Internet Access

Mears Complex, Escalante Complex, Pinnacles Apartments, and Chipeta Apartments

Rooms in the Pinnacles, Chipeta, Escalante, and Mears Complexes are wired for internet access from your personal computer. One connection per resident is provided. Wireless internet connection is also available in these areas.

Computer Requirements

All students using the Western campus network on a personal computer will need Antivirus installed and up to date.

Computer Labs

Computer labs with internet capability are located in Chipeta, Mears, Ute, and Colorado halls. Labs in Mears and Chipeta are not staffed and are open throughout the day. The computer lab in Colorado is staffed and is open Noon-Midnight Monday through Friday, and 2 p.m.-Midnight on Saturday and Sunday.

Additional Computer labs are located in Taylor Hall and Savage Library.

*Computers are important to life here at Western, but owning a personal computer is not a necessity. There are three means of computer access in Residence Halls and Apartments at Western State Colorado University.