living on campus?

Answer: Yes! Recycling is encouraged in the residence halls. Each residential area has its own trash and recycling area. Additionally, Western is making strong efforts to eliminate the purchase and use of single-use plastic bags and plastic bottles on campus. Please help us to reach our goal!


Question: Am I required to have a meal plan?

Answer: All students who live in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan. Students in the apartments may have a meal plan if they like.


Question: Where and when can I change my meal plan?

Answer: You may change your meal plan in the Residence Life Office up to the first Wednesday of the academic year. Students on optional meal plans may continue to purchase these plans throughout the year.


Question: How do I switch my room?

Answer: A campus-wide housing freeze is in effect for the first two weeks and last two weeks of each semester. If after that time you would like to switch to another room for a non-interpersonal related reason, please connect with your Resident Assistant or Residence Director. If you would like to switch to another room because of an issue with your roommate/suitemate/apartmentmate, you must go through Residence Life's mediation process before this becomes an option. Speak with your Resident Assistant for more details.


Question: Do I have to pay to park on campus?

Answer: No. Parking on campus is available on a first come, first served basis. Parking is not guaranteed, and there are restrictions placed on particular lots. Security does ticket and tow, so please park in appropriate spaces.


If you can think of any questions that you have that are not on this page, please contact the Office of Residence Life. All of our contact information can be found under the "Meet the Residence Life Staff!" link on the right. We are here to help!